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  1. Looks like Gilsson bumped up their prices on their antenna from $20 to $50. Is this the same one that they originally were selling for $20 or has something changed? Team of Wheat
  2. I just found it. You have to search for the Garmin part number for the case (010-10578-00). There's no picture, but the part number matches Garmins'. Here's the direct link: Garmin Case Thanks for the photos Timpat. It looks really great! Team of Wheat
  3. Just an FYI, I have the GPSMAP 60CS and the BE130 Sharkskin case (a neoprene case). I had been using the case along with the carmount and eventually the plastic bracket that the 60CS snaps into split at the top where the bracket fits over the holster button of the 60CS. It looks like the neoprene adds too much material between the 60CS and the bracket and the fit was too tight causing the plastic to crack and split over time. My bracket is still usable and I don't use it and the case at the same time, but the gps is a little bit loose in the bracket now. Unless Garmin specifically recommends using the case along with their brackets I would use caution. Your mileage may vary, Team of Wheat
  4. Are you using the electronic compass in the 60cs? If your compass is turned on and the unit is not held level (horizontal to the ground with screen facing the sky) then you could get erratic readings. Someone else can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that when you're in the truck and going above a set speed the 60cs will use the GPS signal to compute direction. Good luck! Team of Wheat
  5. Do you have a routable map installed such as City Select? I'm pretty sure that mine didn't have that tab until I installed my City Select North America. Team of Wheat
  6. DOH! Thanks DBleess! I don't know how I missed that you used the bike mount in your truck when I first saw your photos the other day. Thanks! Team of Wheat (Now I know, and knowing is half the battle!)
  7. From the above post it sounds like the bracket part that attaches to the back of the 60C can be removed from the part that clips around the handlebars. Is this the case with this bike mount? The only reason I've not purchased it so far is that from all of the photos I've seen it looks like the bracket and the bike mount component are one piece (I assumed this to be the case, my bad ). I already have the car bean bag mount and the bracket for it is cracked at the top of the hole because I use it with my neoprene case on. Fortunately, it still works. It would be nice to have another (unbroken) one by purchasing the bike mount kit. Thanks, Team Of Wheat
  8. I've been trying to use the online map viewer over the past week or so to check out the Mapsource Topo maps and have noticed that it takes quite a long time to get an image when you zoom in/out or move around. Is anyone else having a similar problem? I also get quite a few errors where no page is ever displayed after trying to zoom in on an area. Very frustrating. A friend of mine has an older Mapsource Topo (it says version 2.00 under the Help-About menu) and I've been trying to compare it with the web site. What is the current version? So far, I've not really seen any difference from the Garmin Mapsource Topo online viewer and the version that he has. Anyone know how long has it been since the data has been updated? I imagine that the Topo information has not been updated since his version, but I was hoping that the POI's would have been. Anybody know? Thanks! BradW0807
  9. Team Of Wheat

    60cs Case

    Hi Guys, Just a small warning. I have the BE130 Sharkskin case and think it is a great case, but don't try to use it with your automotive mount bracket. There is no notch at the bottom of this case to use it with the auto mount so I made one by cutting a hole. It fit but was pretty tight and worked fine for awhile. Last night, however, the auto mount cracked and broke at the top where the belt clip button hooks under the auto mount hole. Basically there is too much material (neoprene) between the back of the 60CS and the auto mount and puts too much stress on the mount. This my own fault for trying to use the case with the auto mount and I only post here hoping to prevent someone else from breaking their auto mount. Hindsight being 20/20 and all that, I imagine that any case that has material between the 60CS and the auto mount bracket would eventually break the auto mount as mine did. The bracket is designed to be a tight fit to the GPSr and doesn't allow for something to be "in the way". Anyone know of a good source (read "inexpensive") for the auto mount bracket itself? BradW0807
  10. I'm very new to geocaching, but where I live (Richmond, VA area) there are a bunch of Civil War themed history caches. Some give hints relating to a historical event or place and it seems like a fun way to learn some basic history. I don't know where you're located, but there could be some similar themed caches in your area. Your children could be a little too young for this sort of thing, but maybe this will spark other ideas. I'm taking my daughter (3 yrs old) out on hers and my first cache hunt today. I've told her we're going on a treasure hunt! Hopefully, I'll be able to find at least one. Some other ideas you could look into are teaching them some basic map reading and orienteering skills with maps from online sources. You could even use something like USAPhotomaps to plot geocaches and other waypoints on an aerial satellite map (LINK to USAPhotomaps). It might be kind of cool to show them a satellite photo of your house using this software. Good luck, Have Fun and Be Safe! BradW0807
  11. I'm not sure of the answer, but I'd also like to know. It makes sense concerning what you say about the total travel time, but it would matter if the GPSr takes into account the local time of the destination when calculating the ETA. I think the question is as follows: Is the ETA always given in the local time at the destination or the local time of the GPSr? My guess is that it's the local time at the destination. I only say this because airlines do this when issuing tickets. The arrival time is always given as the local time at the airplane's destination. Anybody know the answer to this one? BradW0807
