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  1. how do i find osgb co-ords eg TQ 12345 56789 on a garmin CSX 60 gps jeff=bones1
  2. DNFs especially when you dont get a "dnf courtesy email " from the cache owner. jeff=bones1
  3. i started caching in 2004 and have never done a needs maintainance log if that is what nm ? means as i carry loads of log books and some containers and add a log strip if needed, ive added 1371 log strips so far as it takes 7 seconds to do that rather than a cache hider having to travel 30 to 60 minutes to get out to their cache when you as a seeking cacher have it in your hand,other cachers are not our enemies so lets easily all help each other, have fun out there. jeff=bones1.
  4. hi the new layout might look fancy but it is hardly any use to me now, its still no better at finding a name of a cache,you can find it only if you have the GC code number, and as for the searching using co-ordinates i used to love that, do the folk who make these things happen actually cache ? jeff=bones1.
  5. My other hobby has been off roading for 40 years, trialing, comp safaris. green laning so when we drive BYWAYS and find caches then im in heaven, jeff=bones1.
  6. A great achievement by Dr solly on his 40,00th cache find, jeff=bones1.
  7. It might not be excactly what you are asking but i felt like telling you i have 24,747 print outs of all the caches i have found in 76 ring binders for geocaching .com,right back to 2004 with the log,clues,values,any relevant details and workings out if it is a puzzle, the final co-ordinates where they were needed,in date/number order so a complete record of all my cache finds and all of my dnfs aswell, lots of times cachers have phoned me for a value etc of a cache where the log book is in a state and they cannot read the clue value etc,or to check the final answer they have. a bit like a geocaching find library,hope you wanted to know that (:(: jeff=bones1.
  8. Hi ive found alot of caches since i started in 2004 and in all those logs i have never mentioned dog poo or litter,im too busy looking for the cache to be concerned about it, i do think more and more folks are getting precious, and to be trendy you do have to have an allergy these days, jeff=bones1.
  9. Since i started caching in 2004 i have done a log for all my dnf s i would absolutely love to have this dnf count on my page but feel incapable of doing the techie typing and clicking to get it there, is there somewhere that explains in simple language for us non techies a way to do it. jeff=bones1.
  10. Great news folks on friday i replaced my 1000th log since i started caching in 2004 ive made a mission out of it, helping all of us cachers as it takes roughly 7 seconds to replace a wet,soggy,damp log book and about an hour minumum for the cache owner to saddle up and get out there and no cluttering up of the relevant cache page with a needs maintainance, a few seconds extra if i have to replace the plastic bag aswell, i know we all need a pen,but spare log books and tweezers are the three main items you need.so could we start a replace logs club. (: any ideas welcome, oh please no cut and paste of "its the job of the cache owner to maintain their caches", please lets try and only have positive answers to my friendly posting. happy caching jeff=bones1.
  11. A while back i used to get a weekly notification of new caches and future events,it changed so that now just a few new caches come in and only a weeks worth of events,so its difficult to organise a diary to go to events, i have missed 5 events this year that i could easily have gone to, i have been told but have forgotten that there is a way to find out future events, if somebody could give me some advice, i would need click by click instructions from a helpfull cacher. thanks in advance. jeff=bones1.
  12. Even in the geocaching world so many folk these days just want something for nothing, perhaps the benefits office might help. jeff=bones1.
  13. hi folks i have just found out drsolly is the new number one cacher again so we have to doff our hats again when we meet him (:(: congratulations from jeff=bones1.
  14. I think deleting is a failure for whatever reason by a cache owner, im lucky not to have deleted a log since i started in 2004,just be more relaxed and let them (cachers) do what they want as long as you play by the little rules then that keeps you happy, there are so many smart phone users that come into caching for a short time and disappear,so its not worth getting up tight about things. please go out there and enjoy caching, jeff=bones1.
  15. i can remember my first cache easily, welcome to the world of caching. jeff=bones1
  16. hi my two little irks are "no hint avaliable" especially as there are so many new cachers out there, but my biggest is not replacing wet,soggy or full log books, i have just replaced my 889th log book since 2004. but you can bet somebody will answer with its the cache owners job to maintain their caches. we ara all in the same community so it would be nice to help each other. jeff=bones1.
  17. Ive done a few hydro caches. i have a little two man inflatable boat in the back with all the other caching equipment 10 pounds on ebay,a shame that even in the caching world there are complainers and some cant even remember a pen to sign the log, so you cant win whatever you do, just go out and enjoy. jeff=bones1.
  18. I really look foreward to finding a full or wet log as i have replaced 761 logs since 2004, i think we all should replace logs to help the caching community, and have never yet posted a "needs maintainance" log that clutters up the cache page, but i always email the cache owner to see if they would like me to post it to them,thats only happened once. jeff=bones1.
  19. Yes a big thank you to all our reviewers for all your hard work in helping to make this such a great experience for us cachers, a merry chritsmas to you all and another thank you. jeff=bones1.
  20. Another big thank you to all the reviewers and moderators for all your work keeping all us cachers in line and happy, thank you. jeff=bones1.
  21. Its really just a personal thing but i think that smart phones have introduced many more folk to caching but i would like it to be that you have a dedicated gps before you go out caching,its just an old fashioned idea i have,i do have ipads,pod,phone etc but do not use them to go caching especially to set one. :D jeff=bones1.
  22. Hi folks, help needed, please. when i get my weekly notification of events and new caches for the last 6 months all i get are two days into the future of events and a few new caches but i used to get events months and months in advance so you could plan visits,but now i miss events due to the list being so short, only a dozen new caches come in where it used to show many many new caches, is there anything that can be done to show more on my weekly notification.jeff=bones1.
  23. Re travel bugs and geocoins, i usually wait about three weeks due to holidays,illness or work can delay logging travel bugs in and out, i am so very reluctant to "grab" as i think its possibly the rudest thing you can do in the caching community,i have got home on quite a few occaisions and had dropped a travel bug or geocoin in a cache only to find its been grabbed instantly but not put in another cache as its still in the hands of that cacher so it did not need to be actually grabbed instantly, at times you just have to grab it to then log it into the cache you dropped it in to keep the mileage and logging correct,then you get an e mail asking for the travel bug code so that they can then do the logging correctly as they did it so quick they did not even write down the travel bug number/code,when that happens you can feel a bit smug (: be patient folks and wait just a little bit,jeff=bones1.
  24. hi i might have had some help with favourite points once while a cacher was round my house helping me out with other technical issues, but now its been pointed out i will try again. another issue to sort out is getting a picture to go with a log as i have tried many many times over the years and even had some help but all it ever says is "incorrect file path" so about 4 years ago i stopped carrying a camera. happy caching jeff=bones1.
  25. i have just noticed i have 1978 of these points and have not awarded one as i do not know how to add one to a log, ive seen these points being awarded to good caches many times, happy caching jeff=bones1.
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