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  1. You only have to buy the Paid app Once. it stays on your Apple ID/Android Account as purchased so you don't have to repurchase when you upgrade,unless you swap Phone platforms like AZcachemeister said.
  2. It should be fun.I hope it gets Mega Status
  3. Hey i found one of these!The CO said it was "Yet another micro in the woods"
  4. I have a feeling very Few stories will top the 150Ft Ammo Can Double drop!
  5. Yes,all Cache Owners CAN and DO delete logs that do not agree with the physical logbook. By not signing the log,you were not there! Honesty in geocache finds is VITAL in geocaching. We DO NOT CHEAT/Fudge out number of finds!
  6. Your moped takes premium? most mopeds use premium gas,but get A LOT of miles on it.
  7. They are listed as tadpole Because they are new, and have not changed their "forum title" (in the "My profile" section)to anything yet.
  8. Did the CO say why it's archived?, like was it"missing" or are they just unable to maintain? sometimes emailing the owner could help. just some advice..
  9. Maybe camo paint so it looks like a tree. If you can hide it,They will come find it!
  10. Definitly!,I have seen many ammo cans with "30mm tracer round" STILL on them. And That+bomb squad means "Cache go BYE BYE"/Banned Geocaches
  11. It may be the "MM" part of a courdnate is wrong. Because one decimal Minute=almost 1 mile. like [HH MM.SSS],the "MM" part is off by a number or 2 or 10. They came from the cache listing right? Hope this helps..
  12. There was one time I ran across the CO at a cache. He and a friend were coming up the trail while i was looking,when i was searching i heard voices and backed away from GZ(not knowing if muggle...)when they came closer they said "hi" i replied,he saw my gps and asked"have i found it ?" i said "not yet" and he told me who he was.i gave my caching name and and we swapped phone#s if i needed a hint,or just advice on other caches. but when i was parking earlier,i saw a van with the CO's caching name on the plate,TB decal on back,And various geocaching decals.So i should have guessed i would have seen him somewhere.
  13. Many thanks everyone. Yes they were little film canisters covered in black tape which in turn covered the magnet. I am slowly learning I don't think many people would consider a film canister to be a nano. I agree,the film canister is more of a micro.rather then a nano. Groundspeak needs to add a "nano" catagory
  14. Actually as the Cache Owner the OP can (and should) delete the bogus logs. It is the Cache owner's responsability to keep the listings clean of junk logs. if you have online logs of finds,you can verify the physical log is same as online. I have had one CO delete a find,due to finding the cache,but not signing the physical log. another was me logging a DNF,only to see the CO is LONG GONE (no email and last login 2+ years) and do you report NA when no one will remove the cache?
  15. it has happened,there have been several around here that were placed without the log,unknowing to the CO.or better they just ordered the cache,it came in and was placed without verifying that there is there A LOG INSIDE ? the first to find could make a temp log and let the CO know the mistake. depends though...
  16. No can use it's buried!! that's a big missle. thats funny the "free bird seed"
  17. When i started caching, I got a garmin etrex legend H for $90 bucks on sale after xmas. ebay may have good deals,depending on how high end you go. as for the geomate,it is a Groundspeak product i think. so little chance it will be discontinued anytime soon.and it is a good starter GPSr for a child.
  18. Yeah, how would you trade for a nissan ?
  19. you should have gotten a email to confirm the details. i think there was a update link but logging out and back in should reset your details check your profile,if it still dosn't show,emailing Groundspeak may get a answer or the right steps to complete the process. it is a holiday,so you may not get response till they come back... like motorcycle_mama said,there may have to be a staff interaction to update. hope this helps.
  20. those real rocks with centrifuge tubes are REALLY common here in az along with ones in drift wood. NOW THIS IS A FAKE ROCK...... Now that is a HUGE ROCK ! if you put one of those out in the wild,what would cachers think? let alone would that be a large or other.MEGA SIZE
  21. And the "other" size type are for the unusual containers that may not fit elsewhere.[fake rock,sprinkler cache,the bolt cache etc...] or just to stump the cacher into looking everywhere for a weird container[fake skull,fake arm,pipe cache,pinecone] stuff that is overlooked easily,or might scare someone that wasn't looking for that.(think DEAD BODY!)
  22. It is possible to update coordnates on the cache's listing. on the cache page,go to edit listing,there should be a spot where you entered your coordnates,change the numbers to the correct ones, then click submit changes.This should update them. or there is a log type for "update coordnates" the reviewer can update for you,but it might take a few days as they review on their own time. hope this helps.
  23. 1,000 finds and still using a Garmin E-Trex H. No plans to upgrade anytime soon. You can get an aftermarket cord from amazon.com for $10.95 "Garmin compatible PC Interface Data Cable for eTrex" I also use the program MapSource. Both of these items are included in the more expensive Garmin GPS's I agree with gworol,I got a etrex for xmas and started looking for caches.the only downside is the cable and usb to serial converter setup that garmin sells costs as much as the gps! I cannot understand why they charge $39 and 60 bucks for these . most pc's today do not have a serial port. but i found that amazon.com has the cable and converter for about 40 dollars(much easier on the wallet) I think garmin should include the cable with the gps,The more costly models have their data cable included.
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