  12. Hi Granpa Alex, I just saw this on getagps.com: replacement belt clip. I'm pretty sure that it is for both the belt clip AND the button part, but you should call them just to be sure. At $10, it's a little cheaper than what you can get from Garmin. Good luck! BradW0807
  13. Thanks for the information y'all! I went with the BE130 Sharkskin case. It should be here on Monday. BradW0807
  14. I just received my 60CS via DHL delivery and I am one happy camper now! I feel like I've been researching this thing forever and now I can finally touch it and squeeze it and hold it... (ok, maybe some of you will remember those Bugs Bunny cartoons ). I've been looking for a case for awhile now and have put it off until actually getting my GPSr. I have it narrowed down to the following two units: Gilsson Neoprene Case: http://www.gpsgeek.com/page6.html BE130 "Sharkskin" Case: http://www.thegpsstore.com/detail.asp?product_id=BE130 I was hoping that some kind folks with these cases could answer a couple of questions for me. The photos on the above websites leave a little to be desired in detail and first hand experiences would be great! 1. Gilsson Case: Can the swivel clip stud on the 60CS be used while in this case? It appears that the hook clip on the neoprene case would interfere with the belt clip stud built onto the 60CS itself. 2. BE130 Sharkskin Case: I can't find a photo of the back of the case. One other person who has this case told me that there is a hole in the back for the swivel clip stud to protrude through. Are there any other features on the back of this case? 3. BOTH Cases: How easy/difficult is it to remove the 60CS from these cases? I'm getting the automobile navigation kit and will be taking it out of the case in the car to put it into the nav kit mount. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give! BradW0807
  15. Thanks GOT GPS. That makes sense. The less that you are taxing the processor the better battery performance you would get. Does this mean that there is no way to temporarily turn off just the LCD? I could be wrong, but it would seem that by turning off the LCD you could save a good bit of power. BradW0807
  16. I also just saw it at The-GPS-Place.com for $394 including DHL next day shipping until Dec. 22nd. I was going to buy at Amazon for $382 until I saw this and also found out that Amazon's free super-saver shipping adds 3-4 additional days to your order. Unfortunately, I'm going to be out of town by then. Anybody have any good/bad experiences with the-gps-place.com? I'll be placing my order this afternoon. Thanks, BradW0807
  17. Is there a setting on the 60 series that allows you to have the GPSr on but with the screen off? This would be useful while hiking and seems like it would significantly save on battery life. It would be nice to be able to press or hold a button to turn on/off the display much like you can with the backlight and the power button. I can't find anything in the manual that refers to this and I'm guessing that this is not a feature that's been implemented. Can anyone think of a downside to this? The only one that immediately comes to my mind is the possibility of running your batteries down thinking that your GPSr is off when in fact it is on. I suppose you would need some sort of indicator letting you know that the receiver is on or you could just live with it. Anyway, I'm rambling now. Anybody know the answer to this? Thanks! BradW0807
  18. Thanks y'all! That's what I wanted to know! BradW0807
  19. Hi guys, I found the Garmin 60 series automotive kit at Etronics.com for $140 but they do not say what version of City Select comes with it. I've tried calling them, but their customer service folks don't have a clue. The part number displayed on the product page is 010-10458-00. Does anyone know if this part number includes version 5 or 6? I can't find anything on Garmin's site referring to the auto kit. Here is a link to the Etronics web page: LINK Anyone have any ideas on this? It seems like a good price for the auto kit. Thanks! BradW0807
  20. Just noticed that the 60CS is now priced at $449.49 at Amazon.com. BradW0807
  21. Ouch, good point; didn't think of that one. At least it would keep your head warm in the winter time. Though you may be a little too rattle-brained to realize it. BradW0807
  22. Mark, Follow this link to the "General Help for the 60CS" topic. It links to page 8 of the topic where I posted a similar question (my question is about the 5th post down). LINK to page 8 Below my question on that page are a few good suggestions from different people. Hope this helps! BradW0807
  23. I don't have a Bluetooth GPSr, but when I first read your post I thought "you could attach it to your hat!". It might look a little silly, but you'd probably get the best reception that way. Brad
  24. Thanks for all of the input on cases guys! I've still not decided yet; the main reason being that someone told me that Gilsson Industries will be coming out with a neoprene case for the 60 series sometime this month (eBay store under gpsgeek). I'm going to try to wait until I can see that one to make a decision. Don't know if that will affect anyone else's decision, but I thought I'd throw that tidbit of info out there. So far it looks like a choice among the following for the 60 C/CS: - Magellan Sportrak neoprene case - "Sharkskin" case model BE130 from http://www.thegpsstore.com/detail.asp?product_id=BE130 - Gilsson Industries neoprene case (to be released this month) Great forum! Brad
  25. Thanks Fuldraw and Lakedawgs! I'll look into the Garmin case. That combined with the clear vinyl might be just what I'm after. I've also read many good things about the RAM mount and was considering it for the car. Brad
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