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  1. Domo again!!! Moun10Bike just commented on my other tread that: No code change this time. SO, keep those [bUG] & [FEATURE] posts coming! ~ Dr.MORO
  2. Domo!!! Oops... I didn't notice this post until I just posted this one on another tread. What has been changed during 2011/12/16 sitedown? Hopefully, all is good, very little but much less is bad... ~ Dr.MORO
  3. Domo!!! I, and I guess many others cacher are crossing fingers just before, during, and after the geocaching.com outage today on 2011/12/16. SO, what's up, doc? Many [bUG] & [FEATURE] submitted here, some 'SUBMITTED', or 'STARTED', or even 'COMPLETED' (or DECLINED...). Better know what's going on under the hood, in case things are are actually fixed, or not. This will definitely lessen the unnecessary posting , just like this one. Please feed us with any updates. Thanks! for whatever done for the better Geocaching experience! ~ Dr.MORO
  4. Domo again!!! Thanks Moun10Bike for the update. Good to know it's been worked upon. Look forward to seeing the fix. ~ Dr.MORO
  5. Domo!!! I like this idea. Though, being a photo-logger myself, I won't be receiving as much Notifications as I will have the COs do in their mailboxes. ~ Dr.MORO
  6. Domo once again!!! Thanks Moun10Bike for the request. Don't we ALL love trackables, AND pictures, too! ~ Dr.MORO
  7. Domo again!!! +1 The tiny TB images has been there for quite a while, and was wondering why not the same with Cache logs. They also should be bigger. Hot-Fix, PLEASE! ~ Dr.MORO
  8. Domo again!!! Yep, Hot-Fixed, indeed! Thanks! Happy again photo-logger, ~ Dr.MORO
  9. Domo again!!! Nothing seems to have changed in my profile page either. Still generic TB image, not the original & default image. What going on? ~ Dr.MORO
  10. Domo!!! Please fixed this back to the size it was before 12/06/2011 update, ASAP! Another disappointed photo-logger... ~ Dr.MORO
  11. Domo!!! Well, as a photo-logger, I'm quite surprised that the picture pop-up window is now showing "Smaller" photos than before. Disappointing... Please put back the size it was before today's "update". ~ Dr.MORO
  12. Short logs are lame. MUCH less worth reading, don't you think? Oh, I guess you JUST DON'T read longer logs anyways, no matter what it says. And who cares who reads it or not. It's MY log. And each cache page it not a blog either. Post it elsewhere? Where elsewhere??? For what? It's all about the geocaching experience. On the very first line of explaining Geocaching: "GEOCACHING is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online." Read to the very end, IF you care read that long.
  13. Just a side comment: The list only captures those cachers who have uploaded their myfind data to this site. This fact of course has quite some effect on the list. Cezanne Domo again!!! And Thanks Cezanne for the input. Yep, I kinda noticed that. But hey, #3/12910 would roughly calculate to #1162/5 million active cachers. I'll even take that! Just read everyone's latest found logs. Impressive! Wish everyone could 'share' their geo-adventures as nice as all of you do! Limit-less, PLEASE!
  14. Domo!!! (= Howdy in Japanese) First of all, I totally agree to Increase or Unlimit the text character count per found logs. Just found logs, though. Just happened to stumble upon this [FEATURE] request, and happy to find other cachers who write looooong logs like I do. I would say, "It's my log. Why is there a limit to that???" I have jumped over the limit especially when having the most memorable geocaching experience. So much to write about! I also have split my logs into a 'Found' log and a 'Note'. Also, I have tried posting also in Japanese which requires the HTML Encoding, making the same text more that 5 times heavy on characters, easily hitting the limit. Adding links and the usual everything, how could it be JUST be TFTC or even just a '.'... LAME... PLEASE, Groundspeak! BTW, paleolith noted that you can see the "found log length" rankings on mygeocachingprofile.com. Where is this? My Profile's Stats generator GCStatistic says: Logs written: 704 logs - Chars: 1363685 total & 1937 average - Words: 221871 total & 315 average. WAIT! I just found it in the EXTRAS/Cacher Rankings/Average 'Found It' Log Length Link: http://www.mygeocachingprofile.com/cacherrankings.aspx?sort=10 WOW! I'm No.3!!! SOOO Honored! I'll start surfing around, checking Profiles & logs of everyone posting here, just to see how other looooong logger write. Oh, 'never short found logs' is one of my geo-mottos, though I always post picture to them as well. Always. My long text, plus a thousand words, how better can it get! Good Luck & Cache On! ~ Dr.MORO
  15. Domo!!! Done! (Posting, that is...) http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=285600
  16. Domo!!! A Feature request, which I remember seeing within the olde 'Feedback' site, though couldn't find it here. I would love to know if I've discovered/grabbed/retrieved a specific Travel Bug before within it's web page, just like in any of our Found caches in the cache page's upper right. If one knows they have logged it in the past, it may simplify their geocaching experience, by skipping to logging. For me, running into a TB once again that I've ran across a while ago would be very interesting. I'd like to check where it's been & how we ended up crossing paths again. Logging once again will NOT change my TB count, but it will definitely record it's geo-adventure's footprints. Thanks! {Post-edit: typos...]
