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  1. That's just great! Congrats! Lovely people have sent you this!
  2. Here you'll find two Appalachian Trail geocoins that are for sale!
  3. If you don't mind buying, two different Birds Of A Feather versions are for sale from the same seller in Germany here: BaoF geocoins
  4. I just sent you a PM through your Geocaching.com profile too!!!
  5. I was the first here to offer State coins for sale to this person, but I never even got an answer .......
  6. Same here! And never had any problem with that!
  7. Since you say you're new to geocaching and 'found' this geocoin (in a cache?), just a little question: are you sure this geocoin isn't activated and isn't someone else's property already?
  8. But you have them in your possession? Yes, strange question. I'm just a bystander, but interested why you're asking. I've been offered some before that they had sent into the wild, basically they wanted to adopt them over but for a fee. Oh, yes, right! Perfectly clear! Thanks for your reaction!
  9. But you have them in your possession? Yes, strange question. I'm just a bystander, but interested why you're asking.
  10. Do you happen to have any of the lapel/hat pins matching the Appalachian Trail geocoins for sale? I'm still seeking these for my collection: * Connecticut * Massachusetts * New Jersey * New York * Tennessee - N.Carolina * Virginia * Final, antique silver
  11. Pathtags are a kind of signature items that are left behind in geocaches for other geocachers to find and keep. The person who has found one can build or start building his/her own collection of pathtags that way, but he/she can also take the pathtag to leave it in some other cache later. If you intend to keep it for yourself then you should log it.
  12. Yes, great idea! And don't forget to design matching lapel pins to go with them. Other Geo-Achievement geocoins have them too, it is great to wear such a pin on your jacket or hat and ..... I collect geocaching pins
  13. You might want this one for your collection as well: It is the Calgary Stampede geocoin.
  14. Here is a German website where there are 30 Rosa Ponyhof geocoins for sale or for trade. Unfortunately (for you, if you don't read German that is) it still is in German only. If you don't understand how to use it I can help you if you like.
  15. E&Cplus3 is a Canadian geocacher, geocoin collector and geocoin designer. Over the years he has been collecting nearly all Dutch geocoins and probably has the most elaborate collection of them in the world. He has also been selling off a lot of Dutch geocoins in the Groundspeak Forums. You can find his most recent post about that here.
  16. Cointracking.com DOES have a search function. It is on the left, just below 'COINS ON SALE' where it says 'Coin & Trader Search'.
  17. It all started in the US, both geocaching and geocoins. Thanks to US satellites geocaching has become possible to the public, all over the world. In Europe we have started geocaching, geocoining and everything else involved in these nice hobbies a bit later. Originally only US and Canadian geocoins were available, but today we can see more and more beautiful geocoins from Europe. I'm almost sure that you don't know about all those great European geocoins that are out there nowadays, so it may be a good idea for you to visit this German website for geocoin collectors that can be compared with Cointracking.com and which I think is even better. In the near future all text there will become available in English too! I have an account there myself and it has struck me to see how many geocoins originating from European coutries are listed there, many more than I knew about or even would have expected! But geocoins from countries outside Europe do belong in one's theme collection, like firefighter coins, state- or country coins, reptiles, etc. don't they? What's the problem if there is a US (or another country's) flag on a geocoin if it's one that fits in your collection?
  18. You really have a quite unique and beautiful collection there! Congratulations! The way you're dispaying them is beautiful too! I think I've taken a good look at each single Dragon-geocoin you have in your collection, but is it possible that I haven't seen a representative of the Dragon Series Geocoins? I can hardly imagine that you've never seen them or heard about them, because I think they're quite well-known. So I may have overlooked an image of such a Dragon Series Geocoin in your albums, but in case I didn't and you're really unaware of its existence, here is an image of an example: the Red Fire Dragon I case you'd be interested: I have two different versions of this coin in my list of geocoins that are for sale at MyGeoDB or contact me per PM via my profile here Thanks for looking!
  19. Looking for these geocoins (new and not activated): (1) Birds of a Feather geocoin: GeekBoy.From.Illinois (2) Geocoinfest Multi Event geocoin (A Mosaic Of Events, 2007): Alberta
  20. Is dit onderwerp niet meer iets voor op het Geocaching.NL forum, in plaats van hier? Voorlopig tenminste?
  21. Ich habe mich gerade mal die ‘Trackables moved/discovered’ in Rapper1998’s Profil angeschaut und dabei festgestellt dass er ausser deinen ‘King of Geocaching Coin’, den er seit 10.07.2012 in seinem Besitz hat, seit längerer Zeit noch zwei weitere Geocoins hat die ihm nicht gehören: einen ‘Reindeer Geocoin’ seit 27.01.2013 und einen 'Nomad Geocoin' seit 09.07.2012. Ausserdem hat er zwei TB’s anderer Geocacher die eigentlich längst wieder reisen sollten: TB ‘Island Hopper’ seit 22.07.2012 und TB ‘Pilz TB’ seit 18.09.2012. Einen Trackable sollte innerhalb von 14 Tagen wieder irgendwo in einem Cache hinterlassen werden und falls das nicht gelingt sollte, sollte der Besitzer Kontakt zum Eigentümer aufnehmen. So gehört es sich! In diesem Fall benimmt Rapper1998 sich nicht so wie es von einem Geocacher erwartet werden dürfte. Er spielt das Spiel nicht richtig. Und vielleicht auch nicht ehrlich. Ob es Möglichkeiten zur Bestrafung gibt ist mir nicht bekannt. Es ist aber auch nicht sehr schön was Du da in Deinem Log auf King of Geocaching Coin’s Seite über Geocoin Sammlern geschrieben hast: “Vielleicht ist er aber auch einfach einer dieser beliebten Coinsammler”. Weltweit gibt es vermutlich hunderttausende Coinsammler, aber die KAUFEN sich die Coins für ihre Sammlung. Ausserdem gibt es leider tatsächlich auch Leute die reisende Geocoins und TB’s anderer Leute behalten und (vielleicht auf dieser Weise) sammeln. Das sind aber nichts anderes als vulgäre Diebe. Die beiden Gruppen sollten nicht in einen Topf geworfen werden. Ich hoffe Du bekommst deinen 'geklauten' Geocoin bald wieder!
  22. These coins are still for sale at the EarthCache Store
  23. Obviously I am aware of that site which is why it says "I find cointracking confusing" in the quote you used above. Yes, of course, now I can see what you meant. Wrong interpretation by a non native speaker ......
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