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  1. [removed] has now become my preferred app on my MyTouch 3G. I sent a list of issues and requests to the developer. They have implemented them all except the offline function already. pros: completely paperless no pre-cache prepping at all (find nearby caches, among other live searches) log find/did not find/notes from the field all in one solution (integrates maps, cache details, compass all in one app) free (donations accepted) developer very responsive to suggestions cons: force close infrequently (when toggling back and forth from searches to maps a lot) no offline functions yet (must be in data coverage area) This application is still in beta, but already a standout. I switched from GeoBeagle for the lives searches. Stayed for everything else it has to offer. Give it a try. [link to unauthorized application removed.] I am in no way affiliated with this app or the developer.
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