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  1. Am I the only one when you go in to map view for caches all my smileys are gone? Was going to go caching today, but I can't tell where I've been.
  2. It's gets better. I drove over to the cache this morning to put it back where it belongs only to find out he is putting advertisements for his business in the caches. Where is my wifle ball bat? Bad geocacher.
  3. I just read one of the logs for one of my hides and a person with only 19 finds explains in his log he thought it was too difficult to get to so he move it someplace easier to find. It's a 3 terrain. It's not supposed to be easy to get to. Now I have to drove over and put it back. I'm a little PO'd. What's the etiquette here?
  4. Yep. Everybody is liking it. How do we know if Groundspeak is reading? Might they say so?
  5. I've seen a few post about going paperless with a Nuvi using a Mac. I tried all the suggestions I found here, but not one of them worked. It took about a month, but I finally figured out a way to go paperless; so I thought I'd share. Here is what I do. Step One: Hook your GPS to your Mac using the USB cord that came with it. Step Two: Open the Garmin hard drive open the Garmin folder open the POI folder and delete everything in the POI folder. Then go back to the GPX folder and delete everything with a GC number. Leave the current.gpx file there. (This step removes any found caches from the GPS and can be skipped the first time you do this.) Step Three: Go to geocaching.com and find a cache you want to load. Click LOC Waypoint File OR GPX eXchange File (works the same with either file so a premium account is not needed). Step Four: Open MacSimpleGPS and delete any of your found caches from your list if you have any, add DNF notes and, etc. (Again, skip the first time you do this) Step Five: Drag the LOC or GPX file you downloaded in step three into MacSimpleGPS and double click on the new cache, then go back to geocaching.com and copy any text you want to send to the GPS, then paste it into the description in MacSimpleGPS. Be sure to update the coordinates if it's a puzzle cache. Click OK and save. Repeat steps three and five until you have all the caches you want. Step Six: Open GPX2GPI and drop the GPX file created by MacSimpleGPS to the GPX2GPI icon in the dock then wait; this takes a minute or two. Step Seven: Drop the GPI file that was created with GPX2GPI into the POI folder on the Gamin's hard drive in the Garmin folder and the GPX file created by MacSimpleGPS in the GPX folder then eject the drive. You should now have all your caches in your favorites AND in your POI's. The reason I like to have it in both places is the Nuvi doesn't show the POI's on the maps. So you can't see them when driving by or when Browsing Map. So use your Favorites to get to the cache location then go to the POI and click on the first GC number and click More to see the description, hints and logs. When doing it this way it's important that every time you find a cache you need to delete it from your Favorites and write down the GC number so you can log it later. So it's ALMOST paperless. Garmin suggests not putting them in your Favorites, but to load them all in POI's then click save to save your found caches to your Favorites for logging later. This also works, but as I mentioned before you can't see POI's on the map. So I don't like doing it this way. Hope it helps.
  6. Yes, in fact I posted in the new features section that DNF should also show up when your searching in map view. Best way to get people to log the DNF is make it worth there while. If DNFs show up as a sad face you can now at a glance you can see what caches you looked for and have not looked for. Like the idea comment here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=238259
  7. Yeah, I think if you plug it in to a the USB port is goes into transfer mode. Somebody must make one.
  8. There are a lot of companies that offer these little battery boosters for cell phones. Just plug it in and you get an extra hour or so of talk time. Does anybody make one for the Garmin Nuvi?
  9. Just a bump. Everybody seems to love the idea. I don't know if there will be some sort of notification the any of the higher ups have seen it or not. Would be nice.
  10. Somebody posted this photo about a bomb scare. Thought I'd add a caption.
  11. 660 I'll try 2D mode. And to answer the other guy, I'm on a Mac so I'm not using GSAK. I'm using MacSimpleGPS.
  12. Things saved in my Favorites show on my map while driving and when I Browse Map, but POIs don't show on the Browse Map or while driving. Isn't there a way to have then not only show, but get announced when your close to a POI?
  13. Seems unanimous. I hope the head folks are reading.
  14. I'm not sure why you'd be having usb problems with your MacBook and your Garmin. Do you have the Garmin communicator installed? I also use a MacBook Pro and have no usb problems in connecting my Garmin Oregon. I use Garmin's BaseCamp and find it easy to use with no connectivity problems. I also use RouteBuddy and MacGPSPro but don't care for them nearly as much as BaseCamp. I feel Bikers pain. As a Mac fan also using a Garmin I've been unable to go paperless. Are you having trouble connecting the GPS to the Mac or getting one of the many geocaching apps connect to the GPS? Connecting to the Mac should be easy. Cycler is right. Just load the communicator and plug it in. However Cycler, if you have found a way to go paperless I want to hear it. I'm tried MacCaching, MacSimpleGPS, GeObsession, GPSBabel and GeoJournal. Not one will connect to the Nuvi. I haven't tried MacGPSPro. I'll try that today. But I'm sure that result will be the same. Any time would be appreciated.
  15. Excellent idea! I'm glad everybody seems to like the idea. And as someone above pointed out I'm assuming it would go back to a smiley when and if you went back to it. It's just after two trips I just don't want to go back. And to answer somebody else, if you look at the logs and for a year and a half it was an easy find for everybody then suddenly 6 or 7 people in a row log it DNF. It's missing!
  16. Nope. My first post about this. As for converting. I'm a wise with html. If I had samples of each I'm sure I could do it by hand, but that sounds like more trouble then it's worth. I guess I will stick with pen and paper for a while, but thanks for answering the one at a time question. I've been wandering about that.
  17. Looks like I forgot to mention the Mac part. Gsak doesn't have a Mac version. MacCaching is said to be the most similar, but doesn't seem to support the Navi. The Macro? Another windows app? And since you mention it. Do you need pocket queries. Can't you just download the gpx files one at a time IF you wanted to?
  18. I have a Navi 660. I followed the instructions someone posted here. It works great except when I'm looking at the POI and click the more button the description, logs and such are missing. The instructions are on the 760. I called Garmin and was told neither the 660 or the 760 has that capabilities. Yet I can see that they do. Anybody gone paperless on a 660 and a Mac?
  19. Wouldn't be cool when you log a Do Not Find it starts showing on your maps and seaches as a sad face? Not only will this allow me to easily see my DNF's, but also easily spot caches I have not yet looked for. My map view shows tons of caches that are odviously lost or stolen. I have to take the time to look it over and try to remember if it's one I already looked for. With a sad face I would know at a glance.
  20. This was not posted by me. Please ignore or tell me how to remove this thread.
  21. MysticTutor


    Is it possible to change your geocaching name?
  22. It will be flagged for reviewer action. I will do that then. Thanks. Sort of on the same lines. When it is archived why do they still show up on searches? They are gray or lined out, but they still show. What is the point of showing where one once was?
  23. Still learning here. If I find a cache that says it has a couple of trackables, but none are there, what is the most likely situation? Never there? Lost? Stolen? Pick up without logging? Why is this so common? Some show that they were dropped off there 6 months ago. You think they would have shown up by now.
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