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  1. The folks over at the WGA (Wisconsin Geocaching Association) have a pretty good powerpoint presentation that has been a good asset in helping "outsiders" understand our hobby. Here's the URL for the links page....the presentation is first in the list ... http://www.wi-geocaching.com/links.html
  2. this is my brother's cache. Heritage trail Cache
  3. Mother Goose was the start to all the Goosey caches in wisconsin...She has retired from the goseling business, but now i believe there are a couple great-great grand goselings out there.
  4. I got NOLS's catalog and have been drooling over the trips and experiences available. i'd love to be able too just quit work and take a couple of there semester long expeditions. Maybe if i win the lotto
  5. thanks for all the great ideas....the coupon book idea would work better if i weren't 6 hours away from home.....i guess i'll have to wander around the stores with that dazed and confused look this weekend
  6. oh yeah...has the pda too they've got over 1000 finds....so not a newbie by any stretch
  7. Yeah yeah yeah i know its a little late to start xmas shopping....but what can I say, I enjoy a challenge. My question for the great throbbing brain is simply this: What do you get the cacher that has everything (already has cache bag, multiple GPSr's, lots of spare cache containers....)? I'm out of time to do any online ordering, so any gadgets or things that can be found at a store would be good.
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