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  1. You are aware of this website, aren't you? Here you can search for available coins in other collectors' lists and initiate trades. And more!
  2. I think it looks nice! I just created an account there and now I'm trying to figure out how to upload pictures. I have inserted each of the four codes from Photobucket in the appropriate box, one after another, but none of them seems to work. There's something that I'm doing wrong ....... Well, the site owner says that feedback is always welcome. GeocoinCollector For Dummies questions too, I hope!
  3. This might be worth a try: http://www.101geo.com.au/Tribal-Cross-Geocoin-Satin-Silver-p/gc-0129.htm
  4. It says the seller is shipping to the US only, but have you asked him/her yet? There is still time left for that. It's my experience that if you send the seller a message kindly asking him/her to ship to a European country as well he/she will often agree. But don't forget to ask for the shipping costs also!
  5. I think this should not be regarded as virtual logging. Virtual logging is when you just copy tracking numbers from a list without even having seen the actual coins. It's true that in both your cases you haven't seen the real coins either. But you did see a (hopefully good) copy of it. I'm sure the coin owner would very much like to let you admire the real coin and give you the opportunity to copy the tracking number from that 'real thing', but too many real coins are being stolen.
  6. If there is not a tracking number on it and not the words 'Trackable at www.geocaching.com' or similar then it generally is not a trackable item. Indeed a Dutch Wood Geocoin is a geocacher's signature item. It is a normal trading item and should be treated as such, so: trade equal, trade up or don't trade. After that it's yours to keep and to do with it as you please. You can leave it in another cache, but it can also be the first signature item of your own collection of signature items. As an example: my collection (not yet up-to-date) can be viewed here
  7. Geocachers worldwide are always (well then: most of the time) very kind to each other and always (again: most of the time) ready to help other geopersons with things that have to do with their hobby. I think this Danish cacher's request to you is not very unusual. And not strange either. He/she probably thinks his/her geocoin has been traveling long and far enough now and should return home as soon as possible. Giving the coin a new mission 'Return Home to Denmark' is another way of trying to get it back, but that solution may last months or even years. If it doesn't disappear at all on that long way from Australia. Of course you should not pay for shipping it. Unless you don't mind doing that. The coin owner has made a request and should have asked you how much he/she'd have to pay for shipping in case you'd be willing to send it back to him/her. Undoubtedly he/she wants to know first whether you'd be willing to send it to Denmark and will pay you the shipping costs after you have sent him/her a positive reaction. In your answer to the coin owner's request you could mention the amount that you'd expect to receive. Hopefully the coin owner and you both have a PayPal account, or similar. Dick / Captain Zulu Swifterbant, Netherlands
  8. Well, at least you'll not have to pay $ 20.00 for shipping! But I did advice you to go to www.cointracking.com first to find a geocoin that you want, didn't I? Bytheway: Sivota is a 'her'. Good luck!
  9. Sivota should have one available: www.cointracking.com/public/sivota
  10. That is the 'Suppsy Turtle geocoin' by Protection Civile Luxembourg, Groupe Support Psychologique. Information here, a website in either French or German. It looks as if this coin, in gold or silver, can still be ordered from them for EUR 10.00 each.
  11. Hi I have geocoins for sale that represent California, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Nebraska, All of them new and unactivated and USD 10.00 each, plus shipping.
  12. Hello again, everybody! Almost one year ago I opened this 'Seeking Birds of a Feather geocoins' topic. I then had a collection of 19 different Birds. Today it's a flock of 27 different Birds, all of them (except the Moustik et HBK Bird) new and unactivated! The only one that I'm still seeking is an unactivated Geek.Boy.from.Illinois Bird. Plus an unactivated Moustik et HBK one of course. There may be more Birds in the world, but I do not know about their existence. If you, readers of this post, know about any Birds of a Feather geocoin other than the ones mentioned hereunder then please let me know through my profile. Thanks! These are the Birds in my flock as per today: Caching Coins, Captain Zulu, Centris Sleepless, Chip & Tracey, ClickChik, Cointest Winner by Write Shop Robert, Degai, Georeynozos, Laval K-9, Mama Cache & Geocurls, Myandmydog & Spikester 1, Moustik et HBK, Old Bass Cacher & Smiling Little Perch, Redwing Dave, Southbayday, Team Boykin, Team NAB, Ian&Sue / Team Pathfinder, The Randaddy, Usyoopers, wg, Whitebear black nickel, Whitebear gold, WicksWorks matt gold AE, WicksWorks shiny gold AE, WicksWorks shiny nickel AE, WoolsonAbrams. This is a picture of them. One Bird (Chip & Tracey) is there twice, one of them is for trade. Two Birds are not on the picture: ClickChik and Team Boykin.
  13. As far as I know this is the only cointracking website the still works since geocoincollection.com has gone. Cointracking.com can only become outdated when all coiners who have signed up there would stop keeping their listings up to date. Because there is nobody there who will do anything for you: it's only you who can keep your listings like new. So, if I may give you an advise: do sign up for that small amount per year and enjoy trading and viewing other coiners' listings!
  14. Have you got this one yet? It debuted last Sunday at the 1st Geocoinfest Europe in Cologne, Germany. :wub: OOhhh Anyone happen to grab an extra?? PLEASE E-mail me! Oh yes please - if anyone has a spare I would also like one please please please. (Or are there some left over that will go up for sale?) add me to the list too please GOOD NEWS FOR ALL THOSE WHO WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE ONE: Sepp and Bertha of MyGeocoin.de still have a number of their Venetian Mask 'Sepp and Bertha Edition' geocoin for sale here (text can be switched to English too!). And even for 1 euro less than they were sold for at 1st Geocoinfest Europe in Cologne, Germany, last Sunday!
  15. This Mask has been designed by Sepp & Bertha of MyGeocoin.de and I bought two of them for EUR 12.00 each at their physical shop at the 1st Geocoinfest Europe in Cologne, Germany, last Sunday. The metal is shiny and foggy 'nickel' and the colors are pink (Sepp and Bertha's color!), violet and purple. There's a pink gemstone in the mask's forehead. I don't know if there are any left after the Event. Earlier Sepp and Bertha also sold both 'German' editions of the Mask: (1) red/white ('Rut/Wiess' = Rot/Weiβ) and (2) GC-colors. View pictures hereunder. Hopefully you already have those two, for -according to their website, both have sold out. This is the link to them.
  16. Have you got this one yet? It debuted last Sunday at the 1st Geocoinfest Europe in Cologne, Germany.
  17. These look absolutely GREAT! Real MUST-HAVES! Congrats! Will they be available on each of the three 1.GCF(EU) days, or just on Sunday next?
  18. I have one of those available. It's #091 and it's new and unactivated. But I'm afraid it's not very cheap. It wasn't when I bought it myself. Please send me a message through my profile if you're interested.
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