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  1. Import fails because it is a "Play Anywhere" cartridge, so it does not have a "valid" starting location. That is currently not supported, sorry.
  2. Post the lua file or directions where to get it and I take a look.
  3. That is great news, I'll make sure to make a note if I see this error elsewhere.
  4. Urwigo does not disturb Wherigo Builder installation in any way. The message indicates loading of 32bit library from 64bit process, which is a side effect of original Wherigo Builder installation on 64bit windows. If that is the case, see http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=212622 .
  5. Try installing .NET Framework 3.5 manually before Urwigo. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  6. Try the current version, I have made some changes.
  7. What Type of the Oregon do you have and what firmware version?
  8. You have to drag CompletitionCode from Objects and properties/Player. See the attachments.
  9. It indicates that the MS ClickOnce installer failed to download neccesary installation files. I believe it internally uses Internet Explorer, check you have at least version 7 which I sure works ok with it. Other than that, you are first one with this problem, you'll propably have problems with any ClickOnce installer.
  10. Yes, it is the same. It warns that you have some action that displays a window, and it is followed by some another actions (the ones with the warning) that when executed, display window over the previous one, so the first one dissapears. Simplest case is a message followed by another message (not in the handler). If you think it is not the issue, you can safely ignore it. I am not sure on which device, but on it the location list displayed this way, was not complete and comtained some invalid entries. You can ignore it also if you think it will be okay.
  11. I am not sure I understand. For zones, you have to enter at least 3 points, since you have to define the zone area. If you have a coordinate of a cache and you want to create a zone around it, enter the coordinate at least three times and in map editor move the points from each other to create the area.
  12. Fixed What you expected should have been there, fixed. If I could replicate the error, I could take look at it, but I suspect that there is little I can do. The emulator is the same as in Builder. I can't currently explain why it crashes, Lua code should not cause it. If you can, you could send me the cartridge (mail: apps (at ) yourself.cz).
  13. I'll check for a newer version of SharpZipLib which is used for zipping the contents. However I trust more its implementation of zip rather than Windows Explorer's. All characters outside 7-bit ASCII set are converted to "?" except some known accented characters which are converted to theirs non-accented representation. That is intentional. Fixed
  14. I am afraid it would confuse others, I'll consider switch in the options. I am glad for some positive feedback.
  15. For answers, yes. {Comparison Answer="something"} are converted to Hash(Answer)=hash_of_something. One could find collisions in the hash function, but the answer cannot be read. Other strings are "encrypted" by a very simple symmetric cipher, that protects them from reading them by a naked eye only.
  16. I did not notice, could you please point them out so I can translate them? When the application crashes, it creates c:\UrwigoError*.log, could you send them to me on apps (at ) yourself.cz ? I understand, but I not currently sure how to fix this. Dragging variables directly as conditions would not really work much without a "logical not" block/action - which I think would make things messy. There is a "compare" expression, but that forces the other side to the variable type if it knows it, as you said. I'll think about it, maybe I should add a "nil" choice to those currently strict boolean/string/number choices.
  17. When the cartridge uses something more exotic the import might fail, but it should happen sparsely. I could take look at the problem more closely, if you would send me the cartridge (.lua) at apps (at ) yourself.cz.
  18. Thanks for the report, but I cannot reproduce it. When the application crashes, it creates c:\UrwigoError*.log, could you send them to me on apps (at ) yourself.cz ?
  19. Play anywhere cartridges are not supported yet. Maybe in the future.
  20. Hi, I would like to introduce Urwigo - an alternative to official Wherigo Builder. It is not trying to be a competition for Earwigo, which I am sure is great, it was created solely from my frustration with Builder. I believe it will be useful for the Wherigo/Geocaching community. Urwigo can import cartridges created in Whergo Builder, it has a different take on building the cartridge code, it has a few more functions and most importantly it should be more reliable and stable. In addition to Wherigo builder Urwigo allows: - create, edit, view all zones on google maps - random numbers generation - obfuscating and encrypting answers - showing errors in your cartridge - syntax highlighting in user LUA functions - automatic shortening of unlock code - run cartridge in emulator with only one button (F5) - many more... It can be downloaded and installed from Download & Install URWIGO - bottom of the page. Moderator Note: Use this updated link: http://www.urwigo.cz
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