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  1. I'd be interested in one of these 25 coins that are available for coiners 'abroad'. So please put me down for one. Thanks! Dick / Captain Zulu Swifterbant, Netherlands
  2. If you go to Cointracking.com and search there, in Coin and Trader Search for Isle of Man 'available' you'll find one (first edition) in 2bugs' trading list. Just send them an email and you may be lucky. Good Luck!
  3. I have them, they are unactivated and they are for sale. Like all other geocoins in my trading list HERE Make me an offer. I'll also accept pathtags and/or geopins (geocaching related pins) as full or partial payment.
  4. Hello everybody! Two years ago I had my own 'Birds of a Feather - Captain Zulu' geocoin made. A picture of it is hereunder. It is in the colors blue, yellow, green and a little white of the flag of the Dutch province of Flevoland where I live, plus some orange to symbolize our Royal Family, the Huis Van Oranje (The House of Orange). Knowing that more people had had their personal Birds of a Feather geocoins made before I even had heard of their existence, I started building a small collection of these neat colorful parrots. So far I have been able to collect a flock of 19 different Birds, most of which I have received from other Bird owners in exchange for one of my Captain Zulu Birds. But now I have encountered a serious problem in obtaining two specific Birds: the GeekBoy.from.Illinois and the ClickChik ones. Yes, I do have requested these owners themselves for a trade with me a couple of times and I even have been waiting for one and a half year (!) before I dared asking them for a trade again after a quite rude rejection because of 'lack of time'. That was some weeks ago now but this time I haven't seen any answer at all yet. So now I'm looking to find these specific two Birds of a Feather geocoins somewhere else. I can trade for my own Birds or for other geocoins from my collection, but I'd also be willing to pay for them. I'll be grateful for any offer through my Geocaching.com profile!
  5. Hello everybody! I'm looking for this set of 4 GeocoinFest 2010 pins. Single pins from this set are welcome too. I'd not only have other geopins in exchange for it but also geocoins and pathtags. Also I'm willing to pay for these pins. Thank you!
  6. Another (South) Africa themed coin: Team Myth - Quest for The Big Five. It was released in 2006 by Dutch geocachers 'Team Myth'. It's there in gold (RE) and silver (LE). Unfortunately these coins cannot be found easily anymore. Good Luck!
  7. The link to your website in this phrase I'd like to inform you about our latest project www.mypersonalgeocoin.de! does not work. I think you need to remove the exclamation mark at the end.
  8. Don't forget to send a friendly message to the person whose signature item it is! He/she will be happy to know that it is in the hands of someone who is happy having found it!
  9. If there is no tracking number on it and it says nowhere 'trackable at geocaching.com' then it is probably a geocoin that is being used as Medicine Man's personal signature item! A signature item that you have found is yours to keep. Or to pass on. Just anything that you would like to do with it. There are also geocachers who collect signature items. Like myself for instance! Anyway: congratulations on this nice find!
  10. There are more geocachers who have had their personal pin made, e.g. IndyDiver and Team Olsson. It may be a good idea to contact them to get to know more about this. Anyway: Good Luck!
  11. Can you really sell it? If so then I think you'll get a lot of money for it! But on the coin's page it says that Moun10Bike is the owner and he says you are 'the current holder'. It also says there: 'Also, no sales of this geocoin are allowed".
  12. There is no need to activate your coins to be able to show them on the internet. Show your collection (keepers, traders, seekers) in this vitual album. It's fun, it's cheap, you will be able to find other coiners for a trade and they will find you! Good luck!
  13. Welcome to the addiction! I have stopped collecting geocoins and now all coins listed in my keeping list at cointracking.com are for sale. Please send me an email through my profile in case you've found something of your interest there and I'll tell you for how much you can have it.
  14. Prop planes don't suffer as much as the jets do. It is not just about the engines. The plane is completely sand blasted by the volcanic ash and the windscreens become untransparent. There is a video about this happening to a British Airways flight on 24 June 1982: The Jakarta Incident Like all airports in northwestern Europe, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is still closed. Many, many thousands of outgoing passengers have become stuck here. Likewise: passengers on their way here from elsewhere in the world are in places now where they had not planned to stay! It's a complete mess!
  15. Gift Certificate received! Thanks, Jim! I'm happy to have been of help!
  16. Email with information according to instruction has been sent! Hope it is exactly what you meant to receive!
  17. I have: Captain Zulu & Dark Elf Eclectic Penguin & Daveindeal Still looking for 1 in Australia Australia may well be asleep!
  18. Here is your first candidate: I'm from The Netherlands and I'll be happy to help you do this! I'll register in your webstore right away!
  19. There are quite some shops on the internet where you can buy new, recently issued geocoins. But there are also geocoin collectors who have stopped collecting and who are offering their new and unactivated coins for sale. Like I do here. All coins listed as available (green list) are for sale. Most of them cannot be obtained from the shops anymore as they are sold out.
  20. As far as I can see Sepp & Berta (based in Germany, www.mygeocoin.de) will accept payment in USD through PayPal. Plus: I think that if you are from outside the European Union you don't have to pay the 19% VAT on your purchases there. If you want to be sure about everything then just send them an email through their website. That website is in English too.
  21. There are devices to track disappeared dogs. I can't think of any reason why these devices could not be used to track kids. They can be found here.
  22. A very nice Christmas cointest! And great things to collect too, these Nutcrackers! They really make a fantastic decoration for Christmas! I think I found the hidden Nutcracker (too )! The yellow arrow shows where I think it is! Merry Christmas to you, BVnLJ! And thank you for this cointest!
  23. Great new Alaska coins! But why do buyers from outside the US have to pay more for an item?
  24. Hi hammiam! You seem to have been lucky! If it's this one: then congrats on this find! This is Degai's non trackable personal geocoin and her signature item. If you find a coin like that it's yours to keep. But you could also decide to pass it on and place it in another cache. Or whatever you'd like to do with it. this IS the coin in my possession. does this mean that it is never trackable??? who is Degai? and how did you find that picture so quickly!!?? Degai is the geonick of a cacher from Frederick, MD. This coin indeed is called 'Hoppin Thru Time' and I know of at least 2 versions existing: (1) antique brass and green and (2) antique silver and blue. I found the picture so quickly because I have the antique brass and green coin myself and it's listed -with picture- in my geocoin keepers list at www.cointracking.com I was wrong when I said the coin is not trackable: IT IS TRACKABLE at www.geocaching.com and if it's not yet activated you can retrieve the activation code from www.hogcode.com
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