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  1. DNF s.. when i go out caching the first thing i do when i get back is log any dnf s FIRST, then i log any tb s and geocoins in and out, i then start on the logs but that is not such a priority,i catch those up if im busy over the next few days. yes i do also think that dnf s are important for all and lots of those reasons . happy caching and not too many dnf s jeff=bones1.
  2. Its so nice to see an enthusiastic cache hidey topic, i can only thank you for setting caches as we cant find if you dont set, hope you get good replies and set some more.happy caching jeff=bones1.
  3. caching help needed in melbourne and victoria, i will be in melbourne with a hire car on fri 1st oct and mon 4th oct till fri8th oct inclusive and would like to cache all day as my wife is working in melborne hehe,am i lucky or what. are any cachers available for a joint caching session on any of these days, all the best jeff=bones1.
  4. Hello ,hope you are all safe after the earthquake.i am trying to get some help with a cache that is at greerton mentioned (GCMYD6) as i have the co=ordinates for it after finding the first half in england,if you would like to go and find it then we can both log the cache, happy caching patandjeff=bones1.
  5. Hello you cant get your avatar to show,, what an earth is one of those,is it really something to do with geocaching.please would you enlighten me.patandjeff=bones1.
  6. Come on folks there must be a cacher out there that wants to walk around the chiltern 100,this saturday,especially to show how good us english cachers are to help out a visitor from australia, jeff=bones1.
  7. Thats really good,what with all this political stuff it did make me feel happy,i have a few coins here if you need them John. jeff=bones1. sorry i seem to have clicked again.
  8. Thats really good,what with all this political stuff it did make me feel happy,i have a few coins here if you need them John. jeff=bones1.
  9. Hi all. i found a geokretin thingy and tried to log it but had no succes so i just left it in another cache, at least it did not get lost. jeff=bones1.
  10. Hello, i read about your loss a little while ago but some days have gone by before i could even add a reply, as big as i am i can be easily reduced to tears,like now as i type this at the thought of my Coral the corgi who like your babe is over the rainbow bridge playing happily.we have two other corgis now so things are happier these days. when a little personage has been such a part of your life no words can dilute your feelings, ive got this far with my reply and have run out of words.stay safe and warm.patandjeff=bones1.
  11. Hi what an impressive milestone,at least i know where to come for some help.keep going as there are lots of unsolved puzzles out there,under the snow at the moment!! merry christmas to the price family. patandjeff=bones1.
  12. Well done Alan and Susan, only one more to go now,the world,patjeff and the corgis bones1.
  13. Hello, life does throw some things at us at times,im sure we all hope you get this new job,then go from strength to strength to a great future, thank you for the flonopoly series we have done so far,when you have time we will definatly try to complete the series,that alot of us thought was a daring excellent series. patandjeff with sali and george the corgis who make up team bones1.
  14. yes they are in a position to maintain the cache its just that i think the secret service or gchq or sas is involved otherwise it would have been posted back weeks ago.jeff=bones1.
  15. I have a cache in my possession a cache that needs to go to olney from hemel hempstead, it is a container i had to take away as i was unable to replace it due to muggles, after repeated emails to the owner and at this point i would have liked to be a bit more critical as all i have been trying to do is get it back in place.if any body is near to hemel and would be able to take it to Olney please would you email me.jeff=bones1.
  16. Well done on your huge milestone,a wonderfull achievment. how many mini torches are in circulation now,perhaps a rolled up fiver could be your next gift each time you find a cache,that would get more cachers out there im certain of that.me included. happy caching to you both.patandjeff along with sali and gearge the corgis.= team bones1.
  17. Yes it could have been a law an order type of program,i have seen this detective before with his filofax and puts his head on one side abit as he discovers evidence etc. jeff
  18. I had been caching all day and suddenly woke up to find a detective logging on to our website on the tv,what was all that about?did anybody else see it? jeff=bones1.
  19. Just to let you know i have logged all of my dnfs on the web site ever since i started caching,i think its all part of the caching experience.i had 4 in one day last week! happy caching patandjeff with sali and george the corgis who make up team bones1.
  20. Its one tumuli on its own, a mound of EARTH,so to me a good candidate for an Earth cache.jeff
  21. does a Tumuli dated 2000bc qualify for me to set up an earth cache,i found the guide lines ok but not excactly answering my question, jeff=bones1.
  22. i can possibly see that a regional posting might be usefull for regional events and activities but my posting is for all cachers everywhere that might have been on lord of the cachers series or who intends to try them,lets just leave it alone now and see if any more answers arrive about the archiving possibility. jeff=bones1.
  23. I thought the forum was just a forum, whats a regional forum,all the other answers know what i am talking about, could somebody explain to me what the last two postings mean. jeff=bones1.
  24. i have spoken to him via email and he said i can try and talk him out of archiving his caches at the picnic,so perhaps its all part of the big game? the story goes on. jeff=bones1
  25. I have heard that Lord of the Cachers is considering archiving his two mega rings and all his other caches after his picnic event.i have found his two mega rings getting so much praise over the last few months,the most talked about and enjoyed by so many cachers for so many reasons. i have thoroughly enjoyed every one of them and seen so much of the countryside in hampshire that is astounding.just think of the physical size of his rucksacs carrying all those caches.hopefully you could all show your support in trying to persuade him to reconsider by posting your feelings here. jeff=bones1.
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