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  1. You wouldn't happen to be checking up on the Swinley Forest caches would you? Any "smart" search starting with SW assumes it is checking Australian Swaggies. The boulter web site version has a help file that explains more. Try Winley Forest instead!
  2. More than that! I couldn't live without it. Only today I miscalculated a formula without it cos it involved dates. So the ability to use longer numbers would be brilliant. Where's your Paypal link?
  3. This is what we've done up 'til now but it's just sooooo slow to copy the html files to the Mio. More often than not, the Active Sync connection would fail halfway through missing off half the files I use Softick Card Export which is a small utility that can change the connection from Activesync to USB Mass Storage mode (and back again.) I then run a small batch file to delete and copy everything across. 2k cache HTML pages plus Tomtom files plus gpx and cwf files is less than 5 minutes. The SD card is a pain to remove on the HTC Kaiser, so this works a treat. Mios seem supported. There is a Palm version too. I like Cachemate too so my HTML pages contain a custom URL generated by GSAK so that I can still link to Cachemate. The same MM overlay then works on the PC and PDA.
  4. It may be worth upgrading your firmware to the latest Colorado 300 beta Version 2.51. There is also a similar one if you have the 400. Being beta it doesn't install via the WebUpdater software. I used mine today after upgrading and performance seems better in the Geocaching profile. Still had two DNFs though.... Almost time to sell the 60 csx! There is a comprehensive thread here in the GPS Units and Software section of the forums. The links in the first post are particularly informative.
  5. Works fine on my Kaiser/Tilt - you need to rename the file extension from aspx to gwc which requires a bit free software called Total Commander. Look here
  6. Hey. I was able to unlock a Wherigo cartridge twice by uploading the same completed log file to two different GC accounts. Is this correct? I guess it is similar to allowing a player to input his completion code for team mates but then that would only work from one account (I assume).
  7. Excuse me, how do I display the final code to the user? There is no such command in Wherigo Builder in my opinion. This what you are looking for?
  8. I used the altitude to check whether the cartridge is being played in the outside and used a value of greater than 5 (I dunno if the builder has changed, so zero can be used now). This works fine. I also thought of using checking the device id but got no further as I didn't need it. I think that the cartridge returns a value of "builder" or the actual device ID. So if anyone wants to try that, I'd be interested to hear if it works. usersDeviceID = Env.DeviceID I think it would be useful to have a brief list of the various environment variables.
  9. It's a great series and it would be a shame to see it go, so if no-one else steps up then count me in! It would push me to my century of active caches! At this stage I'd replace the final with a micro and see about looking for somewhere for something larger....maybe.
  10. Interesting. I've looked through some of my old photos and found the same thing happens occasionally. Not sure when though. It maybe that it takes a bit longer to get this information cos it looks as though pictures taken when I have already got the GPSr enabled (with MM or whatever) seem to carry the correct information more often - just a vague theory. If you want to change the EXIF information there are a wealth of EXIF editors, some freeware. Quick EXIF is a bit clunky but does the job or Opanda IExif which is freeware to an extent - you can right click on image to check information but you need to pay for the pro version to change some of the information (you can change N to S but not E to W).
  11. The solution to part of your problem is to use "\cmate:GCxxxx". The backslash is the key. MM won't now add the file location. I haven't found a way to do this all on a PPC but instead use "\cmate:%code" to create a GSAK generated CSV file which has Cachemate links in the MM overlay.
  12. You can cut from Mac OS and paste into the Windows environment (or even drag and drop), assuming you have Parallels so that both environments are running at the same time. Also, I haven't set it up but you can use shared folders so that files are common to both OS, so you may be able to use this if you don't have Parallels. This works on my Macbook. It was Parallels and the Intel processor that swung buying a Mac for me.
  13. Fraid not - the UK Topo version has no road detail at all for IOM. City Navigator Europe does however have detailed roads et al for IOM as does Metroguide Europe too. You can preview all the maps on offer in full detail via the Garmin website. Just select the map you want to preview from the pull down list.
  14. I came across Total Commander which looks like a handy freeware tool to achieve renaming extensions. I downloaded the beta version from the forum and it works fine on my HTC Kaiser/MDA Vario III under WM6.
  15. I haven't tried downloading a cartridge but I found the same thing with the GPX file from a cache page. I use SPB Pocket plus which has the facility to change the file extension. I guess something like Resco Explorer can too. I believe it is a a limitation of PIE as Opera mobile handles the extension properly so no renaming of the extension is required.
  16. rodz

