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  1. I don't collect anymore. I'm into designing. I have 1 minted Big Bear geocoin and I have 5 more on the blocks to be minted by hogwildstuff.
  2. The only way to get it back on track is that you log it in as found somewhere else and log it into the new cache where you did place it. It may have lost some logged miles, but at least the owner will know where it is now.
  3. Tandemaniacs will be there at the Cache Bash!
  4. PS. I don't know if Sergio what's his name from MAD would like you using his desert crawler. Besides that whole are of buzzard and the man may be so small that it won't look like much of anything on a coin. It's too small.
  5. From this Californian , I love your updated version of this coin better than your 1st attempt. It's amazing what your brain can come up with when you keep changing. Please stay away from adding Eureka to your coin. Yes, California is known for the mountains and the deserts, but for your 2007 coin maybe you can have earthquakes, mudlides, drought and congested highways obscuring where all the caches are. LOL No, really the coin looks great!
  6. JC- When is the next cacher's dinner at Village Pizza? Tomorrow or on th 29th? -Tandem wife
  7. I had an earth coin designed that was 3D and I got the whole design killed by all of you because this one was comming out. Thanks alot, people.
  8. My 3 favorite are: Big Bear geoin Pennsylvania San Diego
  9. Really, no coins to travel?
  10. Next month I am going on a cruise to Bahamas, St. Maaten, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. I have found a few caches there that can hold coins. Does anyone want to send me coins to place in a cache there? Please e-mail me through GC.com and I will give you my address to send the coins. I plan on releasing one of my Big Bear geocoins there!
  11. DON'T FORGET TO ACVTIVATE THEM! On the first page of GC.com on the right side is a "button" labeled activate your TB. Do this 1st!
  12. Crake- When I mailed out 1 or 2 coins to people I bought the smallest bubble envelople I could find. I think it was 3x5 and I taped my coins to the inside of the envelope. It worked great for me and besides, I don't think the PO is as abusive to mail as you are. Good luck
  13. What's a faxer? A fax machine? Call Tess at Coins and Pins 910-848-7467
  14. If you are still checking this site while you are here in Big Bear, try these restraunts: Ichiban, Mandoline, Bailey's Coffe House (for Sandwiches), Nottinghams, Peppercorn, Stillwells. Looking for greasy spoon? Try Thelma's. Stay clear of Paoli's! Check the geocaches by me, Tandemaniacs. People love doing my Read the Sign cache. You have to think for that one. There are about 12 caches along the pedal path that runs on the north side of the lake. Start at the path trail head on Starvation Flats near the Elementary School. You're first cache is just after the new welcome wall. Wish I could cache with you, but it's my daughter's 3rd birthday on Thurs. Have fun!
  15. Here are another 2 for you. The Cat and the Dog TB Owner: Tandemaniacs Released: Wednesday, April 27, 2005 Origin: California, United States 7/18/2005 TeamGreyhound placed it in I-79 TB Rest Stop ============================================================ Disney Delirious TB Owner: Tandemaniacs Released: Thursday, April 07, 2005 Origin: California, United States 8/24/2005 DoobaScuba retrieved it from Keebler Dawn Cache California [visit log] I've got 'em!! We've returned back to Washington after our trip in Southern Cal (where we picked up the bug @ Keebler Dawn Cache, Big Bear Lake). We're going to place this in a FUN, LITTLE PARK in Mukilteo, WA. It'll be somewhat seaside in the fresh air of the Pacific NW (zip 98275). ============================================================= Also CA geocoin 1833 trackable on http://www.calif.geocoin.net/ Dropped into GCKAPA on 2005-05-27 by tiki-4 (292.07 miles) Log entry: At the GWIII ============================================================= Thank you for having this great idea for a thread. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Hello fellow cachers, Happy New Year. I hope everyone had a safe and happy time partying. We 3 went to Palm Springs for the holiday and we didn't do any caching! Boo Hoo Snow on the ground is melting. There is still plenty here, but not everything is covered, so come, ski, cache.
  17. If it's a real gold coin you can charge $100 for a 2" coin, but I doubt anyone would buy it. I agree with AG. 1.5 - 1.75" is a normal and most liked coin size, but go with what you want. It is your coin. Don't listen to people who complain about the profit. You figure in a profit by making them $8- $9 each, but it ends up costing you more than you think. Research all the mailers and the cost of shipping outside the US. You'll end up breaking close to even and you'll end up with more headache thatn you thought. Good luck!
  18. Marc- Beautiful, just beautiful. I like your SilverMarc very much, but these are just SMART. Make sure you call Hal. I would bet you anything that he wants a set and he never looks in the forums. Happy Hannukah! -Ronney
  19. AND A VERY HAPPY HANNUKAH TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Great to see everyone again and to share coins, even if JC was there. I'm sick on seeing you too. Glad you liked King Kong. I was FTF on JC's new cache. Yeah for me!
  21. I have lost 2 USA geocoins and 3 TBs. I am fed up with cachers that steal other people's property. I will never put a coin out in the wild again or a TB. I am very friendly to others coins and TBs. I move them along quickly, sometimes even mailing them from CA to my folks in MD or my brother in FL, all of which play.
  22. Southbayday, I never laughed so hard. Great set of rules. Not whining, really...PassingWind. My rules are listed at the bottom of my post as part of my signature.
  23. JC, don't give C_A a hard time. I was like that when all the Star Wars movies came out. Then I had a kid. C_A must not have little ones. Just so you know, KK opens here in Big Bear that night. You can see it here, like I said, after dinner.
  24. King Kong?!?! You can see it after the dinner party! jc always has a Kong size pizza event. Besides, when else would you be able to score yourself a Big Bear geocoin in trade?!?!?
  25. My Big Bear coins aren't engraved, but I did sign them. I know that's not what you are talking about, but I did it for ART's SAKE.
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