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  1. I must be mistaken. I went and looked at my favorite lists and then at my watchlist and there are a couple of my favorites in my watchlist. I will remove them from my watchlist and see if that makes a difference. I am glad that this is not a problem. Thankyou for all your help!!

  2. I recently got back into geocaching and renewed my Premium membership. What is the chances of setting up a way for dedicated geocachers to have the option of purchasing a Life Membership at say $360? I mean thats the equivelent of 12 years of support. You could do it after a cacher had found say 1,000 caches and then that option would be offered to him or her. Just a suggestion. What do you think?

  3. I recently got back into geocaching, I had not found a cache in the past six years and someone else was maintaining my owned caches in TX. So to say the least when I returned to the geocaching site many changes had taken place and one of those was the favorites list. You are awarded 1 favorite for every 10 caches that you find. I have been out caching the month of May and have found 144 caches so far this month bringing my total up to 663 finds and I have added around 15 favorite points to my list. That was just a little background.


    The problem arose when I was recieving an e-mail whenever a favorite cache was found. I did not want this. So I went into lists and deleted around 10 of my favorites. When I went back to my public profile I saw that I had 63 favorite points left when I should have only had 53 left. I realized that when I deleted those favorites it took away the points from that cache that I awarded a point to. I did not want to do that. I simply did not want the e-mail everytime that cache was found. So I went back through all my finds and re-awarded the points that I could remember. There are still 3 or 4 that I could not remember. I am not willing to go through the logs of all those caches found to do that.


    Certainly there must be a way to keep awarded favorite points active on a cache listing even if the awarder does not want to recieve e-mails each time a favorite is found? As that list of favorites grows and you certainly cannot remember all those caches overtime a new system needs to be addressed here.

  4. I am new with this and was trying to find one for not to much was looking at stores and think they are charging way to much please someone sell me a good one for not to much.


    How much do you want to spend? Visit this site for units and comparisons and they also offer the best deals I have ever found on the internet.



  5. Huh, I didn't know you could take the # from a TB and make your own trackable item.



    Probably none of my business, but why not just buy from Groundspeak?

    I'm just curious....


    I don't get it. Its a unique idea but take your item and attach a Groundspeak tag to it and bingo its trackable thus making it an official TB. Is your only reason for trying to do this, to save money? TB tags don't cost that much!!

  6. Garmin GPSMap 60CSx


    I personally own the Garmin Vista C but I am planning on upgrading to the Vista Cx. I recommend this unit over the 60CSx because the Vista Cx is smaller and easier to use and has all the same features. With the removable miro SD chip you can get however much memory you want. The screen is not as big as the 60 but it is big enough.


    Check out this site: www.gpsdiscount.com for great deals and comparisons. Trust me this is one of the cheapest sites I have ever found and have purchased several units through this company. The package deals are awesome for instance you can get the Garmin Vista Cx, bean bag mount, auto mount, AC adaptor, and Version 7 software with full unlock code for $429.00


    Good luck in your search and Happy Geocaching!!

  7. First off, caches can't be deleted. Deleting a cache would delete the logs of the cachers that found them. Bad Thing.


    I never thought of it that way! I guess erasing the past history of your unsuccesful caches wouldn't be a good thing either. Thanks for your input on this matter and I will consider this "CASE CLOSED".

  8. In my cache stats it shows that I have put out 21 caches but in reality 3 or 4 of them have been archived. Is there any way I can delete the archived caches out of my geocaches owned section to show how many active caches I really have? Because even the archived caches are being included in my caches owned count.


    Any help you can give me on this will be greatly appreciated!!

  9. Is there anyplace you can go on geocaching.com to drop pictures that you have taken of say a favorite cache or a picture that would be considered spoiler information. I have several pictures that show the actual cache in it. Yeah, I know there is the blog called, cool caches. But I want the pictures to show up in my gallery. Can anyone help me out with this??

  10. One other thing would be to think about is how people log caches.  I'm sure every one of us at one time or another has either been the first to log online and not the first to find or found it first but there was a person or two who logged before you logged your FTF.  I've done it and it's happened to my caches.  So how, in that case, does the computer figure out who's first to find and who's just the first to log on the site?  In really popular areas, the FTF could be the fifth or sixth log on a cache page.

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........................!!!

  11. If FTF are important to you, go threw your finds and count out the ones you were first at. Simple.

    After reading all the logs and stepping on a few toes I believe this is the answer I was looking for. The FTF's aren't really that important to me, I just thought it would be a cool feature.


    Thankyou to all for your input into the idea!! :D

  12. I figure as soon as you claim FF rights you place it on your list.  You could request Jeremy make it a special type of bookmark that even a non-PM can share.  The feature is already there, just probably not in the form you were thinking about.

    This is a good idea, Thanks!! :wub::(

  13.   It takes all kinds to play this game, and the ones who just point and laugh are laughable themselves.  Hopefully you don't know anyone so shallow as to think that their belittling another’s fun, is anything other than pathetic.

    Whoa.............back the horse up! How is this bewildering anyone's fun? All it's doing is showing that you were the FTF, that's it.


    Whew what a leap!!!

  14. After all, why have a FTF if Joe Cacher down the street is a jerk and claimes FTF in spite of anyone elses log?

    Yes, Joe Cacher could just be a jerk and log a FTF, but doesn't the cache owner have the option to go into his the cache he owns and permenantly delete logs? I believe he does.

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