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  1. Hello! My wife and I are geocachers and we found this marker on our walk from one cache to the next. It does not look like the benchmark that we found very near our home. Does anyone have any information on what it might be and/or how we can log it if it is a benchmark? Thanks, Del SandyCreekPirates
  2. What's going on with the Internal Server Error message I have been receiving the last few days on geocaching.com? Am I the only one getting this?
  3. I would recommend that you place a notepad in your cache, as opposed to a sheet of paper with table of tiny cells suitable for only a date and trailname. A notepad would please the widest audience. Those who prefer to leave a longer log noting their cache experience will have plenty of room (I like to use a signature stamp and appreciate the room to stamp in and leave a note) and those who just want to leave a date and their trailname will of course have that choice too. I agree! Think this is the route I'll take. Thank you for the input!
  4. This is SandyCreekPirates trying not to single anyone out or step on any toes: I am new here, but I can't resist putting my two cents worth in this mix. I found this thread by searching for the keyword 'logsheets' or 'logbook'. Can't remember exactly which one. My goal was to see what kind of log sheet or book cachers like to have available, as I am considering placing a few caches of my own. I wondered if cachers would rather have a small log sheet to write their handle on or if they would like a notebook to use as a sort of cache journal. Upon reading through part of this thread (I got to the point I couldn't believe what I was reading and decided to skip most of it) I realized that it doesn't matter what sort of log book I put into my caches because I will not be able to make everyone happy. All I can hope for in this respect is that the cachers who find my hides will appreciate the time and effort that I have put into them. I also realized that while my geocaching experience is very rewarding to me, it is rewarding for different reasons than others who participate in geocaching. The fact that people place caches with consideration for the view, history, etc. is cool. I can appreciate the fact that those cache owners put that forethought into their caches or that ground zero might be a special place for them. That does not mean that ground zero has the same effect for me. While the view may be amazing or the history intriguing, I am there for the cache. I am not there to put a notch in my belt, nor am I there to see the sights. If the cache owner specifically addresses the view or the history I usually take a closer look, but if I don't, am I a bad person? A disrespectful person? I hope not! I was raised otherwise! In the end, I have realized that everyone is not going to be happy. I have realized that not everyone plays the game for the same reason. And I have realized that not everyone has the same outlook. I would like to think that each is entitled to his/her own judgement. Have I left short, cookie cutter logs? Yes, I have. Will I leave short, cookie cutter logs? After reading some of these posts... probably not. Do I participate in geocaching for the same reasons you do? Again, after reading some of these posts... probably not. Do I find myself hostile when others do not comform to my ideal? NO! I enjoy searching out the hides. I do sign the log sheet/book in the cache and I do log the find online. Am I chasing numbers? Definitely not. In fact, let's take the number away from the side of our user names. I couldn't care less. I am not competing with anyone else. My wife, my daughters, myself and a cache to find are what make this fun for me. Geocaching is something other than sitting around the house (not that there's anything particularly wrong with sitting around the house) that I can do with my family before my kids think they're too old to hang out with their dear old parents. Geocaching allows us to do something fun together as a family without the need to sit on the couch and stare at the tv while NOT talking/spending quality time. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to any cache owners that I have offended by posting short, cookie cutter logs. My intention was never to offend anyone. Thank you, cache owners, for taking time to place caches with the enjoyment of strangers in mind. I, as well as (I think) everyone else here, would like to commend you on your work! I think this covers it for now. If I have anything else, I'll interject again... I do that sometimes.
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