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  1. if you want a list of which combination's you've done, then itsnotaboutthenumbers produces a nice little chart.
  2. The problem with woven badges (Like the Scouts use) are the setup charges are high...So a run of 100 will always be expensive. However if a group of cachers got together and did a run of say 1000, I'd be pretty certain that would be far more economic - though no longer a personal item.
  3. Keep your fingers crossed. It could happen any day... I started geocaching in 2003. I went to Scotland's first CITO in May 2005 and met Jack Aubrey. Five years of fun together (and lots of caching!) and we are getting married next month. You can even see the announcement on Haggis Hunter's video of 10 Years! Edinburgh Congratulations! and best wishes for a brilliant future together....
  4. Could the GAGB not ask Groundspeak for a"licence" to display Groundspeak data on their website? As an event orgainiser I'm more than happy for every caching site in the known universe to advertise my event, be that Groundspeak, GAGB, Local forums or ikache.co.uk
  5. and the one at Tintagel, Cornwall was great, somewhat windy but it didn't rain..
  6. To be honest I was hoping for a castle with a dragon in...
  7. It's you! Mines working perfectly with Windows 7 (64 bit version) and with GSAK... Have you installed the Garmin drivers? Download from here
  8. What's the container and where did you get it? I'm looking for something similar Ours came from a friend of a friend... but here seems a good source...
  9. 25 Litre Micros... Whats wrong with a proper sized cache?
  10. There's the one Stuey referred to which was hidden by two friends and myself, it's 130 litres in size, so big enough to get a teenager into! Info Here
  11. Was wondering if there would be any interest in a UK version of something similar? Any suggestions as to what?
  12. Nope - no doner as yet.. and would love a replacement screen... I've sent you a PM...
  13. I was pointing out that a group already existed - that was all - I wasn't sniping. My reply was however brief, for which I've apologised. Of course there is no reason why there can't be 20 Facebook groups for cachers in the South East, though I guess it's confusing for newbies to know which one to join! Anyway - enough from me - I'll just shut up.
  14. Apologies for my brief and flippant replies - very uncalled for - my apologies. I still feel as setting up groups on Facebook is so easy, quick and simple, there soon will be too many and people won't know where to go to the information they require - it's well worth doing a search or two before starting a new group to see if you'd be replicating what already exists. Steve/Birdie
  15. Seems there's ample case for a Smutty Schoolboy Placename Innuendo Series...
  16. I would have thought slight North of here would be an ideal honeymoon location.
  17. and - I'd suggest you get some actual quotes so you know how much you'd need to find to get the coins produced..
  18. or export them as HTML files from within GSAK.. I'd guess you'd easily get details of 500 caches on your phone.
  19. The Cider theme was played with for the Weston Mega event.. I like the Glastonbury Tor idea, and Americans (and thats where 50% of our Cornish Coins ended up) seem to like coins with a bit of a story. I like the dragon idea that you've used.
  20. Well thank you very much and yes the sherry jelly trifle was just wonderful, well done to the Defectives for baking it so nicely.
  21. I imagine inside the bin would be much worse? or maybe one of those stirrer blades at a sewage works?
  22. Whoops my mistake.. for some odd reason when people say caches on green lanes - I think 4x4...
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