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  1. Domo again!!! This one has it all. Second Biggest Flare Of the Solar Cycle Can you feel it???
  2. Domo!!! Just read this. 2012-03-07 15:18 UTC Solar Radiation and Geomagnetic Storms Continue Scary... Also found this. OVATION Auroral Forecast Pretty... Are they up there going to fall out of the sky as well? Or, just some accuracy issues?
  3. Domo, Jackalgirl!!! At last, I just received & activated the latest of your wonderful "Kami" 「神」series geocoins, Ocean Kami 「海の神」. Just beautiful!!! Well, in fact, I also got the first one, Forest Kami 「森の神」 simultaneously as well. Beautiful as well!!! Great to have these two added to my ever-expanding collection of Japan & Japanese-related geocoin. (What am I missing now?) I very much look forward to seeing & if possible having the next "Kami" 「神」geocoin to follow in this great series. Besides, Japanese consider that there lives a "Kami" (= spirit) in everything, believing in 「八百万の神」 (ya-o-yorozu no kami) or "countless kami". Who's next? We still have eight million -2 left... Thanks for making this happen! Good Luck & Cache On! ~ Dr.MORO
  4. Oh my gods... Totally cannot believe this. I was watching some of his cool videos just a few days ago. Sad... Shocked... R.I.P. Sven
  5. Domo!!! Bye Bye Google Maps! Thanks, but no thanks any more. And I love you, OSM! I have been using their routable maps in my Garmins since Day 1 of my shallow geocaching history, and just can't imagine anything better. I also contribute a bit in correcting the OSM maps. GREAT improvements! Keep up the good work, hamsters, and lackeys! ~ Dr.MORO
  6. Domo again!!! Now on eBay. Item number: 220953683374
  7. I really do not know if there's any "Japanese" model Vista out there. This one was originally purchased here in the US of A, so I presume it's a North American version. For 2-bit characters, I have never tried to display them, so I do not know if they will or won't show. Hope this helps.
  8. Domo again!!! Price reduction!!! $150 (or best offer) plus free shipping!!! Anyone?
  9. Domo again!!! Now, my avatar, as well as those of others are gone... End of the world...?
  10. Domo again!!! Now, my avatar, as well as those of others are gone... End of the world...?
  11. Domo again!!! Now, my avatar, as well as those of others are gone... End of the world...?
  12. Domo!!! Same here as well. Looks like even the image links in general are all dead now, except for the background images. Feed the Hampsters!
  13. Domo!!! Same everywhere, I guess. Interestingly, some of the background images are showing normally. TB images are affected as well. Feed the Hampsters!
  14. You can check here & compare. Garmin Vista has a "Barometric altimeter" and also an "Electronic compass". Especially the "Electronic compass" is useful as you can know your "Real" bearings while standing still, even when you're not moving. It's a real compass built in. If have not, you need to move around, as your bearings are calculated from the change in GPS coordinates. If standing still, one cannot tell if it's true or not. This is the main reason I've purchased the Vista over the Legend in the first place. Hope this helps.
  15. Thanks, but no thanks to you, incorrect Chicken Feathers! That is the price of a "Legend", and this is a "Vista"! AND, it does not have everything I have. If anyone interested, I also accept best offers.
  16. Yes, please full Unicode support! I can't understand how it's possible that you still don't fully support Unicode (there is no charge for using it as is the case for google maps) Domo!!! +1 for that. Unicode support!!!
  17. Domo again! Oops, totally missed that one... Yes, the Benchmark page update is long overdue, and needs to catchup with the rest of GC.com ASAP.
  18. Domo!!! All these, VERY COOL!!! What a nice addition! Awesome Job, GC Lackeys, and Hampsters!!! BIG Thanks! ~ Dr.MORO
  19. Domo!!! Reloaded the webpage several times, and FINALLY! All fixed! Great Job, Lackeys! And thanks for the quoting, Moun10Bike! Honored! ~ Dr.MORO
  20. Domo!!! Reloaded the webpage several times, and FINALLY! All fixed! Great Job, Lackeys! And thanks for the quoting, Moun10Bike! Honored! ~ Dr.MORO
  21. Domo!!! (= Howdy! in Japanese) I have been watching this topic for a while, in interest of the outcome. I actually do have some ideas related to having an EarthCache by a museum that has very interesting geological artifacts, which I think are definitely worth bringing cachers to see. One would be indoors, and I myself also agree to be a bit 'hesitant' on going further with the publication process. The other is actually an outdoor exhibit on museum property, though totally free & open to public, more or less 24/7/365. From the revised guideline wordings, I presume it's actually possible to publish an EC for this location, once I get official permission from the museum & go through the proper process of publishing an EC as usual. I do understand that this could possibly frown some 'diehard' EC-ers out there. Yet, I also think placing one by a museum would draw more interest towards Geocaching & Geology all together, from tadpole cachers & cachers-to-be, who are visiting the museum to dip themselves into the wonderful world of nature & science anyways. Going further in my thoughts, I even wish a GPS Maze Exhibit to be brought to this location someday & soon. Any thoughts out there? Thanks! ~ Dr.MORO
  22. Domo!!! (= Howdy in Japanese) I'm selling a newly factory overhauled Garmin eTrex Vista HCx. Garmin eTrex Vista HCx product webpage Freshly sent back to me as a replacement, screen still has the protective plastic sheet on the screen, and I have never used it. Please see picture links below. Includes: GPSr unit Wrist strap Garmin Carabiner Clip for eTrex Vista HCx Manuals & software Normal 1 year product warranty Does not include: USB cable Original box Asking for $180 plus shipping (~ $10 US). Accept PayPal payments. If no offers, I will put it up on eBay in a week or so. Thanks! Good Luck & Cache On! ~ Dr.MORO Picture_Garmin eTrex Vista HCx Newly Overhauled Picture_Garmin Carabiner Clip for eTrex Vista HCx Picture_Garmin eTrex Vista HCx Manuals
  23. どーも!!! すでにこのフォーラムに投稿しているのですが、iPhone Appで漢字「名」が「吊」に誤って表示されます。詳しくは、上記投稿の写真をご覧下さい。[bUG]として、修正をお願いしています。早く直して下さる事を願うばかりです。 さてGeocaching iPhone App日本語ユーザに伺いたいのは、この様な表示ミス、皆様も遭遇していますでしょうか?上記の物以外に他にありますでしょうか? Geocaching iPhone App のボランティア・ベータ・テスターで且つボランティア日本語担当の一人として、是非皆様の意見を伺いたいです。 それらにより、より良い日本語版Geocaching iPhone Appの向上を目指して、微力ながら手伝っていきたいです。 上記フォーラムへの投稿でも構いませんが、英語はどうしても・・・と言う方は本フォーラムに日本語で結構ですので投稿して下さい。 よろしくお願いいたします。
  24. Domo again!!! Thanks Moun10Bike for the clarification. We should 'get' know. BTW, maybe better to 'merge' with this tread, which I've found after posting this one. Oops. Geocaching.com will be going offline temporarily on Friday, December 16, 2011
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