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  1. Is there any way to, either: a.) Display Magic Map Boundaries on say Memory Map on a PDA. or b.) Get Magic Maps to display the position of a set of coordinates with a cross or something similar? I'm trying to hide a cache on the side of a Granite Tor - the whole of the hillside is strewn with large granite boulders and despite my best efforts, I can't align the brown line shown on Magic Maps with features visible on the ground.
  2. I'm slightly confused with all the websites/facebook/forums page etc... I'd like to ask a question about Welsh Puffins - where would be the appropriate place to ask?
  3. To be fair to the reviewers - It was this cache that made me archive all the others (40 or so), but as I understand it, it was all my fault by mistyping 6 digits in the co-ordinates I submitted. I then got in a huff and archived almost every cache I own. Deciangi told me that "Cachers like new caches", so I've slowly been collecting them all in and have this very week placed a new series of 8 caches (With a bonus still to be placed) and another stand alone cache. So it serves me right for getting into a huff! It does mean however that some of my favourite caches won't see the light of day again (on Geocaching.com at least - I may move them to Opencaching however) as I can't sensibly place them in a new location. I was told however, that if a reviewer had been flexible and allowed the stage of a multi to be less than the normally required distance from an existing cache , and at some time in the future the original cache is moved a few feet - then a another reviewer can disable the original cache on proximity grounds!
  4. is G7BIM and am recently back active through the local repeaters mostly...
  5. Ohh you've not lost me - I still cache (and collecting in now archived caches!)
  6. Cuz I'm still hunting another 8500 film cans to finish off my South West Coast Path series....
  7. John Betjemans Guide to "English Parish Churches" states that there are 16,000 Parish Churches in the UK.
  8. My quick attempt at a Bookmark of Canoe/Kayak/Boat accessible Geocaches, I'll add more as I find them, and some comments once I've read the logs. Thanks for the suggestions: Birdies Kayak Accessible Caches Bookmarks
  9. Happy to add boat and Canal boat ones, but I suspect some that are reachable by Canal Boat won't be easy to reach from a canoe/kayak? Could it be made clear when you suggest a cache, what it's reachable by?
  10. There's quite a group of kayaking geocachers down here in Devon/Cornwall. I'm just thinking it would be a good idea to produce a Bookmark list of caches that are doable by canoe. I'll get it started, but if anyone has any ideas of ones to ad then that would be great. I've also started a Facebook Group for Kayaking Cachers.. Kayaking Geocachers on Facebook Steve/Birdie
  11. ... or paddle 10 miles in a kayak, or don your sub-aqua gear.... or fight your way through flame filled pits of doom...
  12. I wrote a guide to doing this a while ago, I'm not sure if it's useful, but its in Adobe PDF format and available from.... OK I give up I can't link to it - but drop me a message and I'll send you the link.. Tries again Adding Clues to the 60CSX
  13. Well some sums and not very accurate ones. I've found about 2000 caches of which 200 are multis/puzzles/ etc. The Ebay seller claims to have 5000 plus final coordinates, so on the same ratio as my finds, he's found approaching 50000 caches. Is Dr Solly emigrating?
  14. Unless you find someone locally who could maintain it for you?
  15. I'd be keener on "Who wants to be a Geocaching Millionaire"? if you can find the required Million quid....
  16. As a Birdman, you should be more worried if they were all CATS! A long story, but I'm not keen on big dogs with pointy teeth! - cats (of the domestic variety) on the other hand I can cope with..
  17. Checks out all the avatars and gets all worried...
  18. Oh come on.. you must have seen.... Graculusesuses Web site....
  19. It's slightly out of date but I have a bookmark list for mainly the East of Cornwall at Birdie's Cornwall Visitors list. If you're near Wadebridge - you'd be right on The Camel Trail where you could hire bikes and have a days caching, with some stunning views along the coast. I'd suggest a trip to Minions on Bodmin Moor (Not far from Liskeard) wheres theres loads of caches including a few fun series, with again great views and a different landscape to the coast. If you're mental and don't mind finding caches right on the edge of 200 foot cliffs with pointy death inducing rocks at the bottom (Can you tell I suffer from vertigo?) then try the Finding Nemo series.. Bonus Cache Again, feel free to give me a shout if I can help in any way.
  20. Well I have a Canon DSLR which I love to bits - but I find it kind of large to carry around caching all day. So I've gone for a Canon Ixus 100 IS - which is tiny, but still takes great photos, fits in my pocket easily and I have a tiny (Cost me a whole £1 - mini tripod - about 3 inches long) and if it rains a lot i can stuck it in a polythene bag in my backpack. I've had two earlier Powershots as well, one of which I still use (Carefully!) when I go out kayaking. My Flickr page
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