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  1. I'm using Microsoft Streets & Trips to search for maps to the caches I find on geocaching.com. None of the mapping software I have used takes input in the format that the caches are listed on the site (N dd: mm.sss W dd: mm.sss). Most software take input in the dd.xxxx, -dd.xxx or N dd:mm:ss W dd:mm:ss. So.... Is there an easy way to convert dd:mm.xxx to decimal degrees??? Does someone have the formula or has anyone built a spreadsheet with the proper formula? Thanks.
  2. Hadn’t thought of using the DVD. I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy one and this may be it.
  3. I have been asked to give a presentation (about one hour) at the local library on Geocaching. Before I reinvent the wheel, does anybody have a Power Point presentation with some slides that I could start from? I’d appreciate any materials I could get my hands on. You can email at slapshot52@gmail.com. Thanks.
  4. This needs to be one of those celebrity playlists at itunes.com!
  5. Eagle Scout 1981, Troop 15 in Wiesbaden, West Germany while my dad was in the Air Force.
  6. By all means, let your three-year-old trade while you are caching together! I took a bag full of inexpensive swag (trade items) to one of my caches this morning that seems to get bare pretty quick. It wouldn’t bother me that the people take things without leaving anything if those people were little kids! Welcome to the activity that you will soon find to take more time than you intended and give back more that you expected.
  7. How about an under water chalkboard? You could also place it in less than 20 feet of water so that a non-certified diver could “snorkel” or free dive down to it. As a cacher I really liked the idea of making it a multi cache with the logbook on dry land. Finally it might just be a “picture” cache where the finder has to email an underwater picture of the underwater marker to the hider. I would hunt any cache that I did not need to put a regulator in my mouth!
  8. I think that’s the key. I have found loose batteries rolling around in the bottom of a cache and I think those types of things just get left because no one knows if they are any good. A while back, out Albertson’s grocery store ran a sale on a 4 pack of alkaline AA batteries for $0.94. I bought a handful to use and trade and now I wish I had bought a cart full!
  9. I guess you have to let your conscious be your guide; I’m against censoring what goes into caches or any other part of my life. It is a slippery slope. If you are offended by religious tracks or cds with language that may not be suitable for everyone I would just ask that you label that content so that people who want to avoid it can do so. I liked the CS Lewis (a conservative Christian author by the way) quote that is part of Briansnat’s signature line so much that copied it and I believe that it applies to many of the things discussed here. I think we need to be careful on things that are dangerous such as sharp edges and flammables, but if someone wants to leave a message with their trade then that’s part of the openness of the community. I work for an intellectual property company, so I’m very against leaving pirated copyrighted material in a cache or anywhere else. That is not a matter of opinion or sensibilities about the nature of the content; it’s just illegal. If find things that are objectionable to me in a cache I just leave them for someone else who might be interested, sign the log and move on.
  10. As I interpret the OP, the bug wasn't taken; its tags were taken. A cacher who doesn't log would probably not be the culprit. I think muggled caches happen to almost all of us at some point. Don't let it ruin your fun. Relocate the cache and try again. (Trouble is, if someone has a GPSr and is on a quest for free TB tags, they will keep at it.) I have only been geocaching since last October and just found out yesterday one of the caches I hide had been taken. I was pretty ticked off, but now I’m looking for a new location nearby to get a new cache hidden. I guess its just part of the game and it looks like it has happened to people more experienced that me.
  11. Yes, These belonged to great couple that spent a lot of time and effort in building some of the caches found around here named Mon & Pop. We have been having a major problem with caches going missing here in Colorado. I had one go missing last week and after reading this thread I wonder if this guy is a copy cat or he is the Colorado Cache Thief.
  12. I have one of the cheapest GPSr units available in the Magellan eXplorist 100. It has WAAS and gives me LAT/LONGs down to 7 feet of accuracy. I did spend the cash for the new Delorme Topo 5.0 mapping software, but I have not used it as much as I thought I would. If the unit you have gives you a location on the ground and you like it, then I say stick with it.
  13. I gotta admit that the zip code approach sounds like a good idea. I only use the address/coordinate conversions because I usually have to walk from my hotel and need caches that closer than those identified from the central post office. If you have a car then the zips sound like a good way to go.
  14. Yes, The pocket queries are restricted to Premium Members. There are a number of threads that debate the merit and value of a premium membership. You might want do a search in the regular forums and take a look the opinions expressed there. I for one, can’t imagine not supporting an activity/sport I like so much. I find Markwell’s Geocaching FAQs page to be an invaluable resource. He has links to a number of sites that convert addresses in to coordinates. When I travel, I put in the address of the hotels I’m staying at and do a search radiating out from that point. It always gives a few caches to check out after work and gets me out of a lot of depressing hotels. You can use this same approach with any known address along you route. Hope that helps. Link to Markwell's FAQ Page: http://members.aol.com/marklent60544/myhom...rkwellgcfaq.htm - Address
  15. Check the Travel Bug Forums for more GeoCoin info. Colorado's coin effort is headed up by MRGEOCO and will be available for order in the nest few days.
