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  1. I have the same question. Yet, it says to Complete an AL... If an AL has five (5) locations in total to complete, with first four (4) locations I get 125 x 4 = 500, and with the last location I get 975, resulting in 500 + 975 = 1,475 ??? Well, I probably can score an extra 900 for finding the associated AL Bonus Mystery Cache as well, to a total of 2,375.
  2. Dr.MORO

    Api outage?

    Hey best geo-friend sloth96! Hope you're doing well. Yep, I even could not log in. Changed my password now, but still something is not right and not working smoothly. Possibly Hampsters mass-tripped on something that got jammed in their turning wheel, and cannot get it out while them spinning it. Hope it gets fixed.
  3. Sooooo, starting again on February 24, 2021 at noon UTC. But, when will this phase end? Cannot find the info in the Blog post here: https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2021/02/14-new-reasons-to-go-geocaching-two-new-levels-added-to-wonders-of-the-world/
  4. FYI: Geocaching Official Blog post: Celebrate 20 years of geocaching at Community Celebration Events
  5. Dr.MORO

    No Emails?

    Not a single message from geocaching for nearly 12 hours? I very much doubt that. I just wonder if it's only me and my mail address, or if anyone else have the same missing email issue from geocaching.com. During this period, I DID receive email from other senders, just none from geocaching.com. And yes, softwares are mysterious being 'soft'. Hardware are 'hard', yet they too also change & glitch, so being 'soft' should make them even more have changes & glitches. Who knows, maybe those Hampsters like eating ソフト・化物 AND バグ bugs (insects) existing and appearing in the systems, hard and soft.
  6. Dr.MORO

    No Emails?

    Now I wonder where have all the messages I have missed receiving while sleeping have gone... Darn 'softo bakemono' ate them all??? And would I ever receive them, although delayed?
  7. Dr.MORO

    No Emails?

    So, this time I guess the fluffy Hampsters scared off the 'softo bakemono' ソフト・バケモノ aka fluffy monstahs.
  8. Dr.MORO

    No Emails?

    Hmmmm.... Are the Hampsters listening??? Oddly, only after 25 minute I posted my massage here, I just started to receive emails from 'noreply@geocaching.com' once again, starting from a message timestamped 9:00 am EDT today Saturday October 17th. At least, Instant Notification, and Watchlist message has arrived so far. I'll keep checking, and post here for updates.
  9. Dr.MORO

    No Emails?

    Domo!!! (Howdy in Japanese Is it just me? This morning here in Cambridge, MA, I have not received a single email message from "noreply@geocaching.com" which includes but not limited to all the geocaches notifications, Watchlist-ed geocaches & Travelbugs, Bookmarks notifications, etc. It seems I am not getting any email messages since last email received at 10:29 pm EDT yesterday Friday October 16th. Hampsters on break? I did however receive my Pocket Query notification from "noreply@geocaching.com" at 5:09 am EDT this morning Saturday October 17th, but that the only email message I got. To confess, I have ALL my Found (and DNF) geocaches on my Watchlist, and quick a few Travelbugs as well as several Bookmark lists with notifications activated. I usually get a ton of email from "noreply@geocaching.com" all the time 24/7/366. But somehow most nothing received this nearly 12 hours. What is going on? Geocaching.com System Status http://status.geocaching.com/ seems to show everything is working and online, and Hampsters not slacking off. Really weird... Anyone else having this issue?
  10. Update on my issue not seeing my email address at the bottom of the New PQ page. Still had the same issue this afternoon. So, I've just contacted GCHQ via contact webpage, and then 10 minutes later, I got a reply saying they did something internally, and all should be good to go. Checked New PQ page now, my email address is back, and was able to create a new PQ. Awesome response time for that! Thanks GCHQ Hampsters!
  11. Thanks! Confirmed new Estonia flag! 52nd flag added! But how...??? BTW, has this issue been fixed now, or not? How did raivis_s add a new flag to my counter through my profile? Did raivis_s click on the flag counter within the profile page to get the count?
  12. Quick question, as I cannot find the written answer. Does attending a geocaching event count for the Memory Lane Scoring, or not? It seems it does NOT count for the Memory Lane Scoring, as I just attended a drive-in event, but no additional point. And which ever it is, where on any geocaching.com webpage is this written out? I know an 'Attended" is not a "Found", but still nothing about events are in writing in at least the Memory Lane webpage https://www.geocaching.com/play/souvenircampaign/memorylane
  13. Darn, I cannot select my email address from the "Output To" pulldown. Get a 500 error, and cannot create new PQs at all. Fix coming? BTW, I am getting my periodic PQ email notices fine, and CAN download my PQ just fine. I just cannot create new PQ.
  14. Until when? When will this end? And how many specific geocaches needed to be found within his timeframe? Full of wonders, for sure...
  15. Read in the recent GCHQ email: Cache In Trash Out® Season 1: CITO Season 1 has been extended through August 31, 2020. Awesome! I can postpone my own CITO event until all this COVID-19 pandemic chaos settles down.
  16. Update to my post above. The iOS Geocaching app does show all of my lists fine.
  17. Well, just now, checked Mac Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera. All four(4) browsers now show the My lists' list ok. Oddly, try to show content of any list with the list-of-lists, Mac Safari give an Error that the list is private and does not show anything, somehow, although it's my own list. However, Mac Chrome, Firefox, Opera all do show the list's content fine without any error. Mac Safari an issue? Version 11.1.2 (11605.3.8.1) on Mac OS 10.11.6 (15G22010). (And yes, I know it's old... Planning on getting a new Mac during this COVID-16 pandemic.)
  18. My own list are not showing up at all. Getting an error. Hope the hampters have not gotten the COVID-19...
  19. Thank you very much whomever have just accessed my profile page, from Nigeria! My 51st country flag! Anyone from this forum thread? Awesome, in any case!
  20. THIS works! "Custom Geocaching Symbols for Garmin GPS"
  21. Nope, did not go out to find any geocache today, had plans already, so this campaign is done for me already. Too bad for late announcement from GCHQ. Really hope that these delayed and also sudden announcements do not happen with any future Geocaching campaigns again.
  22. Ahhh, sorry for not being 'inclusive' and 'considerate' of the E region, and the Southern hemisphere as well. I wish GCHQ was also more so as well for this campaign. And also hope is a thoughtful for any other future campaigns as well. Planning on going on vacation for a week from tomorrow, without much thought of Geocaching as traveling together with far-away visiting and non-cacher family. Priorities... May need to 'beg' for a geocache find each day...
  23. Man, why so late an announcement, only a few days before...? as I posted on the Streak Week: August 2019 FAQ FAQ page comments.
  24. Same issue here! GCHQ definitely close the campaign way too soon! I have logged my final 35th geocache around midnight last night August 13th in the EDT zone of East Coast U.S.A. which should be still 4 A.M. August 14th in UTC time being 4 hours ahead of EDT. I have sent an email the GCHQ Support here contact@geocaching.com. Oh wait! Just now received a replay from GCHQ, saying I have been awarded the last souvenir, and I do confirm! Hurray! Hope everyone else logged in time got their last souvenir.
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