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  1. Crossover has the same problem authorising the API. However one way to get round this is to restore GSAK in Crossover from a backup that already has the authorisation token.
  2. The way I use the Custom icons on my Montana is to do a global replace in a macro to change, say, unknown/mystery caches that I have solved (with corrected coords) to CITOs. Then add a custom symbol for CITOs that actually shows a corrected coords icon. Then do a global replace to change the cache type back after the GPX export. You could probably use a wrapper macro around the above mentioned Garmin Export macro. The list of recognised types on the Montana is lot shorter than your linked Oregon list so I use CITOs, events and megas for my special symbols for solved Mysteries, YOSMs (UK equivalent of Benchmarks) and those naughty QR code things (APE, locationless and GPS course custom symbols are not supported on the Montana). You can use a custom geocache symbol and replace that oversized treasure chest with one of your choice too (which may be as easy) but I don't think they are filterable on the unit. I did contact the Garmin beta team to see if they could add a generic piece of coding so that any <Groundspeak:type> element in the gpx file would check the Custom Symbol directory before assigning the generic symbol but they weren't keen. Maybe if a few others request it.....
  3. Hey Assuming that you are with O2 in the UK (from your finds!).....I use the service which I get free with O2 BroadBand - I don't have an O2 mobile - but I believe the process is the same. The address format is your username@o2.co.uk - the wiki article link to from the GS page only seems to show a German O2 email gateway. Your user name is your O2 account name and NOT your O2 phone number. So set up the new cache notification to go to your O2.co.uk email address and activate the service from your O2 account. http://service.o2.co.uk/IQ/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBCGI.EXE?New,Kb=Companion,question=ref%28User%29:str%28Broadband%29,T=Broadband_Case,CASE=24910 . Of course you could probably just as easily set up a new email address just for new caches and set a specific notification tone - that would be pretty instant too! Hope that helps.
  4. Probably one of the best ideas I have seen suggested on the website. I have lost count of the times I have fallen in this trap of missing that an email is "missing" a reply address. It would also mean that replied emails would contain the history and I could add relevant attachments such screen shots or photos.
  5. @Ant89 - I think it is more of a case that some of their caches are out of date! Well, archived at least The list is for "available" caches (not archived or temp disabled). Team Marzipan have 525 caches linked to that account as per GC. According to my database 134 are archived, 5 temp disabled, 371 are active which leave 15 unaccounted for which will be some non-UK caches(Canary Islands, Antigua et al) and an odd missing archived UK cache/event. I hope that is more clear. You're right that the stats perhaps don't do these guys justice but I have no reliable way of knowing which caches they have adopted out. I should also have said the above numbers relate to UK caches only. And we all know what Winston said about stats!
  6. List of cachers that have more than 100 available caches (give or take a few I guess): OwnerName count(*) L E G E N D 605 Flatcoat Walker 540 poshrule 506 perth pathfinders 439 outforthehunt 415 Team Marzipan 371 snaik 362 T A G 341 Scottiedogz 325 kevham1 320 mikelevett 280 Team Clova 279 stanthews 259 jaceyb99 243 HUBBLEGARDNER 241 LordOfTheCachers 238 The Magna Defender 219 Gowenhouse 214 wrighty 213 CaptainJack. 211 RoobyDoo 206 THE SMILEYS 200 nozi parkerz 198 martlakes 196 Dair Mor 190 LostInTheWoods! 184 Schoolfrenz 180 allieballie 180 Sir Big Farmer Giles 179 Barry'n'Shirley 178 KnightFamily1980 177 rodz 172 sadexploration 163 Woking Wonders 163 tjapukai 160 redirected male 158 FantasyRaider 150 The Webbies 148 Us 4 and Jess 145 Renegade Rabbit 145 GeoCotch 142 Hillgorilla 141 Mr Truffles 141 The Teddies 141 MrCryptic 139 jazzyjessups 135 PopUpPirate 134 maxkim 131 helennbrian 131 C-Kit 131 frozboz 129 Ailec Nor 128 mrplenty 123 PuReWaRRioR69 122 darapotter 122 dinglefoot 121 Water Slider 119 Wild Goosey 118 TedsTeam 117 Khoomfay 117 The Cache Hoppers 117 roger-rabbit 116 drsolly 116 groatiebuckies 115 LollyBob 115 bsh92673 115 matt7159 114 angellica 114 grimmerscotting 113 fat bloke 113 PhilPamAndRob 112 nobbyspiles 111 Go Pack Go 111 robertburns 110 The Imp 110 natterjacktoad 110 Happy Landins 108 fawnsy 107 footsore & weary 106 JOESMILE 105 signyred 105 cats-eyes 104 Alibags 103 undermanager 102 Nutty & Evil 101 DRUGHUNTER 101 Team-SK 100 poohtiggs 100
  7. My other favs for on my DHD. Locus - huge selection of online maps including OS 1:25K & London A-Z via Bing map server. Maps can also be stored for offline use either via PC (Mobile Atlas Creator) or the app itself. Good clear handling of GPX files for offline caching. It also allows linking from the GC, Cachemate and c:geo apps for individual caches. I find it a bit slicker than c:geo and complies with GC TOCs but doesn't support online caching. Free app (and ad free at the mo). Excellent support from developer. MM Tracker - use your existing QCT format (doesn't support newer format) Memory Maps for offline maps. Handles importing of GPX files but at the moment it has limited functionality compared with the WM version (no Lordelph icons, no icon links to Cachemate app or GC online). Free version to mostly check compatibility. Worth the few quid if you already have MM sections. It was this app that enabled me to move from WM to Android. Cachemate - I thought the WM version was good - this is even better. Android version of GSAK in many ways. Paid app. GC app - getting better slowly...
