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  1. Domo again! Still happening. Yesterday, after logging a find with dropping my TBs, no Watchlist:Found nor Owner:Placed notifications at all. Though, for the Onwer:Retrieved notifications, about the first half of them did not come, by the latter half came through. Very Weird!!! Anyone else? - Dr.MORO
  2. Domo!!! I haven't received 'Found it' notification email from a cache that has been on my watch-list and which I've found and logged today, also missing all Owner notification of my placing of several TBs I own. All seems logged okay my 'Your Profile' page. The 'retrieved' owner notification email from the same cache all came okay. Throughout today, other notifications from my 'Watch-list' also seems to missing, but not all of them, strangely. Interestingly, I had no such problem for the cache I found yesterday, practically doing the same thing with my TBs. Watch-list notifications looked okay until today. Something newly changed on GS's system causing the problem? - Dr.MORO
  3. Hi! Just posted here, http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=4197549 But, also thought right here would be nice place to 'voice' my thoughts. Basically and simply, I dislike the Public Profile's 'Trackables' Unique Icon Column with the new 'alternative strips' scheme. SO UGLY!!! A huge insult to the icons and their designers!!! PLEASE bring back the WHITE Background!!! At least just for the icon column! - Dr.MORO PS: Not to mention that Public Profile's 'Trackables' tab opens up a 'Collectables' page, misleading that trackables are also collectables... It's all about consistency...
  4. Hi Nate! One thing, maybe someone has already mentioned, but more voices is way better than one. In the "My Public Profile" under "Trackables" tab, you see a list of "Collectibles" (Inconsistency?! This should be Trackables throughout! AND it's misleading that these 'travelers' are 'collectibles' as well.) Back to my main story, it's nice to have the "Row" alternatively striped with color. BUT!!! PLEASE DO NOT do this in the unique Icon column!!! Please NEVER!!! It totally ruins the appearance of the icons without the White background! Really UGLY!!! WHY?! And, it's a great insult to EVERY beautiful unique icons AND their designers! This is JUST unacceptable, and MUST BE FIXED!!! I will keep my voice up, until this issues is solved, and all the Icons have their White background back! PLEASE!!! - Dr.MORO Safari 4.0.4 in Mac OS X 10.5.8 on PPC G4
  5. Thanks Nate! I understand the massive difficulty of 'Modernizing' the whole web site, all for the better. It would cause quite a big chaos among so many different PC & Mac, and all other platforms, with even more diverse browsers and versions. Thanks & Wish you guys great luck in making our GC experience better! We all look forward to seeing a better future of GC!
  6. Hi again! When you go to a Trackable Item page, and click the Tracking History (???km ) View Map, and jump to the 'where-have-gone' maps page (Geocaching > Trackable Items > Trackable Item Map), the waypoints visited show up with Numberings, which is great. BUT, I would love to see this Numberings ALSO beside all the 'Corresponding' logs shown in the same page below. Double-clicking the Numberings in the maps just zoom in the map a bit. I also wish to jump to the 'Corresponding' log, by a 'Single'-click. Thanks! - Dr.MORO MacOS X 10.5 Tiger PPC G4 + Safari 4.0.4
  7. Hi again! When you go to Geocaching > Your Profile > Your Trackable Item Details page, http://www.geocaching.com/my/travelbugs.aspx Why are not the Trackables' Icons not showing in the lower Right column? Is this somethings newly 'removed', or just a new 'bug'? It think it should be unified throughout the whole GC web sites/pages, that the lower-Right column showing one's Trackable Item Inventory WITH individual icons showing. ESPECIALLY, in the aforementioned "Your Trackable Item Details" page. Thanks! - Dr.MORO MacOS X 10.5 Tiger PPC G4 + Safari 4.0.4
  8. Hi again! When you go to a Trackable Item page, and click the Tracking History (???km ) View Map, and jump to the 'where-have-gone' maps page (Geocaching > Trackable Items > Trackable Item Map), the waypoints visited show up, but they are NOT connected by lines like they used to. Is this somethings newly 'removed', or just a new 'bug'? Thanks! - Dr.MORO MacOS X 10.5 Tiger PPC G5 + Safari 4.0.4 Webkit r53317
  9. Domo!!! And more bug reports. The Geocaching Maps do NOT load at all. You just see the back Loading Map... message and the arrows keep chasing each other endlessly. I use Safari 4.0.4 on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. And again, I do not like the White spaces. - Dr.MORO
  10. Domo!!! A bug report. When you try to view "Your Trackable Items", the "Location" column does NOT show the proper location indicating icons, and only show a "?", probably meaning the links are not correct. One more: In the "Geocaching > Your Profile > Your Trackable Item Details" page, in the Right lower "Your Inventory" column should be showing the Unique icons, correct? I also second for "Too much White space" complaint. -Dr.MORO
  11. Domo!!! Appreciate the replies! Yes, there ARE already a huge amount photos on GC's web site. To begin with, there must be a huge reason why they have all those "Upload Image..."-related buttons everywhere. If they do not think of them as a "photo hosting site", I think they are NOT thinking in the correct direction. Maybe they should consider tying-up with something like flckr, or Google Image as they already do with Google Maps and Earth. A slideshow feature is a great idea. I wonder how many photos do they get uploaded every day? And, also I wonder how many photos are viewed (clicked) every day? Must be a lot! Thanks, - Dr.MORO
  12. Domo!!! And, Hi Groundspeak! I am a tadpole, though I AM totally HOOKED! Geocaching is so fun!!! Now, while learning many new things and features about what I can and cannot do, I already have some feature request. This one of them. Though not used by all cachers, the feature I like very much is the ability the upload photos I've taken along my hunt, and add much much more to my logs than just simple words. The problem is, I would like to use the same photo in some of the accompanying logs such as TBs and Geocoins, as you can already see in my gallery. In these cases, I need to upload the same photo as many times I want to re-use it, resulting in duplicates of every photo you reuse. This will just hog the precious disk storage space of your server, which I still think is a big waste in anyways. My request would be that to make it so you can pick and use any photos in your own uploaded gallery, and make it selectable with a pulldown menu when you write or edit a log. The newly created log's actual HTML will just have link to display the photo in page, but there will be no more duplicates within the gallery and on the server. It would be great to be able to change the caption of the photo per log it's used in, but that's another thing, I guess. Thanks for making this happen! - Dr.MORO
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