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  1. Hello there -- I am looking for a geocacher in the Kyoto area that would be interested in adapting an old cache -- GC49B5 (http://coord.info/GC49B5) that was placed over 12 years ago. The cache is still active, but I am not able to perform maintenance, and there is still interest in maintaining this very old cache.
  2. Are there any geocachers out there that live in or travel frequently to Barcelona, Spain? I placed a cache in Parc Güell, Barcelona called "Barcelona's Gecko" about 18 months ago before the ruling of placing caches while on vacation. This cache was quite popular (50 logged visits), but was unfortunately destroyed by non-cachers a couple of months back. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC6560 Since this cache was quite popular, is there anyone in the area willing to re-establish the cache either in the same location or nearby?? Steve a.k.a. Licorice
  3. Walked right through customs last week in Beijing and they don't seem to check anyone if you head to the green line with nothing to declare. So far I have hidden one virtual cache in Qingdao right near the centre of the site of some of the water-based activities for the 2008 Summer Olympic games (see http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=40210). Steve (aka Licorice) http://www.geckobeach.com
  4. Don't know, but I will personally find out next week. To most people it just looks like a cell phone anyways and my experience in the past is that it actually is more of a fascination to customs and airport officals than anything else. If it is questionable, just remember to always go to a male offical since boys like toys.
  5. Wow! Thanks a lot. I didn't expect anything THAT fast!! I've already printed out a few copies for the caches that I will be hiding. Steve (Licorice) http://www.geckobeach.com/GPS
  6. Hello, I plan to hide a couple of caches while in China next month. Has anyone ever had the Geocaching "Congratulations, you've found it..." document translated, either in whole or in part to Chinese? I'd really like to enclose this document in the caches, so if they are accidentally found then the finder will hopefully leave it alone if they can't read the English version of the same document. Steve (Licorice) http://www.geckobeach.com/GPS
  7. I'm pretty good about checking my emails and this web site daily to see what is going on, but over the last few weeks I was overseas and couldn't check my email or the web site. When returning home last week I had a good half dozen emails from people regarding the now archived Southlands cache (see http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=23664) and the whole story about a police investigation that somehow involved a 500 mL geocache container hidden underneath a sign. Apparently the body had washed ashore within about 10 m of the cache location and the whole area was sealed off. It's very likely they noticed that the rocks under the sign had been disturbed and the cache was quickly located and removed for evidence. I'm not sad about the loss of the cache and I definitely plan to rehide a new cache in that area in the near future. If anything, I never would of guessed this to happen to my little cache. I wonder if the Vancouver Police department visited geocaching.com to find out more about the Southlands cache? I personally haven't been contacted by them regarding the container. I really wonder what they did with that cache. The translucent Nalgene container alone is worth about $15. Who knows, maybe cops all over the city have been issued GPSs to do some lite geocaching during their breaks? Steve http://www.geckobeach.com
  8. Carrying a GPS has never been a problem for me travelling in Canada, the US, Asia, Europe, Africa, or Australia. Sometimes they'll ask you to turn in on to see if it works and once I had to explain that it couldn't get a signal INSIDE the building. Most security people think it's just a strange looking cell phone, but as long as something shows up on the screen they're happy. Sometimes while lining up at airport security I've seen other people pull out their GPS units for inspection and I've always wondered if they were a fellow geocacher? Stev
  9. GPS antenna can be seen on many cell towers. Specifically it's used on sites for both iDEN (including Nextel in the US and Telus Mike in Canada) and CDMA (Sprint PCS, Verizon, GTE, Telus, Bell Mobility, etc) technologies. For CDMA, the timing is very important in the broadcast and sequencing of the cellular transmission, so GPS at cell sites are not used for positional information, but rather for the consistant time signal delivered with the positional information. I run a web site on cell phones that includes pictures of some cell towers, including the GPS antenna. One day I plan to merge the two hobbies and design a multi-geocache cell tower hunt... See http://www.geckobeach.com/cellular/cellpixs/clrn_pix.htm for some GPS pictures on cell sites. Steve (Licorice)
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