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  1. I have had to tweak the name of a cache pre-publication. The result is it appears with it's old name on https://www.geocaching.com/play/owner/unpublished but clicking through to the cache it shows it's new name. I have forced a refresh and this has not made any difference, a minor annoyance as I thought it would automatically update on the owner dashboard too!
  2. On my public profile page the link to lab caches that I own takes me to a 404 error page. This occurs under both the new and old profile pages. When I click the link for another user it takes me to https://labs.geocaching.com but when I click it on my profile it attempts to take me to https://labs.geocaching.com/builder/LoginGeocaching/LoginAndRedirect?returnUrl=https://labs.geocaching.com/builder/
  3. I think I may have typo'ed my email as everyone else is talking about having a second email come through and I haven't had it! Did have a look in my spam and couldn't see anything.
  4. I don't believe this is working. I uploaded a field note last week and then turned it into a log, today I thought I would try to see what would happen so I uploaded it again. Needless to say another field note appeared. If the logic you are describing is working correctly surely it shouldn't of appeared in my field notes? The cache in question is GC5M5KX and I'm uploading it using the following line;
  5. I don't believe this functionality is working correctly. My field notes are now sitting in the region of 2,020. To offer some kind of explenation as to whats happened; Last Friday I uploaded my field notes. I had around 400 to log. During the week I found 27 caches. I uploaded my field notes yesterday using the new page and didn't check the amount I had to log. Today I checked it and I have 2,020 to log. All of the logs I had field notes waiting for are now duplicated, whilst ones where I had already logged the cache have now reappeared. It seems the system has decided to upload the whole file. As it would if I had 'Ignore logs from before xx/xx/xxxx' box checked on the old field notes page. However there is no such option so it can't be a mistake I've made. Is there a quick way I can get this mistake rectified? I know that the system will tell me if I try to log a found on a cache I've already found, however with the logging page taking up to 30 seconds to load I realy can't wait that long for all 1,500 (or so) caches. Also having done some more poking around I don't believe timestamps are working correctly. As you can see the cache was found at 1242 according to my geocache_visits file. Not the 0642 as the website claims, this obviously has an impact on the dates some of the caches appear in my field notes. The cache is in the london time zone as is the setting for my home timezone. so I'm not sure where this 6 hour difference has come in!
  6. Hiya, When I go to https://www.geocaching.com/my/geocaches.aspx and select a day in the past to views the logs I posted that day the heading of the page comes up as Although not a massive issue I thought I better point this little bug out. Also is there anyway the date picker on this page can be changed? Having to wait for the page to refresh several times so I can go back a few months is just slow and rather tiresome! Thanks
  7. But surely if you have managed to break all our previously uploaded field notes (before you made the change) you guys can fix them by making the relevant change to the time on the previous logs and then implement the fix? I'm not mightly keen on having 350+ field notes that will each have to be checked before I can log them. EDIT: uploaded 4 field notes and they are showing the correct time and date.
  8. It would seem they are aware of the issue so hopefully they will fix it soon
  9. You may have more luck if you ask on their facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/My-Geocaching-Profile-471959145213/?ref=br_rs I don't think they are run by geocaching.com so the staff that are on these forums may not be able to help!
  10. As an update I heard back from HQ they had this to say I have pointed out to them that the issue they seem to be refering to has nothing to do with what we are experiencing!
  11. I have emailed support a link to this thread so hopefully we can get some feedback soon!
  12. I suppose a work around would be for me to set my timezone to 8 hours behind where I am. But that just feels like it wouldn't be a proper fix. Maybe someone from Groundspeak will let us know if this is some thing they can fix or not
  13. Hi Everyone, Something strange has happened with my field notes over night. The times for all the logs has changed which has in some cases changed the date as well! My setings on geocaching.com still show the correct time zone for me. And the times in my geocache_visits.txt file are correct. Is this something anyone else is experiencing?
  14. Hi Glen, Not sure of any venues around MotePark. But the Malta at Jct 6 has been used a few times, as has the two for one place at jct 7. Marinos (chippie) in Bearsted has been used a few times too! I would say a 6pm ish start, to give people coming from elsewhere a chance to get there after work? If you post on the Geocaching in Kent Facebook page you might get a few more suggestions. https://www.facebook.com/groups/KentCachers Joe
  15. When I asked about Lab caches being implemented into the API I got the following answer. So it looks like the difference in stats between project-gc and geocaching.com is here to stay for a while yet!
  16. Depending on when your free days are in London you may be able to try and get to the Kent Mega event on the 4th of May. Its close enough to Paddock wood train station that you could walk it! http://coord.info/GC4PKB2 www.kentmega.co.uk
  17. Ah that kind of makes sense, although not immediately obvious!
  18. The number of events may have been reduced, but mine is only showing CITO events! Apparently my Closest event on Saturday is 150 miles away when there is one (that does not appear on the list) 4.9 miles away and another 27.1 miles away! Also the mega event list does not seem to be sorted in any way at all, it starts with August (7th then 3rd) then goes to July, June then back to August!
  19. Hey, I don't know any cachers in Kent specifically. But why not check out the Kent cachers Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/groups/128652163849138/ ) and maybe come along to the next event in Sevenoaks http://coord.info/GC309GK Sir-L
  20. Hey Dan, Im in Maidstone! Not going to have much chance to cache this week, as I am going to be on camp for a week. Come along to one of the Kent Cachers meet and say hi. Joe
  21. Hey, I was always led to believe that the red arrow was the position on the nearest road whilst the green arrow was where the cache was actually located. But it seems in this case it has decided that the nearest road is the B Road and not the road that the cache is practically on, Maybe the road the cache is on is a private road, or maybe you have just uncovered a blip in Google maps. Joe
  22. Hey, I was of the impression it was to do with duplicate finds. I.e. Your distinct are how many caches you have found whilst the other number is how many found it logs you have posted. I could be wrong though. Sir-L
  23. Is the site feeling sluggish for anyone else? it took at least 30 seconds for it to save a note. And it is taking ages for pages to load.
  24. Well I managed to find a code, only to see this Seems this contest isn't being run that well.
  25. Hi, I am based in Maidstone, Kent and have done most of the caches within about two miles of the town center and a fair few in odd places on the out skirts of maidstone as well. So if anyone needs help with caches in that general area just get in touch
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