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  1. I believe this man did. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...37-881333fff8da
  2. I recently posted this in another thread as a matter-of-fact reply, but I fgured I'd reply here too, no problem. Since coyotes have moved back into the southwestern suburban Chicago area (among other areas), people have become a bit afraid of them. Yes, some cats and small dogs have disappeared... probably due to coyotes. But ppl seem to think that the coyotes will immediately attack a human if they come across one. So one day I was out hiking (not caching) in the woods and came across three coyotes. I walked a little slower but still approached their general direction since that was my intended path. Even when I got within 25 feet of them, one just sat there and the other 2 milled around, peeking up at me. I actually stopped and looked at them, they looked at me, and then I went on my way. I don't know how this sounds to some, but to me, I made a "connection" with the coyotes -- like now we have a mutual respect. They can trust me, and I trust them...... Coyote Trust. :-)
  3. Thanks, all. I will move the Jeep on as soon as I can. Chances are I'll move it north to Wisconsin or somewhere in central Illinois (I am sw of Chicago). I'll have to take a pic of the Jeep to keep as a memento. Good luck in finding one, for those who haven't yet. Topic closed.
  4. Thanks for all the replies, fellas & gals. Of course I read each one!
  5. OK I'll leave this topic open until tomorrow. Right now I'm leaning toward passing it on. Maybe I'll just take a digi-pic of it and pass the TB on. Since I have to go to Wisconsin this weekend, I'll consider dropping it up there. Besides I've only found 1 virtual cache in Wisconsin so far, so this will give me an excuse to find some traditionals. Jeremy & Turtle: not a bad idea at all re: asking Jeep if they want to assign a new mission for the TB. Please advise if Jeep gives you an answer about that. Mastiff: I hear ya'... along the same lines I made a special drive about 60 miles sw of home. Did a big loop for caches, specifically a Project APE cache -- which I figured no longer contained any original items. But... now I got a cool APE icon on my stat page! Saaaweeeeeeeeet!
  6. Hey On 1/2/05 I found my first Jeep TB... logged it and everything. And even though I knew I could enter the Jeep contest even without having the TB, I decided to enter it on the day I found the TB. Well, since it's now 2005 the contest is over. So.... I know the Jeep is still a TB, but how do you feel about me keeping it as a memento or special prize, especially since the contest is over? I mean, is Jeep gonna keep tracking them? Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
  7. Unless the coyotes have been hand-fed or somehow "domesticated", you shouldn't worry. They're moving back in around where I live and, yes, some small dogs and cats have disappeared. That's prob'ly why people get a bit edgy about them. I once came across 3 of them on a trail; they were about 25 feet away. One was sitting and the other 2 milling around and watching me. I watched them too but just went on my way. They watched and I walked... no problems. That's why I have this screen name -- because ever since that experience it's been kind of a human-animal mutual respect!
  8. Sorry, Zygote. The point in my mind was that I'm pretty new to the whole cache thing, and I wear the same stuff and bring the same gear all the time. Wanna see what others pack-out on their treks. As far as "cache clothing": there are people driving by and they see me with the GPSr, wearing the same clothes; when they honk they obviously know what I'm doing... must be fellow cachers that I've never met yet. But you're right I should've researched.
  9. Just passed 15 years total service in the US Air Force. I'm a reservist now but served active for a little over 7 years. Military police (or as the USAF calls us "Security Forces"). Got really interested in GPS while at a ground combat/base defense school in Florida.
  10. I haven't been a member for long but I haven't seen the hostilites on the boards while I lurked. Thanks for the open forum, though.
  11. So... whaddya' wear when you're out cachin'? What gear do you pack? Since it's winter I wear my old military cammy pants, a gray hoodie, Gore-Tex boots, & knit watch cap (Pants and hoodie are getting ripped up by thorns... thorns don't understand the change of seasons, they just stay). I also carry my cammy CamelBak (100 ounce water capacity). The CamelBak has good sized pockets so I can carry a lot: exchange trinkets, digi-cam, first aid bandages/dressings/creams, cell phone, batteries, flashlight pencils & pens, and other small misc. items. Heh, the feeder hose on the CamelBak has frozen up on me a couple of times 'cause of the cold & I wasn't drinking enough to keep it circulating. How 'bout you?
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