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  1. US Army Active duty from November 1990 thru November 1994. I spent the bulk of my enlistment at Fort Knox, Kentucky. I went thru basic there then went back to work in the Reception Station. I served my last year in the 304th Signal Battalion, Camp Colbern, South Korea. I was a 75B, Personnel Administration Specialist.
  2. I don't have the USB adapter cable for mine. It came with the serial plug in. Money being tight, I haven't bought the adapter cable. (I only have a premium membership because of a gift that included one month free.)
  3. I started mt biking back in the early nineties while I was in the Army. I rode a Paramount with a Girvin Cross-link fork. My son now rides that. I ride my brothers old Trek ####??. It has a Manitou 4 elastomer shock on it. The guy at the bike shop calls them the "Old Timey bikes." I loved riding off road! Looking back I can't believe some of the crazy rides I made it through. I haven't ridden much in the last ten years. The kids are interested more in riding now. I'll probably get out more often this spring.
  4. As a fairly new (really, really new) geocacher, I have only a few to pick from. I think my favorite was when my 12 year old daughter and I finally convinced my 14 year old son to go with us. He agreed with some degree of nonchalance. He said he didn't have anything better to do. He seemed more along for the walk than anything else. After his sister found our first for the day, he perked up a bit. It was great to see his change of attitude as we were near our second find of the day. He had a look of excitement in his eyes as he scrambled around looking for the cache. I have to admit I was a little sad for him when his lil' sister spotted it seconds before he did. He was a bit disappointed but I think the bug has definitely caught him. Not as bad as his sister (or me), but still a growing interest. I come from a outdoor education background. When you can get kids into something that gets them outdoors and excited about it,.....well.....it's a great feeling! It's even better when it's your own children.
  5. I don't know anyone who has one. I seriously lust for a 62S. Maybe this coming year I can upgrade from my Etrex Legend. Don't get me wrong, I love my Etrex. It is however a bit tedious inputting caches manually, and reception is jumpy to nonexistent under cover of heavy foliage. The 62S has two advantages. The first is the antennae. The design gets better reception (under trees in particular). The second is going paperless. From the info I have read, any of the Garmin 62 series would be great.
  6. REI.com had their brand for a bit less than the name brands. At the time I was shopping for some theirs were made by Komperdell. I think the flip locks might be a better idea than the twist locks. It seems everything I have owned with twist locks have become problematic after moderate use. Currently I use either a walking staff made by a friend of mine, or a shepherds crook from England (a Christmas gift).
  7. Glad to hear you are getting used to your GPS. Jenischmeni you are correct about the connection cable. I don't have that port on my computer. A USB adapter is available. I just don't relish forking over the $40 to $50 dollars for it. Manual input is tedious, but it works.
  8. I recieved some REI gift cards. So I ordered a starter kit that included "The Idiots Guide to Geocaching", GPS lanyard, clip pen, geocoin, travel bug, cache in trash out bag, and a 30 day free premium membership to geocaching.com. I also ordered several nano caches, several travel bugs, and several microcache containers.
  9. Hey all. I am Matthew. I am a fairly new geocacher. I have my two oldest kids (14 and 12) interested in geocaching. My daughter has pretty sharp eyes and spots most of them first (much to her brothers chagrin). My wife is also interested and may join in more this coming spring and summer. We live in Northwestern Ohio. We are getting ready to put out a few of our own caches. A few of them will be micros and nano caches. I also have a few lock & lock boxes for larger caches.
  10. Good info folks. I have been considering this GPS as a replacement for my older Etrex Legend. The Mag GC is in a favorable price point and has ease of use when downloading all the info. I have never downloaded anything onto my Etrex. I don't have the connection on my computer and don't relish the thought of buying the USB adapter cord (a bit pricey). The Etrex does a great job, but can be jumpy at times too. It is very tedious to type the coordinates in and it gives you limited space for the cache name. For now I will stick with the Etrex. I believe some better GC dedicated units will show up on the market within the next year or so
  11. Grand Rapids in Wood county. I'm originally from the Ross and Highland County area of southern Ohio. My longtime friend, college buddy, hunting partner, and best man at my wedding got me started in this a few months ago. Thank you cmaille.
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