  8. Ian, email on way with a sample macro to do this.
  9. This latest release seems to have the same problem as 3.22 with GB Discoverer maps. Frequent crashes even without panning. I have reverted to 3.15beta. Can anyone help on getting my unit to 3.20 as webupdater wants to upgrade to 3.30?
  10. LordElph has a handy Greasemonkey script which puts (amongst other links) a GE one on the cache page. So no more cutting and pasting. It does seem to use a golfer as its default pin symbol and seems to be disabled on foreign caches (as some of the other links wouldn't be relevant). Not as good as the overlay but I find it useful as the coords are actual coords. The excellent hulmgulm GSAK macro is a worthy substitute for the GE overlay, although your caches do need to be in GSAK. Still it is sad to see the GC GE overlay go. I'll keep making use of it while it is still going.
  11. Solution here in GSAK forum. http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=8507
  12. I too believe there is a way to do it in GSAK v6, although you won't regret paying the extra to upgrade to v7. One of the last updates to version 6 of GSAK introduced some changes to how URIs were handled in the MM export which meant that both HTML and Cachemate links were difficult to create. The CSV file needs to have the backslash in front of the Cachemate URL, so that when the MM overlay is transferred to a PPC, it isn't changed. My memory is a bit hazy. I think the way round it was to use a bit of macro code as suggested by Edgemaster (or do a Replace All in Excel on the CSV file before importing into MM) : See post #11 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=162271 The thread relates to HTML export but applies to Cachemate as well. Bit more info here http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=159687 and here on the GSAK forums: http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=3344 Hope that helps.
  13. Thanks for the GC web version which works like a dream. I have often found myself searching through a pile of found caches on GC for that one new one that I haven't found. This will make it a doddle and fills a gap in Cachemate's functionality. Nice work.
  14. I have tried this and it works well on my MDA Vario III/Kaiser. I too would love a version that gives the full GC website. The following url gives the caches nearest me that I haven't found and don't own. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...;submit8=Search I found this from the Hide & Seek A Cache page, so if you need decimal format you can get it from there. Adding the &f=1 parameter removes found and owned caches. You will need to be logged in with cookies enable to have these types removed from the list. I hope this helps. Thanks for all your hard work so far.
  15. rodz

    WTF: profile error

    Thanks to whoever sorted it! I can put my physical begging bowl away now!
  16. I have noticed that my WTF: profile no longer displays correctly. I have tried FF3 and IE7 under XP plus FF3 under Leopard with the same result. I can't be sure but I wondered if it was to do with the recent Extend Membership Link changes. The profile seems to get to this point OK and throws up an error. I have tried emptying the stats section on the profile but I still get the same error. Could it be related to the profile name ending in a colon? Any suggestions?
  17. It is a one line macro, so I doubt you'll find one posted. $updated = GetCounty("ub") I downloads the information from the GSAK server (as it is too big to be bundled with GSAK) so you'll need to be online. You can find out more here. I have noticed what look like a few discrepancies with the counties when caches are very close to the borders - not sure what is going on there. But otherwise it seems very accurate. You can also view county boundaries in Google Earth by selecting Borders from the Borders And Layers options in the Layers pane (bottom left as standard). Nice when used in conjunction with the new States and the GC overlays.
