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  1. Quantity (in a short period, not total finds!!!) & quality methinks. That's makes all the sense in the world to me. Would make perfect sense if it was called say "Cacher of the Week"... and how is quality defined? Does it allow for amount of caches local to a cacher? Because as sure as heck, I'll never be anywhere near the top if I cache in my local area... Does it allow for caches hidden?
  2. Gosh - I thought (In fact I know!) I posted an answer days ago..... The answer I was looking for (Whilst may not being totally correct!) was Quicksilver.... (and apologies to the experts - I was working to Rutley's) so a ding to Madam Cholet...
  3. I believe they're pre planned diversion routes. So if a roads closed you can just be told to follow the black diamonds etc.. quite popular as holiday routes in this neck of the woods.
  4. Because, I believe, I'll be upgrading a 500 machine computer network... And accepting it's all a bit of fun, it does seem rather silly to have a "Ranking System" thats rated by some undecleared criteria, that few apart from the coder understand.
  5. Now I notice my rankings jumped slightly from 719 to 64... Wonder if its got something to do with the 130 caches I found last week?
  6. I wouldn't worry Hayley, there's a cacher in the top 1000 who hasn't found a single cache?! If you want to check where you rank based solely on Number of Caches found then look Here
  7. Except in my example.. somebody who's found no caches at all ever and placed no caches at all ever since 2003. Ranks above me.. with 150 ish finds last week..
  8. Having a lazy day and just checking out icache, and obviously interested to see where I rank in the Finders Rankings.. I read the warning at the top of the page So I wasn't too surprised to be ranked 719th in the UK.. until I looked at some of the cachers around and about my ranking.. and now I'm completely confused as to how these rankings are calculated - can someone fill us in on the criteria used..? As an example of my confusion, can I use this as an example. Rank Name Caches found Caches Hidden TBs moved Events attended 719 Birdman of Liskatraz 1815 113 437 28 715 Tom Tom Army 0 0 0 0 How can a cacher who's not logged in since 2001 has not found or hidden a single cache, rank 4 places above me? Obviously I'm doing this all wrong...
  9. Yep - I agree.. I've been waiting all day for a PQ to arrive...
  10. 1815 Finds 2 NA logs Of which one was an event and one of which was a " Needs moving from the inside of the ancient Holy well" Log - but as that wasn't an option I went with a NA log
  11. I have in my possession one of the above GPSrs.. However it has a cracked screen, but I'm assured that apart from that it works just perfectly. Magellan quoted a silly amount for a repair. I was wondering if anyone had a similar model (Or I believe a 100/200/300) with a fault other than a cracked screen. I have the 400 taken apart and I'm quite confident I can do the screen transplant operation! I'd just like to use this as an extra GPSr when I'm out walking with groups of students at school.
  12. I have mine set at 200 footish... which seems fine to me. Then as it warns me, I make sure I watch the arrow instead..
  13. ..not to mention you'd have to re-register your car too and change his name by Deed Poll? and whilst Bob would be shorter, I'm not sure he's a Bob really.
  14. I bought a bag of assorted Tupperware in a charity shop a year ago.. to be honest I think it very much relies on cachers pushing the lids down quite hard to give it it's seal.. where as the Lock and Lock type boxes are much easier to close properly. Some of the earlier Tupperware is now quite collectible.. The orange coloured stuff with like a corrugated lid is worth considerably more than a new Lock and Lock box... the stuff from the 50s and 60s being much sought after. That all said and done, I always say "I'm off out Tupperware hunting"...
  15. Obviously not addicted yet, if you can wait till tomorrow for your next fix!! You're reminding me of the excitement of that first ever find.. great that you enjoyed it - have fun tomorrow...
  16. Totally dedicated to the job. Always on line, even when out on Bodmin Moor I have my laptop ready to publish caches. Of course I have a full time day job too! But that just gets in the way Chris Graculus Volunteer UK Reviewer - geocaching.com UK Geocaching Information & Resourcs site http://www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk/resources/ yet... June 28, 2009 by Deceangi (5 found) I see Mrs B's Hamster Cache Promotion Tour is working well View This Log
  17. If it's the same criteria as "When can I consider myself to be Cornish?" a common question in Cornwall, but probably less often asked anywhere the other side of the Tamar... I think the answer is"When at least three generations have been a cacher before you", so we aal have a while to go as yet....
  18. Miss Horningtops? That rings a bell.... are you related to Miss Trewidland 1971?
  19. Birdman-of-Liskatraz is a bit of a mouthful to write down... so yep I think I would go for something shorter if I was starting out again.. Not sure what though.. maybe ydhyn which is the Cornish word for bird - though someone would have to teach me how to say it!
  20. Apatite, Orthoclase Feldspar, Quartz, Topaz, Corundum, Diamond... DING Only easy as I happened to have "Rutleys Elements of Mineralogy" on my desk! So on the same theme... Name the only metal ore to begin with the letter Q - though it's probably much better known by an alternative name.
  21. Apatite, Orthoclase Feldspar, Quartz, Topaz, Corundum, Diamond...
  22. Which forums are you browsing through, as you can't be referring to this one? Honestly, I have been frequenting this forum for well over 6 years and it has always been like this. back in 2005 I posted a similar thread titled Marmite, despite lots of forum users agreeing with me, nothing has actually changed. I am also ashamed to admit that I have been sucked into the angst on more occasions than I wish to remember. I try my best to stay out of it, but I just hate to see people who have double standards and short memories when they have their whinges. Ah well, must be my old age or my rose tinted specs...but I'm still convinced these forums used to be busier and more helpful... but there we go.
  23. With you all the way Nutty... I remember the days when the forums were a source of both useful information and a spot of fun, now as you seem it seems to be mostly negative...
  24. a hobby with a lot of potential to turn into an addiction Addiction?!?!? What rubbish... I could give up tomorrow, well not tomorrow as I've promised to do a night cache with a friend... but I could on Thursday, well until Friday, when I'm going caching with another friend...well OK I could the following week, well the end of that week when I get back from a few days away umm caching.... Now you mention it....
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