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  1. You guys are geniuses, I can't even imagine trying to find a cache like the ones ya'll have created. The one with the 35mm inside the pine cone, all I can say is, " OH MY GOD"!!! That may be why I struggle with some of the caches that I couldn't find.
  2. Excellent topic, my wife and I talk about this all the time. Why oh why must we search for these little rolled up pieces of paper, for a stat, the thrill of finding one, "NOT"!!! I can't answer this question but we know what they say, "it's the thrill of the hunt and the joy of the outdoors. Recently we went through our book of caches that hadn't been found yet and we removed all the micros and 35mm canister caches from our book. When we go out all day and find 2 of the 9 micros for the day we got abit discouraged. Yesturday, December 4th marks the first cache that my better half and I have put out and we made a pact to only put out caches that have trade items inside. It is more fun to trade items than just sign the log book and if you have kids with you, you know what I am talking about.
  3. A question to all you geo-whizzes out there !! I recently became a premium member to take advantage of all these cool benefits of being a premium member. One such benefit is being able to download waypoints on to my Garmin Vista C. I have spent hours trying to do it and have had no success. What is LOC and GPX? Tried downloading easygps.com, but it doesn't support the Vista C. What should I do? The person that helps me get what I need will get 100 warm fuzzies!!!
  4. If you are a premium member where do you go to look for member only caches?
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