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  1. One day after a having 4 inches of ice, I decided to go geocaching. It was a multi cache on someones property. I got my husband's new truck stuck, and I mean stuck in the mud. I just knew he was going to kill me. Luckily I had my cell phone with me and I finally got up the courage to call him. He had to leave work to come and pull me out. When he got there he couldnt stop laughing. Whew! what a relief. Does anyone have a similar story?
  2. Thanks! We've been with a big group before and it would be fun to see who was caching at your site.
  3. I have been to several caches where cachers have left cameras. Does anyone have interesting stories from the pics they have gotten from the cache?
  4. trekmom


    I went looking for a very difficult to find cache about a month ago. The cache had a history of diappearing from reading the previous logs. I have been watching it and there has been no activity since 12/2. What do I do?
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    I have a garmin etrex. This is my first gps, so I don't know that much about it.
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    Does anyone else have trouble with the gps draining the batteries. We have used both rechargable and regular. Do you have any advice.
  7. I have always loved playing games especially scavenger hunts. Geo caching is the ultimate scavenger hunt. I was on a trip with volunteer 4-H leaders in Oct. I found my first cache and I was hooked. I just got my own gps for Christmas and have introduced it to my husband, son and his girlfriend. We spent all day New Years hunting. Great stress reliever for busy parents.
  8. trekmom


    What are geo coins?
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