  18. Might this be a starting point from the list I posted above? County State Avon South of England Bedfordshire East of England Berkshire South of England Buckinghamshire South of England Cambridgeshire East of England Central Scotland North Cheshire Northwest England Cleveland Northeast England Clwyd North Wales Cornwall Southwest of England Cumbria Northwest England Derbyshire East Midlands Devon Southwest of England Dorset South of England Dumfries and Galloway Scotland South Durham Northeast England Dyfed South Wales East Sussex Southeast of England Fife Scotland North Gloucestershire South of England Grampian Scotland North Greater London London Greater Manchester Northwest England Gwent South Wales Gwynedd North Wales Hampshire South of England Hereford and Worcester West Midlands Hertfordshire East of England Highland Scotland North Humberside Yorkshire and Humber Isle of Wight South of England Kent Southeast of England Lancashire Northwest England Leicestershire East Midlands Lincolnshire East Midlands Lothian Scotland South Merseyside Northwest England Mid Glamorgan South Wales Norfolk East of England North Yorkshire Yorkshire and Humber Northamptonshire East Midlands Northumberland Northeast England Nottinghamshire East Midlands Oxfordshire South of England Powys South Wales Scottish Borders Scotland South Shetland Scotland North Shropshire West Midlands Somerset South of England South Glamorgan South Wales South Yorkshire Yorkshire and Humber Staffordshire West Midlands Strathclyde Scotland South Suffolk East of England Surrey Southeast of England Tayside Scotland North Tyne and Wear Northeast England Warwickshire West Midlands West Glamorgan South Wales West Midlands West Midlands West Sussex Southeast of England West Yorkshire Yorkshire and Humber Western Isles Scotland North Wiltshire South of England
  19. Using the GetCounty function in GSAK (assuming it is correct) and the States information that has been currently filled in across the UK, I have produced the below table. It looks as though the States do follow county boundaries (although I have only checked a few areas). In which case there should really only be one line per County in the below table. A bit like "ask the audience" I thought that the greater number would represent the correct State for each county. Not so in some cases. " County State Count Avon South of England 19 Avon Southwest of England 57 Bedfordshire East Midlands 3 Bedfordshire East of England 24 Bedfordshire Southeast of England 2 Berkshire South of England 41 Berkshire Southeast of England 55 Berkshire Southwest of England 4 Buckinghamshire East Midlands 7 Buckinghamshire East of England 8 Buckinghamshire London 1 Buckinghamshire South of England 12 Buckinghamshire Southeast of England 150 Buckinghamshire West Midlands 10 Cambridgeshire East Midlands 5 Cambridgeshire East of England 81 Cambridgeshire Southeast of England 1 Central Scotland North 33 Central Scotland South 31 Cheshire Northwest England 162 Cheshire West Midlands 3 Cleveland Northeast England 15 Cleveland Yorkshire and Humber 2 Clwyd North Wales 109 Clwyd Northwest England 2 Clwyd West Midlands 2 Cornwall South of England 2 Cornwall Southeast of England 1 Cornwall Southwest of England 127 Cumbria Northeast England 1 Cumbria Northwest England 197 Cumbria Yorkshire and Humber 1 Derbyshire East Midlands 132 Derbyshire Northwest England 11 Derbyshire West Midlands 35 Derbyshire Yorkshire and Humber 2 Devon South of England 1 Devon Southwest of England 306 Dorset South of England 62 Dorset Southwest of England 21 Dumfries and Galloway Scotland South 30 Durham Northeast England 45 Durham Northwest England 1 Dyfed North Wales 2 Dyfed South Wales 46 East Sussex South of England 11 East Sussex Southeast of England 78 Essex East of England 39 Essex South of England 1 Essex Southeast of England 27 Essex Southwest of England 3 Fife Scotland North 67 Fife Scotland South 17 Gloucestershire South of England 23 Gloucestershire Southwest of England 12 Grampian Scotland North 31 Grampian Scotland South 1 Greater London East of England 1 Greater London London 213 Greater London South of England 1 Greater London Southeast of England 10 Greater Manchester Northwest England 96 Gwent South Wales 86 Gwent West Midlands 1 Gwynedd North Wales 91 Hampshire South of England 141 Hampshire Southeast of England 21 Hampshire Southwest of England 2 Hereford and Worcester South of England 5 Hereford and Worcester Southwest of England 2 Hereford and Worcester West Midlands 91 Hertfordshire East Midlands 1 