  17. Domo!!! While backlogging some benchmarks, I noticed that there is something not right about the dates showing up in the found benchmark list. I cannot tell what exactly is what's wrong, but seems very odd. At least, the actual found date you choose when logging it, and the date you are actually posting the find, seem to be mixed up. The benchmark page needs some updating, I think. This problem might have been here for a long time, though I just noticed the strangeness. Also, I would like to view the next and previous pictures 'in-window', not by clicking each picture & going back every time. Thanks!
  18. Domo!!! I totally agree that the original coords should be kept and listed together with the 'corrected' coords, GPX file and PQ, and everything in between. But Man! I hate the new term ''corrected"!!! What's corrected??? Should have a much better name, like the 'Final' or 'Projected' and 'Calculated' or anything BUT corrected... Sounds something like creating 'Challenges' when there're already Challenge caches...
  19. Domo!!! (= Howdy in Japanese) Generally, a much nicer update than many of the recent ones, I think. Anyways, I have bumped into a different issue newly introduced during this update. Seems like the 'Feedback' site is gone now, so I've already posted inside 'resurrected' Forum. "Small TB Image only General TB image after 11/08/2011 update Generated TB Image is not properly generated" Basically & in short, the Small TB images used to display the 'default' picture of the TB within, has been replaced by a 'general' TB image. Very weird... Something has broke during today's update, obviously. Please fix this! Or, tell me what to fix! Thanks!
  20. Domo!!! (= Howdy in Japanese) Seems like the 'Feedback' site is gone now, and the Forum has been 'resurrected' after all. Whatever... Anyways, first jump to My Profile page here (Dr.MORO), and go way down past all the Stats, and to the banner section. You should see right under the weather widget, two Travel Bug boxed images, that if clicked will take you the the TB's page. The Image here is generated by the Groudspeak server, and I just paste a HTML code inside my profile page, as shown here in the "Knowledge Books" since a long time ago, and usually used for conveniently display several TB at once, like in a TB race. The strange thing is, these Small images used to display the 'default' picture of the TB within, just as in the "Knowledge Books" page. Since the update today, the picture within this Image, has been replaced by a 'general' TB image. Very weird... Something has broke during today's update, obviously. Please fix this!
  21. Sorry, thought I had already sent the icons to GS but I haven't ... will do it now. Thanks for the "reminder" Domo Again!!! Yay! Icons are IN! Lovely! Thanks again for making this happen!
  22. Domo again!!! WOW! Such beautiful Geocoins! Even better when having them in hand!!! They safely arrived about a week ago, though was a bit busy to activate them until this morning. Took some time to take pictures of them, especially the 'glow-in-the-dark'. If interested, please visit the still-unfinished TB's pages: Domo-kun's GC028 [sakura Sakura Day] & Domo-kun's GC029 [sakura Sakura Night] BTW, though in the wbcoins.de webpages there should be an unique & beautiful icon attached to the TB, but unfortunately there is only a 'generic' geocoin icon showing at the upper left. Weird... Can this be addressed? Anyways, BIG Thanks to wenzelbub for making this happen! ~ Dr.MORO
  23. Domo!!! Back up again. But, what was it???
  24. Domo NE (New England, that is) local Azure Sky! Great to know you're going to have these as well! I'll remember to bring mine when attending a local NE Event, so you can also discover mine! I would love to discover your as well, though... See you on the trail! ~ Dr.MORO
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