    System variables

    Thanks for the extensive reply. I shall keep experimenting and look forward to the release of the documentation.
  17. rodz

    System variables

    I would find it useful to have details of how to access system variables such as those output in the logging file. For example I am interested in setting a cache that can only be done after dark and would like to know how to check the time. Also Device ID would be useful to see if the Wherigo is being played on the builder. I spotted that the tutorial lua file that "Player.PositionAccuracy:GetValue('ft')" will give me the accuracy of the GPSr at that time. Anyone got some others?
  18. Having set up a Mystery cache near where I live that requires finding values in the field, I have come across a few problems. 1) it is very easy to open the complied (gwc) file with a text editor. Et voila, there are the answers! How can I get round this? Of course if I was tempted with an easy/sneaky way of completing it, then I would do it. However I would like to remove this temptation. I know I can do stuff with the logging file to check whether it was done in the field but it that brings me to point 2 below. 2) I would like to be able to make a cartridge unplayable with the emulator. Is this possible? The above solution would help some way towards negating this need. But I was wondering if there is an option to set so that it can only be played for "real" in the field? 3) I am a bit puzzled by the unlock codes used on the site. How do I set one? I uploaded a cartridge thinking there would be an option to set one when I did so - or does it have to be set in the cartridge. Maybe I missed something somewhere. Again if the code is in plain text in the complied file then it would be obvious. Thanks.
  19. It was only a year ago that I persuaded Terminalsump to get the HP 6915, which I already had. We both thought it was the biz. He then threw his in the canal whilst WTFing - a work phone - phew. He got the Kaiser (I can never spell its other name) which is the biz plus plus. Much better camera (3M) which you can easily hack to put GPS coords in jpeg data. Not long after I had to upgrade too. I got the MDA Vario 3 (Kaiser/HTC TyTN II with Tmob branding) from Tmobile with Web 'n' Walk plus - excellent speeds on internet. Makes Google maps work a dream and the internal GPSr will put you on the map. I don't use GPXsonar (I'd be very surprised if it didn't work) but Cachmate is excellent now that the new PPC version doesn't lock up on WM6. It works with the internal GPSr, so you can find your nearest cache in the database. I also use MM which is sooo quick now - the GPSr locks on in seconds. I have used it to find caches no problem (although I do carry a 60csx too). MM icons with links to HTML and cachemate make easy work of cache pages. No need for Spoilersync with always on internet. I sometimes think it is cheating as it is so good...but not very often.... Battery life is the one downer! Continual GPSr use with see it dead in under 3 hours. But if you switch it off some of the time it will last 5 hours of caching. I have a 3000ma battery pack from Proporta which works well and it quite slim (plugs into the USB). I also charge it in the car but you need a slightly different FAST charger or it will trickle charge. A 6 GB micro SD holds plenty of MM maps and anything else you may need - I believe you can get 8 GB (soon to be followed by 16 GB and then 32GB - so that's ll be the whole of the UK OS at 25K) Tomtom works well with the internal GPSr too. No need for GPSgate either. It handles Skype, Slingbox - you name it, it does it. And in case you hadn't already realised, I am a real fan of them.
  20. Top man! After another hard reset and braving the neighbours strange looks I stood in the road and installed the player. It worked! Excellent. Thanks for the quick update. I'll keep my fingers crossed it continues to do so.
  21. Ok, did hard reset. Loaded up minimal software. Started GPSgate got signal. Stood in middle of road and installed player. It started and the GPS signal bars went green briefly and then red. I tried to start the tutorial cartridge but the unit had locked. Now my GPSr in the unit is unusable again (maybe it was having to reboot it that caused the damage)even after soft reset so I guess it is another hard reset for me. Any thoughts?...my hard resets are getting less hard! One thing I did notice is that QuickGPS doesn't update anymore, even via Activesync. Although it is still up-to-date I wonder if the install/crash messes up this connection....and then the GPS can't find it's location. TT doesn't crash but it doesn't find a location either. It performs as though QuickGPS is out of date.... Edit as spelling is getting harder though.
  22. I too have HTC TyTN II with WM6. My unit was hanging, so I started GPSgate first and waited till I had a sat lock before starting the software. I got passed the startup screen and started the tutorial. Unfortunately I lost my sat lock and my unit froze. I have subsequently lost the ability to use my GPS with any software - MM hangs, TT fails to get a signal. So it looks as though I may be heading for a hard reset
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