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  1. So again, not in the cache... Decided to head out with a first time chacher this afternoon and hit up some more caches closer to home, surely enough at The Remains there were the bones of a dog on the sidewalk right next to the area we parked. It looked to be a big dog too, and there was a collar sitting where the neck should have been so it must have belonged to someone previously. As a side note, i'm pretty sure the cache itself was referring to the lot the cache was on which has the 'remains' of a house on it, basically just some scraps of bricks and cinder blocks as well as a portion of the slab. I don't think it was the cache owner's intention for a random dog to die right next to the area you have to park to get there. That's two creepy coincidental animal skeletons in as many days.
  2. Look, I don't mean to judge, but this seems like a poor idea in practice. Suddenly an imperial group will show up and start oppressing your caches, then they'll start making caches of their own(although they'll always leave an open exhaust port,) and you'll have to start blowing up their caches and then it simply doesn't end well for anyone.
  3. I can only imagine it's either someone ditching their dead batteries because they're jerks, or naively dropping fresh batteries into the cache for fellow cachers without thinking of how well batteries fare in the wild.
  4. I use a Lowrance Out & Back, it's a nice solid little unit. Also Lowrance has excellent customer service, I once had my unit stop receiving satellite signals well after warranty and they had me send it back for free replacement. I'm always impressed by companies that stand by their products. I'd highly suggest looking through the reviews on the 'shop' tab of the main site if you haven't already. Make sure the one you get has the features that are important to you, we all have different tastes so it's always best to let your own wants sway your decision after hearing what everyone has to say.
  5. Honestly, I work pest control, and both of these are amazing suggestions. In real life application I've found that if I walk into a restaurant kitchen that I've never even seen before, or start walking into restricted industrial areas like I'm supposed to be there, they accept that I'm supposed to be there without question. Just go in with confidence and if anyone asks, be honest and explain what you're doing.
  6. Mostly I use my android app to give me navigation to the site, then leave the phone in the car while I take my handheld to GZ. Honestly, if being tethered to a PC is your issue, I'd suggest a premium membership with a handheld, just build pocket queries(500 geocaches centered around a certain area with custom parameters you set,) for the areas you're going to be in and you'll have no end of geocaches logged in your handheld ready to smoke through. I suppose another route, if you don't want to mess with the pocket queries, is to simply use your phone to view the latitude and longitude of your intended target and when you park tap those into your handheld as a waypoint and go. Either way the phone recoups in the car on a charger while the handheld does all the real work whilst being more accurate a majority of the time. Edit: also, as mentioned above, cell coverage is spotty in some places, so having a dedicated handheld is always more rewarding in such situations.
  7. I like to hit army surplus stores. A lot of times you can find used military backpacks for cheap which are built to last and are often weatherproof. Of course they also carry selections of useful general gear that you may or may not really need, but it's usually cheap and still has years of use left in it. Just make sure it's a store that actually sells stuff cheap, some of them take the surplus and jack up the prices because people don't know better. A lot of them also sell brand new gear, if used isn't your thing, and it's usually from legit companies that make solid products.
  8. I like the idea of trading cards. There's a flea market I frequent that has a coin seller, oddly enough this guy has boxes upon boxes of old, sealed trading cards for about 3 bucks for a full sealed box. I'm talking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cards from the 90's... the wax pack kind that came with sticks of gum. Young Indiana Jones, New Kids on The Block, and all sorts of other ridiculous trading card series. Think I'm going to pick up some boxes next time I'm out and start distributing some of my childhood nostalgia in caches.
  9. Not in a cache, but at the entrance to a cemetery next to the cache. Like literally at the foot of the gate. My brother and I found a snake skeleton, fully intact, picked nearly clean by insects yesterday. Needless to say we were very careful when poking around for the cache, sadly we didn't find it. The snake skeleton and it's placement was interesting enough to satisfy us despite our defeat.
  10. Hah, funny you should mention a spider. Last night my brother and I went caching and we went late into the evening without flashlights. Using the backlight on the GPS we managed to find our last cache of the night, a giant rubber spider tacked to a tree. We had to poke it with sticks to make sure it wasn't real first. It was really clever, they cut off the abdomen and stuffed a match container in it and the top of the match container fit snuggly up into the back of the spider's cephalothorax. It was a nice change of pace from ammo boxes and tupperware.
  11. After my team mate quit on me, I lost motivation for about a year. Grabbed a few caches on a trip to West Virginia after that, but I still didn't have any real motivation to keep GeoCaching. This weekend my daughter and I went to a state park and I remembered that Georgia has a 'Geo-Pass' program where you find a state park sponsored cache and get a stamp in a booklet, as you collect the stamps you can get benchmark coins(Bronze, Silver, Gold, Bonus.) So I took the old GPS out and about with us and we got a stamp. It's really kicked me back into gear and I'm ready to start back with with the vigor I originally had when I started this account.
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