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  1. I've been asked to run this for some local Scouts. I don't see any major issues, although it seems somewhat biased towards multis, but there again multis will encourage Scouts to "Use" the GPS. I'll report back once I've done it. Seems slightly pointless to link to other forums that one needs to sign up as a member to be able to read.
  2. E-Mail sent with details. But I've worked on total of £2000 to produce 500 coins (although I'm awaiting an actual final quote) . Umm cuz I want to do a pasty coin next year, for Cornwall! And I'm all for a Dorset coin - My Mums family are from Portland.
  3. The plans for the 3rd Cornish Geocoin are well in hand. It crossed my mind that if our local caching friends over the water in Devon would like to produce a County coin then if we did them together we could market/sell/mail them out from one place and share postage costs etc. The Cornish coin is financed by a group of cachers who put up part of the cost for producing the coin and take part of the profit/loss at the end of the day! Anyway, would there be any interest from Devon for a coin? Would any Devonians care to help fund the production? and should the first two answers be positive - does anyone have any ideas for a design for a Devon coin? (Pasties and Cream teas excluded of course!)
  4. To be fair - I think you'll enjoy all of the above. If it's hidden by Mad Max it's likely to be in an interesting cliffside location! The ones not too far away that I must say I really enjoyed are the Rocky Valley Series near Tintagel ( and I think your family would enjoy them too) dramatic scenery, and lots of history too. The Tintagel Castle cache is the first in Cornwall - nice location. Theres a few caches around the Slate Quarry at Delabole, another interesting spot to visit. And whilst I went to school next to the St Austell Brewery and like a pint of Tribute, you should try a pint of Doom Bar from Sharps Brewery at Rock.
  5. I think I'd come... and stay for a week or two...
  6. I seem to recall one at Duxford in Cambridgeshire, just off the M11..
  7. is that a prison to the right? Wormword Scrubs?
  8. If it helps, and I don't claim any expertise in the field other than I've organised the production of the first two Cornish Coins and have just started on the third. Details of those coins are below, and near the bottom of that linked page is a link to some notes I wrote about the production of those two coins. I'll update those as I do the latest Cornish Coin. Cornish Geocoin Production If I can be of any help, give me a shout.
  9. Round or shaped.. 2d or 3D I don't mind.. for me it's all down to: a.) Design b.) Price
  10. There's an awful lot more cachers in the UK now than there was at the time of the first Mega event (and no, I have no data to support that statement!), numerically I'd guess the UK could support more than one Mega a year...however if that's a good idea or not may be open to discussion.. At the time of the original planning for the Second Mega, someone in Seattle thought we'd be able to run several such events a year, so I guess they wouldn't have a problem with 2 Mega events in a year - if they fitted the appropriate criteria - you could always ask them?
  11. Sort of a preadvancewarning! The Third Cornish Coin has finally got underway. This one will be featuring Isambard Kingdom Brunels Railway Bridge at Saltash, and Isambard himself on the reverse. No doubt we'll slip a chough in the design somewhere! I'll upload pictures etc as soon as I have some. Furter details may be found on the Cornish Forum at kacher.co.uk
  12. Thought I may post a photo or two... On our way to - Are we there yet! and one I took whilst in Wiltshire, somewhat of a different landscape than home. This was part way round the Great Durnford ring
  13. I think I'd be a little upset if I'd done a 5/5 Puzzle cache, to find it had been downgraded to a 1.5/1.5. When I did the same thing, I archived the puzzle and replaced it with a trad, mainly to encourage more people to visit the location.
  14. at the risk of sounding all the more negative, I'd be more likely to buy a County Coin if it was produced by a group of cachers/a cacher in that County. I'll be looking out for the Somerset coin when that goes on sale. I rather like the thought and planning that goes into deciding what represents "Your" county. I've been involved with two coins for Cornwall. Details here I'd be unlikely to buy a Generic Cornish Coat of Arms coin. And yes I really should get on woth producing a new Cornish Coin....
  15. Nope, that's just the M4. Mine does it every time I get past the Severn Bridge. Only way to fix it is to turn round... Are you sure you don't have Avoid Wales turned on in prefs? it's right under Avoid Whales
  16. how do you go about asking a countie if you can use a coat of arms?? these are not family coat of arms they are counties You write to the County Council (or which ever body has the arms issued to them) and ask for permission. You can't just use them with out gaining permission.
  17. I think you'd need permission of the owners of the "Coats of Arms" before you could use them - and I know from experience that, that permission isn't always forthcoming.
  18. It has to be the other half of Chiastolite! Surely...
  19. I was meaning what's the point of having a privacy statement - if it's then totally overridden by Point 6? Anyway, I've contacted Groundspeak for clarification.
  20. Same page, but you need to scroll down to section 6: So the whole Privacy statement is a work of fiction?
  21. The data received is from Groundspeak, and is used under their terms & conditions that you signed up to. So, no, unless the site admin decides in the best interests to do so. Odd you say that - as I was reading Groundspeaks Terms and Conditions... and in the privacy section it says... 2. Privacy Groundspeak will use Your personally identifiable information collected in connection with this Site, including without limitation Your name, e-mail address, or other information unique to You ("Personally Identifiable Information"), in the following ways: (a) Groundspeak may use Personally Identifiable Information to contact You about new caches in Your geographic area; to keep You notified of developments in the geocaching related activities; to give You updates on changes to the Site; and to allow You to log Your cache finds and share Your experiences with other users of the Site. ( Groundspeak may also use Personally Identifiable Information to statistically analyze usage of the Site; to improve Groundspeak's product and service offerings; to customize the Site's content and layout; and to otherwise improve the Site. Groundspeak uses cookies and other types of Site user tracking technology to recognize Site visitors and to customize certain Site features and functions for repeat visitors. Information collected using cookies may be combined with Personal Information but may only be used as described herein. Cookies are required in order to log caches on the Site, and disabling the use of cookies may impact some of the Site features. Groundspeak will not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose Personally Identifiable Information to any third party, except: (a) in connection with any merger or acquisition of Groundspeak (or Groundspeak assets), including without limitation any restructuring activity with another legal entity; or as ( as required by subpoena, search warrant, or other valid legislative or judicial process. Groundspeak may, however, disclose non-personalized, aggregate data to third parties as may be collected and processed in connection with the Site. By Grounspeaks own definition my caching name is Personally Identifable Information ie "is or other information unique to You ("Personally Identifiable Information")" Could you point out where I agreed that my details could be used on sites other than Geocaching.com? It really isn't an issue, I just wondered how this permission has been given. No doubt I've missed an additional Privacy document somewhere.
  22. is the "Groundspeak - Terms of Use" the only document to which I have agreed by signing up to the site? If there is another document I've missed could you give me a link to it. Many thanks Steve/Birdie
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