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  1. It's great that you can add caches to different lists for offline use, however it was much easier before to just add the ones you log in a day to favourites, in order to access it later to log manually on the computer. Can't we have both the possibility to add to lists for offline use and the possibility to just quickly add to favourites as before?
  2. Me and my boyfriend both have iPhone 3GS but with the version 4 software. After the second last and this last update our found caches are not filtered out, even though we've chosen not to include them in the settings. Anyone else having this problem? It's getting very frustrating indeed!
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    I use CacheStats 3.0. Just google it. Download the program to your computer. Once that is done, on the Pocket Query page, there is option to do a query for all your finds...can be run once every 7 days. It's right under the "Create a New Query" and called "My Finds". Click on "Add to Queue". It'll come in your email like a normal pocket query. Once you save it to your computer, open the file with CacheStats and you can create the html code to add to your profile. Pretty user friendly. Doesn't work with a Mac...only PCs. Hmm I can't see "My Finds" under "Create new query"...???
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