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  1. Hi Beks, so glad you are all ok,i have often wondered about the possibility of that happening,you always think you would know which way to run. A few years ago Pat took a class of girls from her school to epping forest, they were walking on a path when just behind them a large tree fell down across the path they had just walked past,they all went back a few yards just to have a look, it also was a calm day so you never when it could happen. so its definatly a sign that your cache should stay in place and do try the lottery as you will kick yourself if your numbers came up and after all these hints,i will send my address in anticipation.patandjeff=bones1.
  2. I can see there are alot of ways round the logging of travel bugs, its just my personal feeling that i dislike grabbing of a travel bug or geocoin from another cacher intensly, im not sure if you can blame smart phones its more like the impatience of some cachers. hey ho happy caching patandjeff=bones1.
  3. welcome to the world of caching,what a great up to date caching name,hope you have lots of fun and not too many did not finds,patandjeff=bones1.
  4. hello, excuse my ignorance so why would jamming happen in the first place,i thought jamming might be illegal,could you explain for us all. patandjeff=bones1.
  5. what a great idea and lots of work to get them interested in geocaching, ever since the 80s when we were told "not to talk to strangers" security and identification has gone nuts, our post code before we have ever visit is HP38SJ patandjeff=bones1.
  6. hello all 69 and still going any advance on that, jeff=bones1.
  7. what a lovely story,may you find many caches and have great experiences together, patandjeff with sali and george the corgis who make up team bones1.
  8. I have found a few like this but importantly it has taken you to a place you would not think of going to yourself,so hopefully during your travel to the cache site you saw new things. jeff=bones1.
  9. I have a metal detector after dr solly recommended one to me,its a hand held device about 12 inches long and two inches wide,the type you see at airports being waved over curvy bodies,nice job eh. i have used it when 35 mm s are hanging in a tree with a metal hook etc or a small capsule but if the tree it wet it grounds so goes to earth and makes it beep,but i have found a few caches with it,what with the 12 foot extendable ladder,mountain bike,rope,string, welding rods,magnets,scissors,spare boots and socks,the list is endless i find i now need a removal lorry to follow me with all the equipment and gadgets that have been collected just to find a cache,the day i bought the focus i folded the back seats down and they have been like that for two years to accomodate this stuff,just think of what i can get in my freelander from next week. so if you set a cache i am ready .happy caching patandjeff=bones1.
  10. Email/PM the reviewer who publishes caches in your area???
  11. this looked a good article,i watched it on the you tube link but could not get any sound?? help.jeff=bones1
  12. Hi a merry christmas to you all. we have not been caching since the 15th of dec, the second time lately we have had a big break from caching due to the snow,we tell folks its because corgis legs are short,a great excuse eh. now a happy new year to you all and lots of cache finds soon.patandjeff with sali and george the corgis who make up team bones1.
  13. Hi all, this looks interesting,what is it,where is it,how could it be usefull, does it clutter up memory map etc etc?? merry chistmas and keep warm. patandjeff=bones1.
  14. Hi all, being old when we had snow for many winters there was never any gritters spraying this stuff on the road,we got on with driving and had some fun at the same time.i get so fed up with folk bleating on about the roads and paths have not been gritted,we all cleared outside our house and just got on with driving,it just never seemed a problem. rose tinted glasses helped jeff=bones1.
  15. John,What a great set of statistics, we have lots of travel bugs and geocoins out there but heaven knows where they all are,or how many miles they have done.we do envy all these technical cachers. we just send them out there for fun. happy caching patandjeff=bones1.
  16. Hi i did like the pics that are here on this posting but some of us like pat and i since 2004 have never managed to get a picture up on the website,we have missed out on so many earth caches after getting the clues or answers but unable to manage the pic thing.alibags soon is going to help us sort this out so you never know.we have had other offers of help a while ago but if the instructions have just one click missing then you fail, Once we have been shown i will do an article on this as at events i have spoken to lots of cachers who cant do this either, merry christmas to you all from patandjeff with sali and george the corgis who make up team bones1.
  17. hello if they got eaten by the dog did they or have they come out yet,i would think a tb tag is a bit difficult to pass, then you can wash them and reuse,prob sorted. jeff=bones1.
  18. hello i love this posting of yours, as since 2004 we have NEVER managed to get a photo up with our logs and now im getting a bit peeved as we have missed out on so many earth caches that you collect the info answer the questions and cant log it as we cant get a pic up on the website, we have just got used to it so dont worry about it too much patandjeff=bones1.
  19. hi its stopped working for me most of the day on both computers, jeff=bones1.
  20. I like nanos as they like other caches take you to places you would not see,but folk who put their whole familys names down in the tiny log means it has to be replaced sooner so that bit im not keen on,but what i would like is more cachers to join in and help each other by replacing full logs rather than go to the trouble to post on the website that the log is full,you are there finding it,so you are there you could replace it,im sure it would work both ways for all cachers,what about a new years resolution to carry a set of log books, i have been doing that for years and have a set of about 30 of varying types and get lots of nice comments in return,happy caching and a merry christmas to you all jeff=bones1.
  21. I must be just lucky as i mostly cache in wellies all year round,in the winter two pairs of thin socks are an option.so far no walking problems,any time of year it gives me that all terrain capability especially when coming to wet bit when you stray off the track or path a bit or while in australia recently some sort of partial snake protection.jeff=bones1.
  22. hello, its really refreshing to see your post and your interest in caching,i am 68 and have been caching since 2004,i have met all age goups at lots of events (it would be a good idea to attend one) please dont worry about age and the thing about peer pressure not being cool,you just go out yourself and enjoy yourself, we hope you find out all you need to know on the forum,folks in essex can you help this cacher in any way. happy caching patandjeff with sali and george the corgis who make up team bones1.
  23. Hello i also know how difficult it is to get a photo with a log as we have been caching since 2004 and never managed it yet,even though we have had some help but if the click by click instructions have just one click missing then you fail again,we have missed out on lots of virtuals as when you email the owner they dont answer, if they did then you could email them a picture. hope you find out how to do it. jeff=bones1.
  24. hi folks,we have just got back from australia and are 250 cache logs behind,i often get a bit behind but always do my dnf s first then all the tb s and coins next, the logs then get done over the next week or so, but this time with 250 it will take a little longer,but i keep up to date with any i find on a daily basis as i catch up with the oz caches.i wonder why the cacher mentioned earlier is 4000 behind,than would make me eat lots of bananas, happy caching patandjeff with sali and george the corgis who make up team bones1.
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