Hertfordshire East of England 48 Hertfordshire London 1 Hertfordshire South of England 3 Hertfordshire Southeast of England 21 Highland Scotland North 18 Highland Scotland South 1 Humberside West Midlands 1 Humberside Yorkshire and Humber 48 Isle of Wight South of England 29 Isle of Wight Southeast of England 1 Kent South of England 5 Kent Southeast of England 164 Lancashire Northeast England 1 Lancashire Northwest England 136 Leicestershire East Midlands 65 Lincolnshire East Midlands 32 Lincolnshire East of England 5 Lincolnshire Yorkshire and Humber 1 Lothian Scotland South 152 Merseyside Northwest England 27 Mid Glamorgan South Wales 47 Norfolk East Midlands 1 Norfolk East of England 123 Norfolk Southeast of England 1 North Yorkshire Northeast England 12 North Yorkshire Northwest England 4 North Yorkshire Yorkshire and Humber 200 Northamptonshire East Midlands 67 Northamptonshire East of England 11 Northamptonshire South of England 1 Northamptonshire West Midlands 3 Northumberland Northeast England 49 Northumberland Scotland South 1 Nottinghamshire East Midlands 50 Oxfordshire South of England 129 Oxfordshire Southeast of England 8 Oxfordshire Southwest of England 2 Oxfordshire West Midlands 16 Powys North Wales 7 Powys South Wales 18 Scottish Borders Scotland South 10 Shetland Scotland North 2 Shropshire North Wales 2 Shropshire Northwest England 1 Shropshire West Midlands 96 Somerset South of England 16 Somerset Southwest of England 48 South Glamorgan South Wales 32 South Yorkshire Yorkshire and Humber 94 Staffordshire East Midlands 12 Staffordshire Northwest England 3 Staffordshire West Midlands 129 Strathclyde Scotland North 3 Strathclyde Scotland South 106 Suffolk East of England 36 Suffolk Southeast of England 2 Surrey London 3 Surrey South of England 6 Surrey Southeast of England 64 Tayside Scotland North 280 Tayside Scotland South 1 Tyne and Wear Northeast England 28 Tyne and Wear Yorkshire and Humber 1 Warwickshire East Midlands 4 Warwickshire West Midlands 109 West Glamorgan South Wales 32 West Midlands West Midlands 112 West Sussex Northwest England 1 West Sussex South of England 74 West Sussex Southeast of England 58 West Yorkshire Northwest England 3 West Yorkshire Yorkshire and Humber 189 Western Isles Scotland North 4 Wiltshire South of England 141 Wiltshire Southeast of England 1
  20. Anyone that can help? Thanks again for sharing the hard work. Works fine with Mobile XT, including showing detailed notes. I have all 25+K unfound UK caches loaded. As I have Colorado, I use same gpx files. When PDA is connected you get the option in POILoader to transfer to either Main Memory or Card in Mobile XT.
  21. I rarely use the Geocaching profile. Instead I use the Automotive profile (or any non Geocaching one) and then select a cache. This gives you a small arrow and a distance (plus cache info). Press the down on the scroll wheel to see a small compass ( press down again to see the arrow and distance minus the cache info - press up to change view back). You can get a full screen compass here by pressing the left button. This is the menu that has an option to route along the road by choosing "Go To Location".. Once you have selected on road routing, there doesn't seem to be a way to go back to off road without going back to "find" that same cache again (but at least by this time your cache should be at the top of your list!!) I find this easier than changing profiles which does my head in too. You can only perform this procedure for caches (not waypoints). Hence you have to go back to the horrible method for final/intermediate stages of a multi, for example. Or just stick to Trads!
  22. Surely the answer would be to use $d_OwnerName (rather than $d_PlacedBy) in the macro as this in the only really accurate variable for determining my (or anyone's) caches. The GSAK help file probably puts it better than I can.
  23. Ah, yes. Apologies - I was meaning some of my Placed caches appear in my Unfound list. It seems to be those where PlacedBy is different from my GC ID.
  24. Excellent macro (version 3.6) that I have just started using with my Colorado with the latest firmware update. One thing I have noticed is that I am getting some of my Finds exported even though I don't have the check box ticked. Would I be right in thinking that the selection criteria should be checking against OwnerName instead of the PlacedBy database variable? Many of my caches have a different PlacedBy value from my caching name. Thanks for all your hard work.
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