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  1. can somebody enlighten me as to why i have had to sign in every 20 minutes or so while on the website, it started this morning, jeff=bones1.
  2. hello all zensunni and i walked the whole of the chelmer navigation series and found all 110 caches plus some others on the day they got archived, all the caches were in place and log books all recently replaced and the walk was absolutly superb,great countryside and such alot to see,the caches were very well placed and so much preparation went into a two new methods for me of hiding them, i guess its because of flooding at times.this must be one of the top ten trails i have done.i have managed to make notes for each individual cache as i dont do paste and cut etc. does anybody know why all of them have been archived,what could possibly have been the reason as they were all just so good.jeff=bones1.
  3. thank you sussamb, so simples,you would have thought i could have managed that simples task, thanks again jeff=bones1.
  4. thank you sussamb i have printed off two manuals now and read both i might have missed the orientation bit. can any body tell me which buttons to press to get this orientation lock off,as its beginning to spoil my enjoyment of this excellent gps,the best one ive had so far. jeff=bones1.
  5. Does anybody know how to get my new montana working on the sat nav part as i have it sideways in the suction holder and was told it would then go to sat nav,i have driven on a few journeys now and it charges but just stays on the main menu in portrait, the sat nav part is supposed to work in landscape automatically?, i am using a nuvi beside it on the screen for nav at the moment. jeff=bones1.
  6. I have now since i started caching replaced 471 log books that are soggy,wet or totaly full, i dont do maintainance logs as i have the cache right in my hands so whats the point in writing a seperate log for maintainance to make the CO come all the way out to the cache that i have in my hands (repeated i know)i just try and help out the caching community as some sort of pay back. please dont post any replies that go like this= RULES, IT IS UP TO THE CACHE OWNER TO MAINTAIN HIS CACHES, unless there is something major, it would be really nice if more folk replaced logs. happy caching jeff=bones1.
  7. the redbourne is near hemel hempstead herts. i just thought as they had been there a while it might be time to change the route and have some other new caches in that redbourne area,especially as we have quite a few cache setters in the locality that might want to use the route,if nobody is interested i will go round next week and sort all of them out,so the series stays there, happy caching jeff=bones1.
  8. Would a local cacher like to take over the redbourne ramble from me, all 12 now need some tlc, jeff=bones1.
  9. As the days have gone by and no interest whatsoever for my idea about caching teams,im not looking for anybody now. jeff=bones1.
  10. well so far its looking like the visitors to the event in the evening of the 23rd will all be cheering just me if i ever make it round. jeff=bones1.
  11. Hi all, i am looking for cachers that are able to walk 26 miles to make up a team for the five ring caching circuit in oxford in july, from what ive heard it seems six is a good number for this marathon caching walk. please e-mail me. jeff=bones1.
  12. Hi as some of you know i cache in wellies since 2004 with no troubles,they are my all terrain friends and i have never got wet feet, 17 miles is my longest walk in them but i have bought some walking boots for the marathon walk in july.the wellies are one size too big and on the coldest days i wear two pairs of socks .happy feet jeff=bones1.
  13. welcome back to the world of caching, jeff=bones1.
  14. A happy new year to all you cachers out there and hopefully the new years resolution is to have a meaningful hint on every cache page, jeff=bones1.
  15. Yes but think Abiherts might be involved in dr sollys next adventure/experience. jeff=bones1.
  16. Nope dont intend to do any as im not even sure what one is,sometimes its a challenge to find a cache,after getting up in the morning, bit like Pharisee. happy caching jeff=bones1.
  17. Oh dear dear,i have lots of these favourite points and have not used one yet,or asked what they are for? but after reading this posting on the forum i think i get it. jeff=bones1.
  18. hello all, not sure if this has been discussed before,i have found the cache counts beside the names of cachers including myself very usefull,does anybody know why they have dissapeared.patandjeff=bones1.
  19. Poshrule, his caches are a breath of fresh air to the countryside, superb walks,well thought out placements and well prepared caches, what more could cachers ever want.it cant be about the numbers as far as im concerned any more just the pure enjoyment of caching that poshrule has reawakened in many cachers thay i have spoken to,a top cache setter as far as we are concerned. patandjeff=bones1,and alot of time accompanied by the corgis,sali and george.
  20. Oh great i have always loved virtuals,all the different types of caches have a unique message to all the varied cachers,there were never that many of them and of course it cant be about the numbers.happy happy caching to all of you out there.patandjeff=bones1.
  21. why would you ever want to know someones elses no??? jeff=bones1.
  22. Hello the dr solly team absolutly well done on your huge acheivement,but watch out im not far behind! patand jeff with sali and george the corgis who make up team bones1.
  23. Favourites?? i seem to have 1,199 of them,? jeff=bones1.
  24. im 69 right now and hoping to add more numbers to that. jeff=bones1.
  25. something different seems to happen to me when i drop a travel bug or geocoin into a cache even before i get home to log them it has been grabbed by a cacher who visits that cache after i visited it.this is just personal to me but i think grabbing a traveller in these circumstances is about the rudest thing you can do in the caching scene,sometimes we have waited 2 even 3 weeks for the traveller to be dropped in.i know there are other circumstances where it can happen, eg travellers collected at an event. happy caching patandjeff=bones1.
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