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  1. No word from the leader. Just sent of an e-mail to the officer who last logged into Waymarking (last September) to ask that he start a vote to promote me to an officer. Let's see if that brings any results.
  2. Groundspeak Admin has been approving the waymarks in this category since late 2018. Just sent an e-mail to the leader to see if they would hand over leadership. Any other suggestions about how to revive the leadership of this category?
  3. Maybe 100 creating waymarks but many more visiting them. I get visit notifications nearly every day.
  4. Are you a member of the group? If so, maybe you can ask the leader to promote you to officer. Then the leader could resign and I think designate you as the new leader. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. I'm looking for an icon for the Frank Loyd Wright category. Anyone interested in taking a stab at a Prairie style house (with horizontal lines and other Wright traits)?
  6. Interesting strategy! Now on to Octagonal Buildings. I have reached out to Silver Quill a couple of times without a reply. Any advice?
  7. I have more or less stopped geocaching and focus exclusively on waymarks. There's the element of discovery, of learning, "owning", and directing others to an interesting location which is less time consuming than creating a geocache. I think the drop out rate isn't unique to Portuguese hobbyists. People move on in their lives. They find other interests. It's a pity that when they do, they often don't hand over the reigns to persons willing to take over as officers or group leaders. I find the most frustrating inaction on the part of Groundspeak is setting up a fair way for active and committed hobbyists to take over leadership of inactive groups.
  8. I never received a reply to my messages to Team Min Dawg regarding the Hot Springs group. I see he is no longer a premium member. I sent off another message again. Looking for some help to get this category back in action.
  9. Sorry, not familiar with this process. Does he call a vote to promote me?
  10. Not sure if Wayfrog caught this but Knights of Pythius was lead by theWildRoad who sadly has passed away. I would be willing to take over the leadership of this category.
  11. I would volunteer to become leader and reorganize the officers' club for that category as well.
  12. I think we need Wayfrog to help bring this about.
  13. According to her Geocaching profile, the Wild Road has sadly passed away. Hello Fellow Cachers, This is TheWildRoad's daughter, Chloe aka SourLemonPlatypussy. It saddens me to inform all of you that my mother, Coleen aka TheWildRoad, has passed away last year (March 15, 2018). The Hindu Temples category that she led is in need of a new leader and new officers. I would volunteer to take the leader position and then begin the process of recruiting new officers. RitC.
  14. Thanks all for your interest. I think we are OK for now. In addition to the above criteria weighted the selection based on seniority in the group and the order in which they volunteered.
  15. I sent this message using the send to members feature in the group but have not had a reply so wondering if it's not functioning (I think this has been the case before) So I thought I would send it via the forum. Hello All, I am looking to reorganize the officer's club in the wineries category. Please let me know if you are interested in becoming an officer. Successful candidates will have demonstrated recent and extensive Waymarking activity, with particular attention paid to the quality of their activity. They should also be willing to vote for demotion of the currently inactive officers. Thank you and happy Waymarking. RitC
  16. I have another waymark pending in the Octagon Buildings category. I decided to check out the group and curiously, the group missions statement indicates that the category is currently up for adoption. So I joined the category and am willing to take over leadership. description/mission statement:This group manages the Octagon Buildings category, and is currently available for adoption. Join the category to take over management, or visit the Waymarking Forums for more information.
  17. Way cool. I was waiting for the normal e-mail notification and did not realize I had been promoted. Many thanks to Wayfrog! We are succeeding in saving categories!
  18. In one category where I am only the active officer I decided to ask the leader this week-end whether he wouldn't want to hand over the reigns. I sent a message via his Waymarking and via his geocaching profile. His widowed wife informed me from his geocaching account that he had passed away. I forwarded the information to wayfrog and am waiting for a reply. It seems this would not be a complicated decision to reassign leadership in this category. How long do you think I should wait before trying to contact wayfrog again? On another subject, this time the Hot Springs category I did the same but have not heard back from the leader. I've kept my copy of the e-mails i sent. How long do you think I should wait before bringing this up with Wayfrog? Thanks for any advice.
  19. Bonjour Yves, Attention, la base Mérimée ne comprend que des édifices, pas des objets. C'est la base Palissy qui comprend des objets. Il faut lire le site http://www2.culture.gouv.fr/culture/inventai/patrimoine/ attentivement. Bien à vous, Rob.
  20. First, thanks to BK-Hunters for taking the time to monitor this, because it is an important topic. Frustrating that Groundspeak is not more willing to reassign leadership of abandoned categories to those willing to take charge. Second, I don't think that KFC restaurants should be on the list. I make sure that I have an active officer list to share the load of approving and I have checked our activity and don't see any approved by Wayfrog.
  21. Yes, but … it's pretty likely that you'll take that overall photo (or several) and miss the particular detail required, or vice versa, (a) photo(s) of some detail and miss that overall photo. It's not always the number of photos but what specific detail is required. Having said that, in the Romanesque category, I think i do require a detailed photo of the Romanesque feature. But I would say usually this is a no brainer.
  22. I just think it's a bummer when you go to a lot of effort to seek out a new waymark location and then return home only to find there was some requirement that you missed (kind of like the two photo requirement which I am not a fan of.)
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