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  1. It has been half a year since I proposed this category and I've since dedicated my time to other pursuits (mostly homebrewing and mushroom cultivation). I'm afraid I don't have time to lead this category but would be happy to hand it off to someone who is feeling ambitious about it. I'll also be happy to log some great spots in Northern California in which to find Chanterelles and King Boletes.
  2. 1. Factory tours are a part of a business and serve a commercial purpose even if they are free. - Business 2. Zoos, for the most part are not-for-profit public places - Place 3. Bookcrossing Zones may be within a buisness but are not there for the purpose of making that business money - Place 4. Drive in movie theaters are a business that charge money for entrence - Business 5. Amusement parks are present to make a profit - Buisness 6. Berry picking locations are currently in the hunting gathering category wich I think is appropriate. Perhaps a "Pay for Pick" subcategory within berrypicking, I don't think this one will be big enough to raise any problems, there are, to my knowlege, no "Berry Baron" type franchises. - Place
  3. This seems to be one of the biggest controversies on the forum. I haven't read all four daunting pages yet but has anyone suggested making a fourth major category? People, Places, Things, Businesses It is true that there are restaurant guides and such out there already but because they are commercial only those businesses that can afford to advertise will be listed. I would not suggest leaving anything out. The worst that could happen is that this site becomes such a comprehensive guide that Jermy and the crew get bought out and make a fortune with all the information they have compiled.
  4. I'm opposed to having people vote on categories. We all have different interests. If we fulfill all requirements for creating a new category I can't see why we need a majority of people to like it. Say I want "Mormon churches" or "body piercing studios". Why should others be able to pass judgement on what I'm interested in? If you don't like a category, plan not to log any waymarks in that category, or better yet, ignore it completely. Some people are going to want to log everything within walking distance (and then driving distance) from where they live. That will be the sport for them. Others will concentrate on specific categories. They can set a more refined personal goal. I don't see what the problem is here. Are people afraid that others are going to get a "higher score" than them by logging francises? Are they truely worried about low digit waymark numbers as one suggested? That seems utterly ridiculous to me. Is the problem server space or person hours? I can see how it would be difficult for staff if they needed to deal with each of the logs but if each categories is managed by its own creator/volunteer it should be no more difficult to create a category for a unique item than a francise for example. Indeed there would already be a template for the francise and it would therefore be less work. One potential problem I forsee is that some people will want to take over categories that they beleive are being mismanaged. For example, in a rush to get as many categories as they can some people will register things they don't really have a passion for. As the volunteer work (and it will be work people!) gets monotonous they will begin to slack. Then along comes someone fresh but the first person won't want to relinquish their category out of pride. Ok, my tuppence has compounded. Thanks to everyone who has put time and thought into this. [edit] Ha! as soon as I hit the submit button I started seeing all the new posts above mine. I realized I had only read the first of four pages! Sorry if some of my observations are redundant by now.
  5. True, they are like secret fishing holes, but I think enough people would like to share.
  6. I am an aquarium fish enthusiest with a special interest in clown loaches and tropical catfish. I've made several 200+ mile trips to check out fish shops. I've been rewarded with spectacularly rare finds of mismarked catfish I've never seen before and had the oportunity to attempt to identify them and learn about some fish hardly anyone else has kept. Each fish store is a unique experience. They are usually owned and run by aquarium hobbyists, each of whom have particular interests. One shop may specialize in Siamese fighting fish, another breeding Discus fish, and still another may have a huge selection of aquatic plants. Tell us what is special about the stores you visit.
  7. Comic book shops and role-playing game shops are almost always run by hobbyists for hobbyists. These can be tough to find since they rarely have budgets for advertising and there are not enough of them in each town to merit their own category in a phone book. This category would include places that buy and sell comic books and game supplies as well as places one could go to play games like Dungeons and Dragons, Mage the Ascension, Magic: The Gathering, Warcraft, RuneQuest, GURPS, Shadowrun, or even *gasp* Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! In addition to regular comics Japanese animation, Anime, Manga are of particular interest to many people.
  8. My father is a rockhound as well as a cacher. I've seen a book written about this very topic but it is very inadequet. It had maybe a dozen locations in all of California marked and they were done using old maps rather than people on location. I think its a great idea, worthy of at least a category full of sub-categories if not eventually a whole website of its own. I think it would be more useful to subcategorize by region, however. I know few rockhounds that go only after specific rocks and minerals. It is more likely that they would strike out after whatever was in their area.
  9. I saw a category for fishing spots and berry picking but not one for mushrooms, nor did a search of the forums pick up anything on "mushroom". I'm a member of the Humboldt Mycological Society and take advantage of my GPSr to mark good places to return and look for wild mushrooms. Wild mushroom season starts soon here in the costal Pacific northwest. I'm also an Environmental Science: Technology - Landscape Ecosystems major at Humboldt State University and would be very interested to learn about mushroom locations and time of year they are available in different parts of the US and world.
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