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  1. The A-Team rules! Very nice! Now, have you not received a job offer from you-know-who yet?
  2. It's still there: For the world: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?state_id=1 For Alabama: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?state_id=2 And for Wyoming: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?state_id=51 state_id is alphabetic, Alabama=1, Alaska=2 up to Wyoming=51 Any list of ALL the States IDs? Also, I have asked somewhere else, but is there a a WHOLE LIST of examples how the URL syntax is written? I think this is useful for some cacher.
  3. If you're viewing the webpage of a cache hidden by the user, then you can just click on the link for "other caches found by this user". Otherwise, construct a URL like this: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?ul=Nylimb Replace "Nylimb" by the name of the cacher you're interested in. If the name has any spaces in it, replace them by plus signs; e.g.: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?ul=Angelic+Relic Other special characters in the name may have to be changed also. For example, an ampersand (&) should be replaced by "%26": http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?ul=johnny%26cher If you want to see caches hidden by a user instead of those found by the user, change "ul=" to "u=" in the URL. Great points, Nylimb! I know a few of these 'URL tricks' to search for what I want, yet I am definitely not sure if I know them all. Is there any list compiled to show most of these geocaching.com and coords.info "URL Syntax"? I have written a couple of convenient Apple Script applet Contextual Service Menus for personal use on my Mac, that utilize these URL text, though. Select text, right-click, and jump right to the appropriate webpage for the cache/TB. http://coord.info/[GC code or TB number] http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=[trackable's tracking number]
  4. Are you talking about ones like Ground Zero: Swansea? If so, here's a way that works for that one: Use the new search to look for caches near "Swansea, MA". Ignore the results and look at the URL of the search results page: https://www.geocaching.com/play/search/@41.74816,-71.18977?origin=Swansea,+MA That contains the base coords for Swansea in decimal degrees format. Convert them to "DDD MM.MMM" format using (for example) the "Other Conversions" link on any cache page. Apply the offsets specified in the Ground Zero: Swansea page, and check the result using the Geochecker link. I just did that and confirmed that I have the right coords. NOTE: The fact that I'm explaining how to use the new search to do something should not be interpreted to mean that I like the new search. I do not! Thanks Nylimb! Great point! This GZ Puzzle, Solved! And, yes, I also agree that the 'new' search does not seem to be intuitive nor favored...
  5. Domo!!! Has anyone succeeded in solving the so called "Ground Zero" or "GZ" Puzzle caches AFTER the introduction of this Advanced search? I guess not... If someone has drawn the proper GZ coords for a certain postal code, could you please post here how you have accomplished that in detail so anyone can follow? HUGE Thanks.
  6. Domo again!!! AND, has anything changed since then? Can we return back to using our Apple-related mail addresses again? Has anyone tried going back to the Apple-related mail address? How did id go? Any update, even if no update, would be welcome. Thanks!
  7. Domo!!! Since getting close to the 3 month Event Cache posting start time, I was wondering when will this year 2015's "International Cache In Trash Out Weekend" be held? BTW, FYI, 2015 Earth Week is of April 18th – 25th, Earth Day is on the 22rd. AND, I do have plans to organize my 3rd annual CITO Event in conjunction with a larger cleanup event on April 25th (Sat). SO, really hoping the International Cache In Trash Out Weekend would be on the April 25th (Sat) & 26th (Sun) weekend. And also wondering if there will be another special CITO 2015 Souvenir awarded to those who have participated, like in the past 2 years. I really hope so. Any updates?
  8. Domo again!!! ANY updates on this? Has it been resolved?
  9. That's fantastic news, thanks There are happy cachers on the Facebook group that I admin as they are getting their mails again! Unfortunately I'm not... so I've got to figure out what setting I've messed with However, it's late in the UK so I'm off to bed, that can wait until tomorrow! Thanks again, relieved it's being sorted To confirm, does this mean that if I switch back to my @me.com address as 'default' in my geocaching account settings now, I will immediately start receiving geocaching.com messages like before again? So, domain signal.Groundspeak.com (mainly IP address is blocked by Apple, but signal2.Groundspeak.com (different IP address, I presume) is NOT blocked? How about the other IP addresses Geocaching.com uses? Are these blocked as well, or not? OR, should I just keep using my backup gmail account until we get the notice that the blockage all gone...
  10. Awesome! Thanks Moun10Bike! Look forward to hearing of the final confirmation of the blockage being fixed.
  11. Thanks KaosCL for the somewhat encouraging update. (I am also following my post at Apple forum) And also thanks to those who have contributed information about this problem. If you know anyone else with the same problem, please lead them to this forum and the Apple forum, and have them post as well. Also, clicking the "I have this question too" link right below my original post at Apple forum, should increase the level of severity, hence letting Apple know there is a major problem here to fix ASAP. I will also try contacting Groundspeak AND Apple more directly, and at least raise the awareness of this issue. Yet, I really wish Groundspeak contacts Apple directly to resolve this. Fix please!
  12. Thanks ecanderson. Your information has been posted to the Apple forum as well. Also, I think in addition to the @me.com messages, @mac.com and @icloud.com addresses might also be affected as well. But, cannot confirm this. Anyone? I also have changed to my backup gmail address, and now getting messages from geocaching.com.
  13. Domo again!!! Post a question in the Apple Support forum "No Geocaching email through me.com". iCloud geocachers, please check this forum, and post your problems & question as well. Hope this gets resolved soon.
  14. Domo!!! I have been experiencing the same problem with my primary Geocaching email account that ends with "@me.com". Checking what I have received the last was on 2015/01/09 22:48 EST, from Geocaching <noreply@geocaching.com>, and nothing after this until now & continuing, including a few Found Logs for caches I am 'Watching'. I will post in the Apple Support forum, and see if any reaction from Apple. (Edit: Time zone...)
  15. And therein (the bolded part) lies the problem with most of the changes over the last several releases. What about what your customers want? +1
  16. No Plain-Text email option, forced HTML messages although not BBCode compatible? Still unbelievably & unacceptably "half-baked" situation, really. No new release that fixed ALL these? PLEASE, Plain-Text option! Please! (How hard is this, truly? And why is it taking sooooo long. You had Plain-Text before...)
  17. We're probably going to see animated email, with the full HTML5 A/V experience (zow!) before they get around to it. I was kind of expecting that too, much more so than the plain-text email option we really really want. Sad...
  18. Yep. Maybe one of these days text-only email will be an option. And wishfully hoping the day comes soon. Text-mail option, PLEASE!!!
  19. Ummm, still no "Plain Text" email setting? Is this horrible HTML locked in for good, err. bad???
  20. I dislike the HTML mail as well, also like many others. BTW, I usually change the mail from Rich Text to Plain Text when I reply.
  21. Well, that's not good at all... This format might be locked in... "Release Notes - July 29, 2014" http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=324565&view=findpost&p=5408731
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