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  1. I think Geocaching is a fantastic activity for families with kids. First and foremost, it gets kids (and parents) off their beehinds and out into the natural world while still being able to use the technology they all love. Even the best technology won't put your right on a cache so they have to look and think about where the cache might be hidden. Maybe interpret a clue from the cache owner or in the logs of other cachers. Most kids love the idea of a "treasure hunt" even if there really isn't any treasure. Pick up a few trinkets from the dollar store, junk drawer, or closet and can you show that it's sometimes better to give than receive. If you pick caches in parks or outside of town, there are so many opportunities see and explore the natural world around them. From wildlife to plants to streams and rivers to hills and valleys and more importantly a way to discuss those things and their importance with your children. Ask them why they think, for example, if there is a fence in the middle of the woods miles from the nearest home; who might have lived there before, what they did, and how they lived. Secondly, it's a very inexpensive activity because most people already have smartphones and you really don't need much else. If you're going off the beaten track, maybe a pair of hiking boots but many of us have an old pair of shoes that could get muddy or wet. Maybe a Premium membership but that's really not necessarily, at least initially. It's also an opportunity for parents to show their kids that they can have fun without spending the price of admission at some theme park. Thirdly, you can Geocache almost anywhere, it doesn't need to be a all day activity, nor does it really require any advanced planning because you'll have your phone and probably a pen in the car. One parent told me it was a great way to keep one kid occupied while waiting on the other to finish sports practice. Have fun!
  2. I think you would be disappointed with one. They're really for younger kids who need something simple to use. We've been Geocaching for a few years now and my 11 year olds are looking for something more sophisticated. A real GPSr would be a better choice or even a smartphone
  3. It's been a while but I seem to recall the update software only works with Internet Explorer. I also recall there being some kind of ActiveX control that must be installed first. Did you get any kind of pop-up or that little bar at the top of the browser window asking for permission?
  4. SurvivorKids

    GPS For Us

    I know this question has probably been asked a thousand times and I've read through a bunch of message threads and GPS reviews and I'm still a bit confused. I go Geocaching with my two daughters (age 10) and occasionally some friends. Right now I have an Android phone and the girls use one of the Geomate Jr. devices. I'm pretty disappointed with my Android phone as a GPS; my Nokia e71 running Symbian worked MUCH better. But that's another thread. The Geomate Jr. works ok, but seems to suffer from accuracy problems -- one second the cache is 30 feet west and the next second it's 20 feet east. From what I've read, base maps seem to be an important feature (or, at least, a feature not to pay extra for) but I'm not sure how much I need them given I already have a phone that can get me to the general area. I guess what I need is an ACCURATE GPS that the girls can use. They're pretty bright and figured out the Geomate two years ago without a bit of adult assistance. How about getting caches into the GPS? I presume they could enter coordinates based on information from my phone? Or is there a better way? Money is always an issue and I'd like to stay in the $200 range, although I would certainly consider spending more if there is a decent return on investment. Thanks for the help! Mike (SurvivorKids)
  5. Have you tried Geocaching Live? It works with some Sony Ericsson phones. You can read about which ones and details here. It works pretty well with my e71 and if nothing else, it's free.
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