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  1. PURPOSE.............oh ok I think you want to know why I would want to track my FTF's right? Geocaches are always talking about bragging rights when they are the FTF, so wouldn't be cool if there was a way of tracking the actual # of FTF's you had?
  2. No specific purpose just a bunch of guys and gals getting together and talking while geocaching and this is one of the many topics we discussed.
  3. I have talked to several geocachers in and around my area and a cool change to the website was discussed and I thought I would bring it to your attention. After finding caches for the day and I go to log them and I go to the log a find why couldn't you add the option FTF and then have it highlight that cache in your recent caches found listed on your account page and also keep track of them in your stats page?? Just an idea, please let me know what you think.
  4. Today I found my first GeoCoin, how do I go about logging it into Geocaching.com?
  5. Sure wish I could get one of those very cool coins down here in Texas !!! I WANT ONE................
  6. I don't know much about the venture except that it only has 1 mb of storage capacity as far as downloading maps from the mapsource software. Where as the Legend has 8 mb of storage. I used to own the Etrex Legend and I loved it, even better that the Vista. It is a very easy unit to use and has much more features than you would think. Go to the Garmin website and you can do a comparison search. Or in other words you can compare the Legend with all the other Etrex's out there and see which one is the best unit for you.
  7. Have you checked the prices at Wallmart? I thought I saw the basic etrex there on sale one time for $50.00, just keep your eyes open there. Usually go on sale right before hunting season.
  8. It's hard to believe it's me saying this just a few months ago. I have totally changed my tune now that I am a more experienced geocacher. Now I enjoy looking for micros and I broke my promise to never put out a micro. I placed my first micro cache on March 19th. This just goes to show you that you shouldn't critisize what others enjoy doing even if at the time you don't like it. I LEARNED MY LESSON !!!!!!
  9. Geocaching U, yeah that is cool thanks for the input.
  10. "What is Geocaching"? Have you heard this before, while hot on the trail of yet another exciting cache? You know what I'm talking about. The on-looker that asks that fatal question that takes you the next 30 minutes to an hour trying to explain the sport. This is all well and good and brings new interest to the ever growing sport. But.............................. This is more of an informative thread about what I do in this situation and may even help some cachers out. I went to the Geocaching website and cut and pasted the what is geocaching into Microsoft Works or Microsoft Word, would work equally as well. Then I made it into a pocket card and made the print the smallest available. You can get about eight to a page then just print them out and Whalla!! This way you have something you can hand them to read that gives them a better idea of what your talking about. Just an idear !! Does anyone else have something different that they do and would like to share it?
  11. I can tell you for a fact it is a black rat snake. They are harmless to humans but can be quiet intimidating when climbing a tree right next to you. They climb trees in order to get into birds nests and woodpecker nests (to feed on eggs and young birds) that are generally inside a cavity approximetly 25ft up. One time I was working in the woods and I felt my foot move and when I looked down there one was. And a big one at that. I screamed like a little girl !!!!
  12. Jenny/TheGeoGoes If this is the cache "in question" then I would guess that unfortunately the cacher was more than a bit off in his approach. And, that could certainly happen to anybody.....especially if you weren't from the area and/or weren't familiar with the area the cache was named for and placed in. This is the cache in question and your right I live in Lufkin and have never been to Waco before. I obviously did not approach this cache in the right place!! "MCC River View" The terrain rating did clearly spell this out, sorry to stir up the hornets nest. And yes I did have alot of fun geocaching in Waco.
  13. Ding Ding Ding, WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! That about sums it up for me!!
  14. Toss one out in the middle of a cactus, this would certainly warrant a 5 star !!!
  15. Ok this seems reasonable, Thankyou for the input.
  16. I have to agree with you about the number of caches out there that you can just about touch the cache and your car. I am fairly new at this whole geocaching thing and I certainly don't want to step on any toes. I am mainly doing this to learn more what others like, so I can place more caches that are interesting to others.
  17. Are they worth the risk? I was in Waco, Texas last week and I found 16 caches while there. One of the caches stated, may want to bring first aid kit and cell phone because there is a good chance of falling and injuring yourself. COME ON !!!! You have got to be kidding me. When a volunteer of the state approves these caches does he actually read the cache description. Personally, I wouldn't approve these types of caches. I visited this cache and it was a joke, I said to myself there is no way I'm going down there. This cache, which I will protect the identy of needed a harness and a professional rock climber. I WANT YOUR OPINON, GO AHEAD SPEAK FREELY.
  18. I am fairly new to the sport of geocaching, however I am now an addict. I have found 91 total caches to date, this is in two months only. To make a long story short I also own 14 TB's. Out of 14 only two have been picked up. One has been moved, but the other was picked up two weeks ago and hasn't been placed yet. To say the least I'm feeling a little bit antsy about it. I looked at the guys profile and he is brand new to the sport and it's his first TB to ever pick up. I e-mailed him and typed up a nice welcome letter and let him know I was anxious to see where he was going to place "Captain Hook" the TB. Anyway, I have not heard back from him and hopefully my TB is not lost. So to make a long story shorter, e-mail the owner and let him or her know the status of their TB's. BECAUSE TB'S ARE OUR CHILDREN TOO !!!!!
  19. We would like to start a travel bug motel where you can drop off and trade only TB. Our question is how do we start out our TB without having to log a note for each and every TB. That would make the log page cluttered before it even starts.
  20. While I have you on here, how do I get my picture under my name like you do?
  21. How about you, Jeremy? I think you could get another one issued to you !!! I promise to be on my bestest behavior.
  22. When I look at other cacher's profiles I consistently see that they are either members, premium members, or charter members. What is a Charter member and what do I have to do to get in?
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