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  1. My personal criteria is quite simple. Did I enjoy doing this cache. This includes all of the factors (getting to it, finding it, the actual container, the puzzle etc.)
  2. Hi all, Every time I try to load my new Wherigo on Wherigo.com, it says ; Error Occurred Wrong Local header signature: 0x3CBFBBEF Does anyone know what this means, and how I can fix it.
  3. Or put all the caches on your watchlist
  4. I sometimes place little FTF certificates, they can easily be found on google images
  5. You can set them up just here. They are incredibly useful for FTF’s, but make sure to set them up for every cache type.
  6. I do agree with you on that, but hiding a decent sized container rather than is a bison isn't that hard
  7. When I hid bison tubes, I bought them from Amazon. However, I prefer hiding creative caches. If you want to hide a bison tube, then go ahead. But I prefer finding big caches with lots of swag. Or a clever field puzzle. I think that your first hide can really give you a reputation in your local area. Make it a good one.
  8. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSftPv_ptrr1vlCHRHyMwx61OXpJFJMFqh3elcWH0Xcq6ew4ww/viewform Just here Also, he sounds like an awesome CO. If I’m ever in the area I’ll make sure to check his out
  9. They only show the date that you last logged into the website. If you go on to the app then it won’t show up
  10. I am aware of that, and, apart from FTF’s, I have never logged a cache in the field. I was just making a point of how clearly bogus these logs are
  11. Can someone call a Guinness World Records person... about 100 finds in a minute
  12. 200 finds in 10 minutes. Maybe a time-stopping machine as well
  13. Just checked their finds and I’d love them to teach me their methods. About 10 countries in 1 Day, and 4 continents. Teleportation machine?
  14. Hi, Probably quite an obvious question, but it’s my first ever attempt at a Wherigo. I am using the urwigo builder. a) In multiple choice, I have put in the possible answers, but I can’t work out how to select the correct one. b) I can’t work out how to make the flow chart work to ask the question. Any help would be appreciated
  15. In many areas there are Geocaching Facebook groups. Try a search like this. ‘Your County’ Geocaching
  16. I’m also thinking of hiding some library caches when libraries reopen around here, I am definitely going to try and get some local caches around here to assist me with an idea like that
  17. Go onto play, then click 'Pocket Query'. Then click 'Caches Along a Route'
  18. So, today, I got my AL credit from HQ. I want to make mine one that people remember, and very creative. What was your favourite AL and why
  19. Quite simply, I don’t think that you can add trackables in the creation stage. Wait until it has been published, then add them
  20. Sorry for being so long, I forgot I had the DING Don't think this has been done before, what is the national animal of Scotland?
  21. Hi, I’m thinking of making a night cache, and the tacks that I found are all fairly expensive. I’m happy to pay for them if they are all that price, I’m just wondering where they are cheapest
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