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  1. I have a collection of 450 TCX files from a Garmin GPS unit, which contain both the routes and heartrate/cadence data from various bike rides, which a friend of mine has done over the past few years. I want to turn these TCX files into GPX files (so the heartrate/cadence data isn't needed), so I can create a giant map of everywhere that's been ridden. I've done this before with my own rides, and around 270 rides (from 270 gpx files), merged into one GPX file, resulted in a 31MB file which Google Maps can handle perfectly. Now, I can convert two and from TCX and GPX, and merge GPX files and so on, using GPSBabel, but my problem is this: All the TCX files I have total 700MB in size, and have way too many waypoints than are necessary - and with about 20 rides merged into one GPX file, if I open that in Google Earth it is unbelievable slow, so if I do that with 450 rides it'll be unbearable. So what I want is a desktop-based app that I can feed either GPX or TCX files which can "trim" the waypoints to whatever is necessary. Does a program like this exist? The closest I've found is this site: http://www.coursemapper.com/coursecompacter.htm - but it can only work on a single file at a time, which you have to upload - so if I do it that way, it's going to take a heck of a long time. However, it does do the job perfectly - if I feed it a TCX file with 1500 waypoints, it reduces that to around 400 and the map still looks almost perfect. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions/advice. I'll definitely keep them/it in mind if I go ahead with it, I just wanted to check that it's okay beforehand.
  3. Sorry if this has been covered before, but since I can't search for anything less than 5 characters, I can't really find any topics about it. I was wondering if it's okay to use QR codes in a geocache, for example, in multi-cache series with the co-ords of the next location/hint/etc. QR codes, if you don't already know, are these things (doubtless you've seen one before somewhere, they're fairly commonplace now): You can get QR code readers for a wide range of phones now, such as the iPhone (I use RedLaser), Android, etc. I'm just wondering if they're okay to use, since there are still quite a few people who wouldn't be sure how to use them and/or don't have phone that could read them. If I was going to use them in a cache, obviously, I'd make it known on the cache listing page that you need something to read them, but would this be okay? PS: That QR code above has a message in it.
  4. There's a geocache in London that I've previously tried to find while visiting the area, but with no luck. I'm heading down to London again in just over a week, so I thought I'd have a look and check if it's still there (along with any other new caches in the area), but I've just had a look, and I can't see it, so I suspect it's been archived. I'm curious to know why it's been archived, but I have no idea how to find it again. I never logged a DNF for it, so I can't check my account's log, and I don't have the GC number, nor do I remember the title, or who logged it, or who found it. The only thing I can remember is the location. It was somewhere around 51.4941580, -0.171641. So, I'm wondering if there's any way I can find archived caches somehow, or if perhaps anyone knows what the cache was and can direct me to it. Any ideas?
  5. You must be a pretty bad driver! Hah! You're probably right actually, I've not started to learn how to drive yet so I probably am pretty bad at it.
  6. I've run into 7 others over 60 finds since December. One of them I've run into twice.
  7. Hah. Well, it was 2:30am when I did that so I was pretty tired. If I can use that as an excuse. Like Keystone said, I think both methods work. They refer to slightly different things, sure, but the end result is vaguely the same with what I meant. Thanks...hopefully they'll write back soon then I guess. Maybe I'm just being impatient but a week is plenty of time to reply, in my eyes anyway. Ah well.
  8. So, I got this email a while back and I've tried the code multiple times, but it doesn't work at all. So I sent Groundspeak an email, and, well, the only thing I got in reply was an automated email saying they received my email and it's been assigned an ID...and that's it. No human reply yet so far. Should I send an email to another address or what?
  9. I like OSM and it's a great service, but in my town there are a lot of missing places, sadly, so I don't think it's a good alternative for here. Elsewhere, like London, however, it's pretty much bang on, so in that respect it's great.
  10. That's perfect. 1000 looks perfect, fills up the whole height of my screen. Thank you!
  11. Excellent! Looking forward to it. Thanks. Of course, but personally, I'd rather have a bigger map view and zoom in closer. Just a matter of opinion I think. Didn't notice that. One down, one to go!
  12. Quick question...is there a Greasemonkey script out there for the map view (this) that makes the map larger? As it is, even when clicking on the "large" button it still is fairly small on my screen (24" at 1920x1200). I'd like to be able to hide the column on the right and make the map open much larger, by default. For example, like this: http://localhostr.com/files/870f61/Untitled.png Is that possible?
  13. I've ran into a few so far and I it's almost always been them saying "looking for something?". We usually have a bit of a chat and then say goodbye and move on. Easy enough.
  14. If I'm somewhere where I haven't found anywhere before, I'll pull out my iPhone and check if there are any, sure. If they're close enough and I have time, I might give it a go.
  15. IP.Board 2.x is being EOL'd in July: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/3...e-announcement/ Good excuse to upgrade now, eh?
  16. I'm not. I'm hosting it on my own site. My area (yes, yes, I know, I'm new at this. Give me a chance. )
  17. WilliamTM

    IP.Board 3.0

    Are there any plans to go to IP.Board 3.x? Considering this forum is still on 2.1, whenever I visit here it feels like a major step back in terms of features, usability, and looks, especially compared to what 3.0 is - and a lot of other forums I visit are running v3, including my own, so it would be a nice upgrade. If anyone wants to see what the upgrade would look like, the official IPS forums (the developer of IPB) are running 3.x here: http://community.invisionpower.com/ I realise that it would need a fair bit of work (from what I can see the Geocaching.com site is pretty well integrated into the forum), but it would be nice to have 3.x instead of 2.1.
  18. Short of buying a brand new GPS, if all you're doing is printing out the caches, and if you have a phone or device that works with it, consider another method: Evernote. They have a PC and Mac application that you can simply copy and paste the geocache info to, and depending on what phone (or other device) you have, you can sync notes to it over the internet. So as long as you copy anything you need (coords, description, hint, etc), it should be pretty decent. Right now, it works with the iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre, and I think some other devices too. And it's free for a basic account (40MB/month) which is always a bonus.
  19. I'd like to propose a suggestion for log photos. Another site that I'm active on, Last.fm, have the ability to show photos from events based on tags from Flickr. For example, if you tag a photo on Flickr as lastfm:event=1305047, it'll show up on that event's page on Last.fm Now, I was thinking, why not do that for here too? For example, any Flickr photos tagged with geocache:GC14MZ6 (just an example) would show up on the cache's gallery. Of course, this wouldn't replace the primary photo gallery here, but it would be nice as an extra feature. And of course, if someone wanted to add a photo to the log, what about a bbcode such as [flickr:http://www.flickr.com/photos/williamhook/4225307113/], which would in turn show the photo within the log? Just a suggestion. Feel free to discuss.
  20. Be thankful it's not Apple that runs this site. They take anywhere from a few days to a many weeks and sometimes even months to approve apps for the iPhone's App Store.
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