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  1. This may be a little off topic, but I wish I'd found Markwell's FAQ page a month ago when I started this sport! That's great stuff. Thanks for taking the time.
  2. I guess as a neebie I have a question. Shouldn’t the owner be cleaning this stuff out of the cache. I would think they could collect the cards (or discard them) and any of the things that have not moved in a while. Plus, what is the etiquette for stuff to leave? I recently found half a broken roller skate. I left something and took it just because it was clogging up the cache.
  3. As a neebie I have found some good micros and some lame ones in the last month since I started. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that in Colorado with as much wooded space as we have, why there are so many micros here. Which brings me to two points: First. I like the openness of the geocaching community, so I say let people set/post as many micros as they want. I do agree with several posts that if the cache is lame, leave a polite log entry that gives some suggestions to the owner on how to improve the cache. Also, MAKE IT CLEAR the size of the container on the description! I was disappointed when I hauled my first TB to a sight to find a 2’ x 2’ tin can that wouldn’t hold the bug. Secondly. As I read this, I realize that I’m part of the problem. I like to find traditional caches, but I have not contributed to the community by setting a cache. I plan to find a good spot for a traditional cache, spend the money on a good container and swap items and set it before Christmas. If we all did that in the next 90 days, the percentage of micros would go way down. You can complain, but you get out something what you put into it. You want to find more traditional caches? Place a few. Now off to put my money where my mouth is.....
  4. You know that Geocaching has taken over your life when.... ....you start hiding caches from yourself (in places like under your bed) so that you can get a "Found it Fix"
  5. Is there a way to save the whole web page for a cache that can be read on my Dell Axim X3 pocket PC? I have plenty of memory and would like to just save the page instead of doing a pocket query. When I save the page now I get that two-part file structure with the .htm file and the folder with the graphics. When I chose to save it as a .mht web archive file (that creates a single file), my pocket explorer will not read it. I’m going to look at a program like “GPX Sonar” to download info, but I really like the layout and information of the geocaching.com web pages. Any ideas?
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