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  1. Sorry to hear that....i was wondering where you disappeared suddenly. Hope its not too bad and you will be up and running soon. ;-) Leo
  2. Afternoon is great with me. I finish normally at 2'o clock. I will mail you pseacraft. Thanks. Leo
  3. Hi there...Yes I have home coordinates entered. And I waited. But its not redirecting to my home coordinates. As earlier pointed, either I have to MAP IT or enter my home town in the MAP Page search box. Its frustrating. Any other suggestions ?
  4. That is a workaround...thanks for showing me...but I guess the homepage should automatically load my home coordinates. Any other suggestion ?
  5. When I open http://www.geocaching.com/map/ I want it to center on my home coordinates. It does not do it for me and by default centers on Green Lake Seattle. Is there a way to make it work ? Leosoul
  6. Wow...Oregon 300 is the way to go :-) First I thought I will wait until the Ruwais CITO and then buy it. But my iPhone GPS on the Emirates Palace cache disappointed us a lot and I had to go to Location Specialist to get my Oregon ... Oops did I spell any beans ? Leo
  7. Yesterday I purchased a Oregon 300 after few of DNF from iPhone due to its weak GPS. Its a nice device with similar feel of Iphone due to touchscreen. Leo
  8. Hi All Just want to find out if someone is game to join me in off-road caching in UAE. I am an expat in Abu Dhabi living with my family for almost 3 years now. Leo
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