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  1. Whoops...didn't even know that. I didn't sign a few of my first finds because I didn't bring a pen.
  2. I didn't start caching until a month ago so my only experience is winter caching. So far I don't have a problem with it; in fact, in some ways i can see how it is more enjoyable: No ticks/bugs, less people, less brush, and no rain. Geocaching is actually quickly turning into my cabin fever/winter activity. I don't know how much I'll do during the summer because I'll be hiking and traveling, and I doubt I'll bring my gps along for those trips.
  3. As others have said, I'd imagine many cachers already own camo clothing from hunting. I even own a set from paintballing. I cache in an old pair of tan cargo pants and just wear an old hoodie or something, though.
  4. I just started too, and I have to say that patience is the best thing to have. It can get pretty frustrating when you can't find the dadgum things.
  5. Judging by the responses in this thread, I'd say bunches of folks care. BTW, welcome to the addiction! Thanks! Yeah, it certainly is addicting. I used to make fun of geocaching...now I'm hooked. Just wish this blizzard would clear out so I could find some more.
  6. I go to school in Pittsburgh, but my family lives in Philadelphia. I'm only really home during breaks, but even then I'm out hiking or traveling a lot. I just got into caching, but I'd definitely head out in a group if people were interested.
  7. Who cares? I just started this whole deal, have only found 11, and maybe 3 or 4 of those I couldn't sign because the pen/pencil in the cache was broken, and I didn't know/forgot to bring my own.
  8. I only really have two: Finish the Appalachian Trail Check out a 200-300 mile section of the Israel National Trail
  9. The ATC does not distinguish between those who did it in one shot, thru-hikers, and those who do it in sections over any period of time, section-hikers. I've been sectioning the trail for 3 years now and plan to complete it next summer. I've had a blast so far, and I really don't care if somebody thinks It's not a "complete hike" because it took all 4 years of college for me to complete it.
  10. Honestly, I'm a strong advocate of trail runners, or lightweight boots. Traditional boots only constrict ankle movement and put more strain on the knees. I'd recommend getting something like this: http://www.rei.com/product/754666 Then, you'll definitely want to throw in a good pair of insoles. I like the New Balance "Pressure Relief Insoles": http://www.nbwebexpress.com/detail.asp?typ...p;style=IPR3020 My first experience solo hiking was Delaware Water Gap to Port Clinton on the Appalachian Trail, the rockiest part of the AT in PA, and it definitely taught me a few lessons!
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