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  1. help needed,Hi quite a while ago you used to get different pictures on the geocaching website each time you logged on, one day i found a picture of a corgi about to drink a pint at a pub table. i think the cachers name was mr pwc   for pembroke welsh corgi but that does not work for me here in england, have any american cachers got any info about this cacher please, i think he was in the military and took his corgi to many countries

  2. The favorite drop-down is to the left of your Found It smiley on the cache page.

    The first option is add favorite. :)


    We never add them when logged, but when we leave pics, after we've logged any caches for the day.

    thank you folks for your help about adding a favourite point. jeff=bones1.

  3. i have never myself ever done a pocket query, but have some organised for gsak all done for me by another clever cacher, i would like some click by click instructions on how to do it and then get the result loaded on a garmin montana. jeff=bones1. :)

  4. What do folks think about taking away the allowance for cache owners to be able to delete a log? as when you leave feedback on an ebay purchase it has to stand and cannot be deleted. just like a log you have written against a cache find should stand,i have just had a log deleted from last february,i just did not think this could happen, it is all sorted now as it was not my log that the owner wanted to delete,but after all that amount of time? it meant i had to renumber 1179 caches as i keep the front page printed out for all my cache finds with dates times and notes etc,the possible deletion could have caused me hours of work,especially as i had found the cache. a great caching merry christmas to you all. jeff=bones1.

  5. since 2004 i have added a strip or two of log sheet to 1743 caches so far that have all sorts of issues, especially as it might take a hour or two for the owner to get out to the cache when i have the cache in my hand and five seconds is all it takes to add a log strip. jeff=bones1.

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