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  1. Armchair Geocaching... It was Haggis Hunters Bookmark list that started me off... Haggis Hunters Armchair Caching Bookmark List so I now have my own version as well at... Cornish Geocachers Armchair Caching links Enjoy - if you like that sort of thing... Steve
  2. Geography isn't my strong point... but is anyone from (or know anyone from) The Mineral Point area or indeed anywhere the Cornish Miners may have emigrated to? I'd love to do a Multi cache or a series of caches linking these areas together. I am from Cornwall in the UK. steve@gwia.co.uk
  3. Well umm not sure if this counts - especially cuz I have no idea whe Justine is... But whilst doing Gunpowder treason and Plot I met an Australian lady whos daughter is Justine in Coronation Street and whos son wrote the music for 20,000 Leagues under the sea..and a very nice lady she was indeed... so thats my claim to caching fame!
  4. Good question - I'd found my first cache - and went to sign the log and didn't have a name, so had to invent one quickly - Why this one? I have noooo idea That said people do seem to remember it... Woth mentioning I do live in the town of Liskeard in Cornwall, so thats where that bit came from - though I still can't recall why..
  5. I've been without a car for a while now - In this neck of teh woods it's getting harder and harder to get a reasonable set of caches to do in a day. Though Stueys set of Exter Bridge caches looks kind of tempting. Theres a lot to be said for setting groups of ( or a nice multi cache) that can be easily done using public transport. I'm in the midst of a multi using the little Looe - Liskeard branch line.
  6. Not much use unless you're in Cornwall or Devon - but good old Trago do them for £2.49 for a 24 exposure one . Lidls did something very similar in teh summer, so may be worth a look out for a repeat.
  7. On the book idea - I have the following cache - its a pretty huge box, in Battleship grey so loads of room for books, either as trades or just as bookcrossing books. The Hi Tech Out of Town Bookstore Did I mention the need to be able to read Compact Flash or SD cards to find it? Steve - Birdman-of-Liskatraz
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