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  1. over the last 11 months two common names are=pat and jeff bones1.
  2. what,yet another good idea. jeff=9th0ct and pat=14 july = team bones1.
  3. well done on your marathon charity cache bash,its all in a good cause im sure of that,hope your feet are all ok. we just managed 800 the other day so all of us are still having lots of fun. will you try 50 caches on your next attempt,we will donate something if you do. all the best jeffandpat and two corgis.
  4. bones1 would like to take over the cache at pimlico hornets hide no6 passport to pimlico im off in a minute to find a spot for the new cache. i can see it out of my bedroom window with binoculars so i will be watching. so i suppose herefordshire cachers will be very lucky then. all the best on your new life. jeff,pat and two corgis who make up team bones1. and thanks again for all the fun we have all had finding your caches.
  5. superb but i bet the ones in derby shire were up hills,we both feel tired looking at a hill, we also reached 600 today 12th of sept. thank you also for the caches you have set. heres to your 7ooth cache. jeff,pat and now only two corgis=bones1.
  6. very well done if we had done that many it would be 1,400 gloves. patandjeff andnow only two corgis CORAL went over the rainbow bridge looking for caches BONES1
  7. its a great feeling each one of the milestones we acheive, your next one will be soon jeff,pat and three corgis= bones1.
  8. congratulations ali on your "D" in caches jeff and pat = bones1.
  9. just lately i can only download 14000approx way point that include trig points that i dont want also the blue dots of the caches we have found are not there anymore we only have all the flags of found and to find. are we doing something wrong. any help would be helpfull. jeff,pat and three corgis= bones1.
  10. congratulations from pat,jeff and three corgis = bones1.
  11. ive got a list in numerical order of coal tax posts with there os grid references, is there a list or file of them in lat/long that you could import to memory map. jeff and pat=bones1.(no corgis on this one
  12. can any body tell me where i can get a copy of a micro cache log book,i beleive you can down load an a4 then cut it into strips, fingertech do not seem to have one in the shop, happy caching jeff and pat bones1
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