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  1. Still scratching my head about the vote cancellations. I still see the votes as active on the site but here is a copy of one of the e-mails I received. Not sure if it's a technical issue or the result of an action taken by the leader..
  2. I guess what I'm trying to say is there are strange things being done by controlling officers and I have no idea why because these officers are being silent. It's very frustrating. Leaning towards disfunctional if I may say so. It's a bit sad because it's otherwise a very interesting category.
  3. OK, so the plot thickens. Most of the 24 waymarks were coming from the US and Canadian version of the book. I do not have this version so as a new officer I called votes on these. I find out now that the votes have been cancelled and the waymarks don't seem to exist any more. Marine Biologist was promoted to officer but has just quit the group without any comments. Group Leader still incommunicado...
  4. I'm doubtful whether all of the editions are still available in Amazon. Mine is 10 years old.
  5. I'm happy to announce that I was appointed as an officer but a bit disappointed that the leader didn't reply to my personal e-mail. I sent it to the address listed in her profile. I just sent off another message with a suggestion for improving the category. Basically, it's not practical to approve these at the moment as it requires owning or having access to all the numerous editions of the book. My idea is to change the requirements so that the waymark submitter uploads a photo/scan of the book cover, the page with the copyright, and the first page of the listing in case of a physical book, and a screen shot of the same information if the book is in electronic form. I'm hoping for her opinion on this idea.
  6. I see the officers of 1000 Places to See Before You Die have fallen into inactivity as the last several waymarks were approved by Wayfrog. I like this category and would like to see it continue. Are there others of the same mind who would be willing to become officers. The major question here is I am not ready to go and purchase all of the books (I have one paperback edition) so acceptance criteria is an issue.
  7. This has been an ongoing discussion for many years when commercial businesses began to fall out of favour. I am a leader in a certain number of these and failed once to get another one voted through. I accept that these have fallen out of fashion and in fact I mostly no longer actively contribute waymarks to them, but I am not bothered by their existence and based on submissions, others do enjoy them. As a reminder, the Waymarking site allows users to hide categories (which I have often used especially for the benchmark categories). Because of this feature, I have mostly taken an open position on the existence of these categories.
  8. For the record, I started receiving Waymarking.com e-mail again. Don't know how many e-mails I lost in the meantime. No news from Groundspeak whether it was them or my provider who was the root cause.
  9. I sent off a message to bootron. I don't know what else I can do to get the e-mails to work. I have no clue as to what other information I can give them for troubleshooting.
  10. Good idea. I tweeked the officer's note and added a grandfather clause.
  11. The problem is that none of us are experts in the domain, so we cannot pretend to be able to judge the accuracy of the external reference.
  12. Receiving the notifications of pending votes is really important. I've missed votes because of this problem.
  13. Here's the reply I got from my provider. Hello Rob, Thank you for contacting the Customer Care Team. According to our logs, we have not determined inbound from @Waymarking.com or @geocaching.com email accounts. Also, specified IP addresses are absent in our blacklists, and not blocked externally (https://mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx?action=blacklist%3a63.251.163.229&run=toolpage). Also, we have tested receiving for test message received successfully. You may refer to the screenshot and header attached. Please be advised to retest receiving from affected senders, as our logs stores messages for one week. If the issue persists, kindly provide us with header of sent, but not received message and bounceback (if have so). Finding Headers: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/22454?cbid=1dtq5y3o3g6cz&src=cb&lev=answer Should you have an immediate question or concern, please visit our support page at aplus.net. Thank you for choosing aplus.net. We appreciate your continued business. Regards, Vincent F. | Customer Care Team p 855.791.8966 | support@aplus.net aplus.net
  14. I'm creating this topic to allow officers to discuss certain changes to the Art Nouveau/Art Deco category. The changes have followed a vote to deny the waymark https://www.Waymarking.com/wm/add_finalize.aspx?f=1&guid=ae52d627-b07e-46ef-84fc-93263f16b654&wft=2&uid=84d86564-b60d-4b13-bdfd-775b56b785e4&st=4 As determining whether a submission fits this category can be highly subjective, I have added the stipulation that if the waymark owner is able to provide an independent reference supporting the submission, it must be accepted. This was the case to the above mentioned waymark. Comments are welcome.
  15. I just discovered that since July 2, Waymarking communication has been sent to my spam folder. Not sure if this problem is on my provider's side or Groundspeak did something to trigger it. Today, I sent some replies to inquiries sent through Waymarking's e-mail system and checked the box to have a copy sent. Seems to be taking a long time to send my copy. Therefore, am wondering if there is not an incident in progress.
  16. I'm guilty of this kind of action. I did it with Artesian Wells when I took over the category. There were plenty of waymarks which were not artesian wells as a previous officer didn't know what they were and was approving ordinary wells. It bothered me that a waymarker might run across one and mistakenly believe that he/she had found an artesian well. People were not happy then either but Waymarking does allow for a waymark to be re-evaluated.
  17. Success! The leadership team for this category has been replaced. Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions!
  18. Sorry, , just realized that I have become an officer. I initiated a vote to demote the oldest inactive officer. This is the first time I've done this so let's see how it works and get the officer list down to 3 before adding new officers.
  19. My waymark was eventually approved by wayfrog which I am thankful for but it is truly a pity that more can't be done to save these abandoned categories.
  20. Next chapter, the group leader miatabug has a personal blog. I even posted my plea as a comment on his latest blog post but still no response.
  21. No reply from either of them for now. I resent a message to the leader and sent a message to another officer in the list.
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