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  1. Problem solved. In the iPhone settings I had Tekst ‘bold’ on. After I switched this off I could login.
  2. No, it is not a cookie message. As I mentioned it is the message of the Userstatement and Privacy policy. And with of this message there is no option to ‘accept’, so the text avoids the possibility to use the Login button.
  3. [update] Problem solved. In the iPhone settings I had Tekst ‘bold’ on. After I switched this off I could login. Today (after the IOS-update 13.7) I re-installed the GC-app on my iPhone 7. Then I tried to login, but I cannot use the Login-button as the text from the Userstatement and Privacy policy lies over the Login button and prevents the use of this button. How can I login (not by the Apple/ FB/ Google login)?
  4. Would be great if Groundspeak would build in the option that you can choose to show the number of founds in your public profile and logs yes or no.
  5. Waar heb je de informatie vandaan dat de oude app niet meer te gebruiken zal zijn na het einde van 2016? Ik lees er hier nl. niet over. En ook hier niet, behalve dan dat de ondersteuning van de app gestopt is. De oude app werkt op mijn iPhone nog prima! Ik heb daarvoor betaald, dus wil ik hem blijven gebruiken. Zeker ook omdat ik als basic member veel meer mogelijkheden heb met de oude app vergeleken met de nieuwe. Daarbij komt ook nog eens dat de oude app veel prettiger werkt dan de nieuwe.
  6. Nice update. I love the app! I also noticed that the problem with the additionals waypoints is solved. In former versions I found caches with additional waypoints with information or questions and the text of them was not fully to read as sometimes it was covered by the next additional waypointinformation. Now I can see them all properly and also the order of the waypoints is chronological But I agree as mentioned above that in textscreens there is too much white and not enough contrast, which makes reading the screens a little more difficult. Specially outdoor with the sun shining. I still miss the option to increase the font size by spreading your fingers on the screen of your smartphone, or as an optional setting. Now the letters and numbers are pretty small to read. And the option to turn the device, also to improve reading. I hope this can be included in a future update. Next it would be nice if you can refresh a whole saved list of caches instead of refreshing one by one. But in the meanwhile I like the app very much and use it often.
  7. Same problem here now. Latest plugin is installed. Any solution?
  8. Vaak volgen updates voor de iPhone applicaties op firmware updates van de iPhone. Dus het kan zomaar zijn dat als je de iPhone update en dan de nieuwste versie van de Groundspeak app. dat het weer allemaal werkt. Ik ben erg tevreden over de laatste updates van de Groundspeak app. en alles werkt hier naar behoren.
  9. Finally the additional waypoints are back again. And this time really good organised in a list, and directly connected to the map feature, pointing to the waypoint.
  10. Er is ook nog een Nederlandstalig forum van onze zuiderburen.
  11. Na wat ik nu in twee dagen tijd gelezen heb op dit forum en op het forum van geocaching.nl verleng ik voorlopig zeker niet mijn donateurschap. Eerst eens kijken wat de ontwikkelingen gaan worden. O ja, en mocht ik in de toekomst nog ergens donateur van worden/ voortzetten, dan kijk ik voortaan ook of de rechten van de donateur voldoende worden gerespecteerd, cq dat ik mee kan beoordelen of de stichting wel naar behoren functioneert.
  12. Ligt hier mogelijk een nieuwe toekomst voor de Stichting?
  13. But still no additional waypoints can be seen in the description. And still I can't see pictures in offline-modus. Specially now it is vacation time and I want to use the app offline while I am abroad, these two missing features make the app almost useless for me!
  14. Indeed, I noticed that also. Over here in the Netherlands we have lots of multicaches where the information / tasks and formulas are written in the additional waypoints. If the Groundspeak application does'nt show the additional waypoints the app is useless for these caches. Next I don't see the pictures on the cachepage when I look at the page in offline-modus. For some caches it is necessary to see the pictures. I noticed an improvement as well and that is the speed of the app. Much better than before! Also the search filter and possibility to add caches to a list is an improvement. Still there is work to be done to make this app realy good!!!!
  15. Look at 'Here Are Some Travel Bug Demographics' in this TB forum!
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