  16. Hey, Does anyone out there have the ability to do a video capture on this so we could email (or snail mail) it around?
  17. I happen to personally despise micros. I fully recognize that often they are the only cache possible but I find the concept often abused with areas packed with film cans and breath strip packets. I wish the Mods were a bit more selective in allowing some of the micros I've encountered, especially when a regular cache was very do-able. I try to carry some decent trade items as well as some fluff at all times. I don't mind NOT getting anything exciting from a cache, that's not why I do this. Often the trinkets I find are recycled or go into a "memory box" with otheres as reminders of caches I've visited. If a cache contains extra-special goodies I try to trade fair, sometimes I'm over-generous, sometimes I just drop off extras if the cache is looking a little dry. I confess that I've sometimes came out ahead in a trade but I try to make it up on down the line. (Okay, that sounds like the thief saying he drops off his gains in the church box.) One recommendation I suggest is that cache owners take better care of their charges. Often I've noticed some of the chronics never visit their caches and keep them fresh, pick up signature items, and toss out the old golf balls and buckeyes. I agree. I have hidden four full size caches and after the first month most of the $25 worth of stuff I started them with was replaced by crap. I was a little pis*ed at first, but now I just get some decent swag and refresh them. It’s worth it to me to get good logs on my caches and to know people enjoyed the find. Is it just me, or do most people stop worrying about the swag after the first few finds and just “TNLNSL”? Swag was cool when I started, now I’m just happen to find the cache. In that I case I guess I like a well placed micro as well as a benchmarkk or traditional ammo can.
  18. We have gotten these “Gift in a Jar” presents at Christmas. You know the ones where cookie or brownie mix ingredients are layered in a mason jar with a ribbon around the lid with the baking instructions. OK, I was wondering if I used a wide mouth lexon water bottle as a FTF prize, what would you put in to create a “Geocaching Gift in a Jar”? Here are the rules. 1. Total has to under $25 (No, I’m not putting an eTrex in the bottle!) 2. Don’t list the items that are available at the Groundspeak online store (that’s too easy). 3. No food items (I wouldn’t leave those in a cache). Everything else is open for discussions to include: ·Small pocketknives ·Flashlights ·First aid kits ·Compasses So what would you want to find?
  19. Why not decide on an “Official” CITO container and attach a travel bug to the trash bag container. The container could sport a CITO sticker and have the instructions printed on one side. Is this an item we could get developed for the online store? I’d shell a few bucks for a couple and I think several other people would also.
  20. US Army 1987-1997 Quartermaster Corps Rigger and Jumpmaster 524th Military Intelligence Battalion – Seoul, South Korea 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) –occasionally at Fort Lewis Washington 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) –rarely seen at their HQ at Fort Carson Colorado Having said all of that, my service in no way reflects or indicates my politics. If we sat and talked I think you would be surprised by worldviews. I see this thread as way to share with each other our backgrounds and where we come to this sport from. Just as you would want to be associated with the overall global group of geocachers, the subset of us who also served have a bond that we share. If this type of thread bothers you can avoid it as it is clearly labeled. I however respect that the fact that you made your feelings about it known in a respectful way.
  21. This is really the bottom line isn’t it? I don’t remember reading anywhere about the “Jeep 1 Million Dollar Prize” for the most finds, so if you can live with how you take credit for your finds, I can live with it.
  22. 18 months ago I was 5’10” and 260 pounds! I’m now down to 182 pounds. I would like to give geocaching all of the credit, but walking in the woods was only part of it. I did do a lot of “Push Aways” Push Away from the table Push Away from McDonalds Push Away from Coors Push Away from Krispy Kream
  23. Guys, My CITO event didn’t work out, but a number of us attended Jeremy Conrad’s CITO event in the Garden of the Gods at the Mesa Overlook and had a grand time! I will try again later in the spring or early summer to get a location down south cleaned up. Cheers
  24. I just got back from our local CITO event and I have to admit that one of the reasons I attend was because I didn’t have a CITO find on my stats. It wasn’t the only reason I went, but I’d be less than honest if I told people it wasn’t a factor in my decision to attend.
  25. I just bought a nifty battery charger that holds two AA or AAA Ni-Mh 200mAmp rechargeable batteries from MicroCenter here in Denver. It makes a great size to slip into your pocket for portable GPSr food. So the question is, if I leave the charged batteries in the charger after I unplug it, will the charger drain the batteries? Can store charged batteries in a charger that is NOT plugged in? How does this effect battery life? Thanks
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